‘Super Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 1 Spoilers Revealed Real Villain

Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime episode 1 Goku

Super Dragon Ball Heroes hits its very first premiere episode, and it runs for around for eight mins approximately.

Check out below tweet which reveals full spoiler summary for the first episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes:

Many fans find trouble watching it online, and most of them don’t know how to watch it like previous Dragon Ball Super anime series.

(Update: Watch Super Dragon Ball Heroes online here)

Dragon Ball fans will not find English sub for the first episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes but thanks to Herms98, we have little information on how the incident had gone.

As episode does not release in English sub, but one can understand by looking at it. The episode opens up Goku and Vegeta sparring training on Beerus’ planet. But suddenly Future Mai and Fu, the future warrior appears in front of them.

He said future Trunks is in trouble and hence they needs Goku-Vegeta’s help to rescue him from the Prison Planet.

Regarding animation, it has no differences if we compare it to the previous Dragon Ball Super. Clarity of the episode is also superb even better than the Super series.

Goku, Vegeta, and Future Mai head off to Prison Planet. Suddenly don’t know how but Zen Goku appears in front of them and further you know what would have happened.

Both Goku starts fighting in their best super Saiyan forms. Doing so real Goku finds out the identity of Zen Goku and who is the mastermind behind all of this.

We will not spoiler all the details here, but you can read above synopsis spoiler from the above tweet.

Check out the synopsis for the first episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes:

Trunks returns from the future to train with Goku and Vegeta. However, he abruptly vanishes. The mystery man “Fu” suddenly appears, telling them Trunks has been locked up on the “Prison Planet,” a dark facility in an unnamed location between universes. The group seeks for the Dragon Balls to free Trunks, but an eternal super encounter awaits them! Will Goku and the others succeed to save Trunks and escape the Prison Planet?”

Animated by TOEI Animation, Shueisha will be overseeing the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime.

Next Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode will air July 16, 2018


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