First Look At Goku From ‘Super Dragon Ball Heroes’ Anime

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Anime series

While we are still waiting for the next Dragon Ball Super Movie, Shonen Games just drop an unexpected news for DBS fans about new anime series.

Dragon Ball Heroes is getting an anime this summer.

If you are not aware of Dragon Ball Heroes, this is a most popular Dragon Ball video game over in Japan.

Over a twitter, Shonen Games revealed anime’s very first poster of Goku in his traditional Super Saiyan Blue form.

You can check out below picture yourself:

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Anime game poster

As you can see, fans are wondering whether Super Saiyan 4 will also get a canon story. But I think it’s not. It would be miniseries and would have no connection to original Dragon Ball Super anime.

According to Comic Book, the anime’s main motive is to promote Dragon Ball Heroes game and its latest storyline and arcs. That’s it.

When Dragon Ball Heroes Anime Will Released?

Dragon Ball Heroes game Goku Vegeta

As per the report from Yonko Production, the first premiere episode will pre-screen this summer. On July 1st at a Dragon Ball event in Ion Lake Town.

The anime will feature two sagas of Universe Survival and Prison Planet arcs which were very dark in the game.

Universe Survival arc is pretty much similar to Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power hence in anime we will get to see Prison Planet arc first.

In this arc, Future Trunks made to present time along with Future Mai so that he could train with his father and Goku to become the strongest warrior.

But things went wrong when one strange character named as Fu gathers all the Dragon Balls and made a wish to bring back evil and mysterious Saiyan.

So that’s all about the new Dragon Ball Heroes anime.

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