‘Super Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 2 Title Is Revealed

Kanba Evil Saiyan Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime

Super Dragon Ball Heroes premiere first episode on July 1, 2018, and the second episode will screen at the event of ‘Jump Victory Carnival Toky Kaijo’ on July 16.

Over a social network, Herms98 found the title of next episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes and that is “Goku goes berserk! The Evil Saiyan’s Rampage!”

From the title only it seems that the mysterious Evil Saiyan will most likely be summoned by Fu to fight with Earth-7’s Saiyans.

From the trailer, it looks like only his base evil Saiyan form is capable of going toe-to-toe with Super Saiyan Blue.

The first episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes screen at AEON Laketown and fans are already in a hurry to watch its next one.

Check out the synopsis for the first episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes:

“Future Trunks returns from the future to train with Goku and Vegeta. However, he abruptly vanishes. The mystery man “Fu” suddenly appears, telling them Saiyans Future Trunks has been locked up on the “Prison Planet,” a dark facility in an unnamed location between universes. The group seeks for the Dragon Balls to free Trunks, but an eternal super encounter awaits them! Will Goku and the others succeed to save Trunks and escape the Prison Planet?”

Animated by TOEI Animation, Shueisha will be overseeing the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime.

Next Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode will air July 16, 2018


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