Supergirl Season 3: Reign’s First Look and Costume Revealed

Odette Annable as Reign
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Recently, the CW revealed the first look at Supergirl Season 3’s big villain, Reign through their Supergirl’s official Twitter account.

Reign’s character will be played by Odette Annable who is famous for her Pure Genius, Banshee, and Cloverfield.

The finale episode of Supergirl’s Season 2 teased the origin of Reign who left her homeworld right after Kara and Kal-El’s spaceship when the plant Kryptonite was about to destroy.

In the premiere episode, Odette already made her first appearance through Samantha Arias who is a single mother working as Chief Financial Officer of L-Corp and it seems that she doesn’t even know her origin and hence her Kryptonian powers. As CW stated that she will be seen as Reign later on this season.

CW has a history of modifying comic book storyline in the favor of DC comics’ fans. Like they made serious changes in the Flash, Arrow TV series. And now Supergirl is a part of CW family, they made Reign’s character much different than the
actual comic book.

DC Comic book version of Reign look more like an alien having blue skin and dark eyes but her live-action costume promises she could be a dangerous threat to Kara when they will finally go toe-to-toe with each other.

In an earlier interview with CBR, the executive produce Andrew Kreisberg talks about the Reign’s character,

“We tend not to do direct adaptations of the comic book. We take a bit of an idea and work it through our imaginations and something new comes out on the other side.

As much as Kara in on a journey, Samantha is on a journey too, and it gets just as much screen time as Kara’s does.”


Supergirl and Reign fighting
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In the DC comics, Reign made her first appearance in the ‘Supergirl Volume 6 #5’ which was released back in March 2012. She is a biologically created weapon on the Krypton planet by Zor-El as a one of the Worldkiller including four others. Reign and her partners survived the planet explosion but unfortunately, her origin remained a mystery even to her.

She introduced in the New 52 comic storyline as one of the Supergirl’s enemy. And CW seems to be adapting this storyline in which she wants to seek the answers of her origin and will go against Supergirl after finding out Kara is one of the survivors.


Source: The CW


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