Strongest My Hero Academia Characters Ranked

Strongest My Hero Academia Characters All Might

Do you know all the Strongest My Hero Academia Characters Ranked till its Season 5?

Probably not!

My Hero Academia season 5 just aired, and fans want to know the powers of new heroes.

My Hero Academia is among the best superheroic anime that discovered characters with unique quirks (gifted powers).

Hence, to stop a threat to humankind, Hero’s Facts listed all the possible characters ranking from students, Pro Heroes to sinister villains.

With here, here is a list of 35 Strongest My Hero Academia Characters Ranked

[Please note that this ranking is according to an unofficial poll among Japanese 5ch users]


toru hagakure

Do you know the faces of all the U.A. students?

I am sure you don’t.

Toru Hagakure is an Invisible Girl who is currently studying at U.A. High School in Class 1-A.

Her Quirk is Invisibility.

It granted her a permanent invisible body.

The prime objective of this Quirk is to avoid visual exposure. To ambush the enemy, her Quirk is more worthwhile. Besides this, Toru can also produce a quick flash of light which blinds her opponent temporarily.

There is a fan theory that Toru could be a traitor in the U.A.

She may be providing sensitive information to the League of Villains. No one has seen her face once, nor she gets enough screen time.

So there is more reason to believe that she could be a spy working against hero society.


minoru mineta

Minoru Mineta is a student from at U.A. High School who has a habit of peeking at girls. Even if he is unpopular among girls, his interest in women leads him to become a hero.

Minoru has Pop Off quirk, which allows him to produce adhesive balls from his head.

Despite all of this, he does have an intelligent mind. Minoru is of coming with strategies to succeed. During Final Exams Arc, he deceived pro-hero- Midnight by pushing through his flaws.

Fighting alone may not be helpful for him, but as a team, his quirk has lots of advantages to traps multiple enemies at once.

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mashirao ojiro mha anime

Mashirao Ojiro is the Martial Arts Hero who has real fighting talent. Also known by Tailman, he doesn’t have quite extraordinary powers but has an unusual physical appearance.

Mashirao uses his muscly but strong tail to boost his speed when he whips it down against the ground. On top of that, he has several super moves namely Tornado Tail Dance and Fist of the Tail: Swamp Smack Spin.

Both moves fundamentally work on same principle. Mashirao himself spins in mid-air and hits his opponent around him.

He mostly depends on his combat styles rather than his Quirk. As a martial artist, Mashirao is a significant hand to hand combatant. To get an extra privilege, he takes advantage of Tail during a close fight.


earphone jack bnha

Kyoka Jiro aka “Hearing Hero” has Earphone Jack Quirk. Its a part of her earlobes, which allows her to plug it into all sorts of objects. Afterward, she channels the sound of her heartbeat into them that causes devastation inside the connected objects.

Kyoka also uses this ability to detects her enemies using sounds and vibrations from her surroundings.

In conclusion, She has enough powers to hold her own against members of the League of Villains. During the attack on USJ, she also has seen wielding a sword made by Momo confirming her additional abilities besides only her Quirk.

Kyoka’s developed Quirk called as Heartbeat Fuzz. In this mode, She plugs her Jacks into amplifiers which located on her hero costume. By doing so, she raises her pulsations into strong sonic waves. As a result, Kyoka channels powerful vibrations that can destroy a ground.



rikido sato

Rikido Sato has a quite offbeat Quirk, Sugar Rush. The hero needs to consume sugar content products to increase his strength to an enormous level. For every 10 grams sugar, he gets increased strength for only three minutes.

For a constant strength, Rikido needs to eat anything but food items that provide sufficient sugar content. Thus, his metabolism system converts the absorbed sugar into raw power enabling him superhuman strength.

As the name suggests, he is fond of sweets and baking. Other than fighting, he has cooking talent.



Koji Koda is not a fighter, but he does have a fascinating quirk. The Anima hero is a very modest and humble character. What we saw in the anime is that he is quite comfortable among animals creatures.

Koji’s Quirk Anivoice permits him to interact with animals, birds as well as bugs. He can order any creatures, and the animal will carry out his purpose.

It also benefits Koji to interact with animals through speech. Thus, it would be beneficial for monitoring enemy territory.

To extend the Anivoice ability, Koji uses a voice-amplifying device that enhanced his sound vibration range.


yuga_aoyama boku no hero academia

Yuga Aoyama is a Shining Hero of My Hero Academia. He is a weaker but prideful person who has a hold of Navel Laser quirk. This quirk shoots lasers out of his abdomen.

Sometimes Yuga behaves like a scared child. Hence always avoid risks and hide rather than fight. However, recently during the “Provisional Hero License Exam Arc,” he overcomes his weakness and sacrifices himself to save his classmates.

Yuga’s Super Moves includes Navel Laser Buffet, in which the hero fires continuous beams not only from his shoulders but also from his shoulders. However, it puts a hard strain on him.

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Froppy Tsuyu Asui MHA

Tsuyu aka Froppy is well known supporting character of My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) series. Being straightforward and Cooperativeness is a part of her personality which helps to unite all the student of Class 1-A together.

Throughout three seasons, during difficult circumstances, Tsu has proven herself as a bright girl. She has a unique quirk called as Frog, which allows her to do activities a frog can do.

However, the extent of this ability is superior to amphibians. With the help of extending tongue, Tsu can lift an entire person’s body. Besides that, she can even mask her presence like Chameleon.

During Internship Arc, she teams up with Ochaco where duo defeated a villain together using their combine fighting move called Meteor Fafrotskies

Though in respect of powers, she is the weakest character in the series, it’s her intelligence and ability to use her skills that make her essential player of the series.

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hanta sero my hero academia flex tape quirk

Eraser Head uses flex tape as a tool while fighting. However, there is a student in Class 1-A who can produce it, and his name is Hanta Sero aka Cellophane.

Hanta is an amiable character who becomes a quick fan favorite. Though he didn’t get enough moment in the series, Hanta is a brave hero who fights for his friends.

His Quirk “Tape” ejects adhesive cellophane tape from his elbows. He uses it to seize his opponents like a rope. Additionally, it can be used to sticks to anything he directs. Hence it’s a perfect tool for immobilizing opponents.

Furthermore, Hanta’s Barricade Tape attack surrounds himself with tape so that it would protect him from enemy attacks.


mezo_shoji boku no hero academia

Mezo Shoji is a brawny hero of the at U.A. school possesses Dupli-Arms Quirk. Out of 20 Class 1-A students, he has a significant amount of physical strength.

Mezo’s Quirk not only allows him as an extra hand but also replicate parts of his body on the tips on his tentacles. The benefit of this quirk is that he can hear clearer than ever and even could see through various degrees.

During his training at U.A., Mezo developed his quirk on a new level in which he unleashes a considerable barrage of hands. It advantageous for him to defend himself from enemy attacks.


ochako uraraka as Gravity

By conceptual, My Hero Academia‘s storyline is the same as that of Naruto’s. However, you can find even characters are also indirectly inspired from it.

Ochaco Uraraka is Class 1-A’s young student learning along with Midoriya and others. She is much more like Hinata Hyuga when it comes to sheepish behavior.

Ochaco aka “Gravity” has Zero Gravity quirk which allows her to make object floats after physical contact. It is nothing but gravity manipulation powers that help her to make objects weightless.

Using her quirk, Ochaco developed few super moves like Meteor Shower in which she can throw giant meteor of debris towards his foe. Other moves include Home Run Comet, Meteor Fafrotskies, which is similar versions of Meteor Shower.

Once during an internship, Uraraka had her martial arts classes from pro hero Gunhead. This move is very advantageous move to subdue her opponents.


mina ashido

Pinky student from Class 1-A has an Acid quirk. Mina creates corrosive liquid from her skin that can melt anything.

Out of 20 students from Class 1-A, Mina has best reflexes. While fighting with Yuga Aoyama, she dodged his energy attacks very quickly.

At U.A. High School, Mina improved her skill to such a level that she now shoots acid further away. Her special moves include “Acid Veil,” which increases her acid’s solubility and viscosity.

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denki kaminari Electrification quirk

Denki Kaminari holds Electrification quirk. It allows him to release lightning energy from his body. By intense training, he can increase his quirk to an enormous level to shock everyone. However, if he uses it for an extended period, his brain may end up with short-circuiting.

In his current position, Denki is not a powerful student from Class 1-A. Still, he has one of the best quirks ever known. When it comes to saving his friend, he does not hesitate but to protect them and stand up for them.


hizashi yamada

Hizashi Yamada aka Present Mic is a favorite fan character who loves to do commentary more than ever. The Pro Hero is a pretty much enthusiastic teacher who teaches English at U.A. High School.

Present Mic’s Quirk, Voice enables him to raise the volumes of his voice to an immense level. Overhearing such a sound could lead ears to bleed. Additionally, it can also block out other sounds as well distract enemies.

To maximize his Quirk’s effect, Hizashi uses “Directional Speaker System” that can help him to direct his sound waves.



Eijiro Kirishima aka Red Riot has Hardening quirk which allows him to harden and intensify any part of his body. He uses this ability for offensive as well as defensive purpose. After intense training from U.A. school, he becomes much stronger than ever.

With his Red Riot Unbreakable super move, Eijiro monstrously hardens his whole body. In this form, he becomes practically invulnerable against any types of attack.

Eijiro is a hot-blooded hero who made his friendship with Katsuki Bakugo. He is the only character of the My Hero Academia whom Katsuki fully trust. During Hideout Raid Arc, Izuku decided to set Eijiro in a plan as a bet because Katsuki would only accept help from his friend instead of his rival, Deku.

Eijiro has only rival in the series, and that is Class 1-B’s Tetsutetsu who has the exact similar Hardening ability but in Steel form. Hence if both pairs develop their quirk even more and use precisely, they can become one of the top ten pro heroes.


momo yaoyorozu most powerful quirks my hero academia

Momo Yaoyorozu is My Hero Academia‘s most attractive as well as a genius teenage girl who makes non-living material from her skin.

Her quirk is Creation that grants her a fantastic ability to creates objects from her fat cells. Momo can make anything as she wants using her quirk. She also can wield several weapons for both offensive and defensive.

However, before producing anything, she needs to think what she is exactly going to build.

Momo got into at U.A. High School through official recommendations. The only students besides her who got admissions are Shoto Todoroki and Juzo Honenuki.

She is considered as S-class intelligence when it comes to applying her analytical skills in battle. Hence it better to have a pro-hero like her who can use the mind as well as powers to stop the crisis.


tenya iida

Tenya Iida is a part of a prestigious family that has been heroes for generations and carries the same Quirk. He blessed with Engine that allows him to run at incredible speeds.

Tenya’s Quirk also has a gear system which allows him to set variable speeds depending on the circumstances. Contrary, more he uses the powers, the more damages his engine get and could stop the functioning.

Tenya has more reasons to join the hero community. He admired his brother, Tensei Lida more than ever. As a Turbo Hero Ingenium, Tensei served the hero society. But miserably, he becomes a victim of Hero Killer: Stain.

Hence to avenge his brother’s murderer, Tenya wants to become a hero.

Keeping in mind his brother’s Hero name, Tenya now training so hard to intact the reputation of the Lida Family.


katsuki bakugo Explosion quirk

Katsuki Bakugo aka Kacchan is the secondary hero of My Hero Academia. When it comes to comparing him with previous anime characters, he fits the role of Vegeta or Sasuke.

His has Explosion Quirk which allows him to secret nitro like sweating from his palms. Katsuki detonates it to create massive explosions. With the fans already witnessed his dominant Quirk that can outclass Shoto’s Half-Cold Half-Hot Quirk.

Katsuki is a long ranger fighter who uses his Quirk for long distance attacks. Despite being his stupid look, he is undoubtedly the smartest person of My Hero Academia. His battle-sense is so high that even Shota Aizawa said that in combat Katsuki shines the most.

During the Sports Festival, Katsuki defeated many heroes in no time. Especially strongest one Fumikage Tokoyami and Shoto Todoroki who had to a loss against him. Thus holding the first ranking in the Sports Festival.

Though Katsuki has a most potent quirk as well as great potential to become a worthy pro hero, he still worries if Deku’s Quirk may interfere his dream for becoming No. 1 Pro Hero.


izuku midoriya strongest boku no hero academia character

Originally Izuku Midoriya was a Quirkless character who now inherited All Might’s One For All Quirk. Since then though not able to wield power to the fullest extent, Deku becomes the strongest protagonist of My Hero Academia.

Izuku’s Quirk enables him monstrous superhuman strength and powers. In his classmate, he outnumbers everyone in respect of skills and abilities. According to the wiki, Izuku ranked first position the First Popularity Poll. As a result, he declared as most popular anime character in the series.

Inspired by his hero, Deku develops similar attacks like All Might. His special moves include Detroit Smash, Delaware Smash, few variants of One For All attacks.

Even without Quirk, Izuku is the smartest character when it comes to sharp analysis and battle preparations.

However, because of his imperfect body vessel that held One For All, Deku has a long way to demonstrate immense powers and abilities on the level of All Might. If he overdoes, the hero could end up with damaging his own body.

Doubtlessly Izuku is one of the My Hero Academia’s strongest students if he has 100% control over his Quirk.


fumikage tokoyami strongest quirk

Fumikage Tokoyami is Class 1-A student with a bird head. He always looks serious and does not talk too much. As we know, he has possession of Dark Shadow quirk which is considered to be the most dangerous power yet. Thus becoming most powerful My Hero Academia Characters.

According to Izuku Midoriya aka Deku, Fumikage can be a dangerous opponent on one-on-one battle situation. If not uses correctly, his Dark Shadow could take over his body and starts destroying everything he sees.

However, after going through several training programs and taking guidance from All Might, Fumikage able to improve his control over Dark Shadow.


shoto todoroki my hero academia strongest character

Shoto Todoroki was one of the students who admitted into U.A. High School through official recommendations. Since then the hero established himself as the most influential student in Class 1-A after Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo.

Shoto is a son of the No. 2 Pro Hero, Endeavor who believes that his son might beat All Might in the hero rankings. Filled with an obsession to surpass All Might, Endeavor married an ice-powered woman so that Shoto would inherit quirks from them.

Accordingly, being granted by a Half-Cold Half-Hot quirk, Shoto is considered as one of the most stalwart heroes of My Hero Academia. His quirk gives him both frost and fire powers.

His body split into part parts which cover the right side with cryokinesis and left side with pyrokinesis. To overcome his weakness of using excess frost quirk, Shoto uses his left-hand side to offset the low temperature.


shota aizawa Eraser Head

Cold blooded Pro Hero, Shota Aizawa is a homeroom teacher of U.A.’s Class 1-A. He may look like a simple-minded teacher, but he does have a notably robust Quirk.

Also, known by Erasure Head, Shota can nullify anyone’s Quirk just by looking at them. Not only that, his primary skills include superior Hand-to-Hand Combat as well as Capturing Weapon that helps him to immobilize targets.

As a U.A. teacher, Shota acquires keen intelligence. When villains invade Unforeseen Simulation Joint, he fought bravely until his last ounce of strength trying to defend his Class 1-A. Further, during Forest Training Camp Arc, Shota played a significant role when it comes to protecting his student.

Having such remarkable skills and willingness to protect his student makes him one of the best character of My Hero Academia.


mirio togata lemillion

Mirio Togata aka Lemillion is the first student from U.A. High School who indeed possesses the skill to become next Pro Hero. According to Shota Aizawa, the Big 3’s Mirio is the closest man to becoming No. 1 Hero which includes Pro Heroes as well.

In the past, Mirio was lacked in academical performance as well as using his Quirk. But he devoted himself very hard to improve his Quirk for combat. Thus he becomes one of top three heroes at U.A.

As proof, during Internship Arc, he challenged whole Class 1-A and defeated them in no time. Unquestionably, it was one of the best episodes of My Hero Academia where anime takes a drastic turn by introducing New Arc.

The 18 years old Hero has Permeation Quirk that grants him the powers to phase himself through any objects. He has skills much like Obito Uchiha from Naruto series where the character phase through physical matters using his Mangekyou Sharingan.

Much more like Izuku, Mirio has the same will to save a million people that led him to become a top candidate for All Might’s successor and inheritor of One For All.


Nana Shimura my hero academia hero



dragon hero ryukyu

Ryuko Tatsuma is No. 10 Pro Hero of My Hero Academia series. She has Dragon Quirk enable her to transform into freaking dragon creature.

In Dragon form, she possesses all the dragons’ abilities such as flight, powerful jaws, and claws. Also, unlike mythological creature, Ryuko can grab her enemies efficiently.

Meanwhile, most of the anime fans didn’t recognize Ryuko because of her short appearance. She is a pro-hero for nothing. She can deal powerful villains on her own.

During the Yakuza Arc, Ryuko was one of the pro heroes who help to take down League of Villains. She can easily block a punch from Rikiya Katsukame, a yakuza with superhuman strength.


yoroi musha my hero academia strongest characters

Yoroi Musha holds the ninth position Pro Heroes ranking. He is an old beard man wearing of Japanese armor with a cape.

In his prime days, Old Man listed among top three pro heroes. However, as his current ranking decreased, he claims that it is according to modern time system and laws.

The hero has yet to make his grand appearance in the anime. However, in the manga series, Yoroi didn’t reveal his Quirk. Though from his look, he resembles more like a samurai.

According to Hero’s Facts, maybe Yoroi possesses the ability to create weapons from his armor.


laundry hero wash

Wash almost resembles the washing machine with legs and arms.

He made his first entry in “Pro Hero Arc” where he presents at the biannual Hero Billboard Chart JP.

Who thought this weird character could be one of top 10 Pro Heroes. His Quirk ability is yet to know for manga readers as well. But we can at least assume that Wash could generate or manipulate the Water.


Shinji Nishiya as KAMUI_WOODS pro hero

Shinji Nishiya is Wood Quirk user more much like First Hokage from Naruto series. Also known by Kamui Woods, the pro hero holds No. 7 position. He made his first debut in the very first episode of My Hero Academia.

Shinji has a very rare Quirk known as Arbor. It allows him to produced enormous woods from any part of his body. When it comes to seizing multiple opponents simultaneously, Shinji is a solid character.

Shinji can produce wooden tendrils over a long distance which helps to rescue civilians from dangers. His Super Move “Lacquered Chains Prison” makes a wooden cage around the enemy to prevent villains’ actions. Shinji used this technique during “Hideout Raid Arc” where he restrained the League of Villains in no time.


shield hero crust

According to official rankings from “The Hero Billboard Chart JP,” Crust is No. 6 official Pro Hero.

The hero has already made his arrival on the pages of manga. When introduced, he cries over All Might’s retirement and regret of not being involved in the Kamino incident.

From his only name and look, it implies that Crust may have a Quirk similar to Kirishima. Hence he could probably create hard stones from his body for an offensive. Additionally, he could use it to make a shield for defensive purpose.


mirko strongest my hero academia

Rumi Usagiyama is the No. 5 and notably highest ranked female Pro Hero. She is an entirely new hero that was introduced recently in the manga Chapter 184.

Rumi is an extremely physically strong woman having muscular build and thighs. In appearance, she almost looks like Albino Rabbit such as long fluffy ears, red eyes.

Her Quirk grants her brutal leg strength. By striking heavily on the ground, she can destroy it to the point that it looks like an explosion happened. Also, she may have incredible speed to hop vast distances.


Shinya Kamihara as edgeshot pro hero

Shinya Kamihara is the No. 4 Pro-Hero of the franchise. He has a Ninja look who played an essential role during Hideout Raid Arc.

Shinya has unusual Quirk known as “Foldabody” which allows him to stretch his body. He makes fine strips to stabs his opponents. His rate of transformation is faster than the speed of sound.

Through rigorous training, Shinya developed new technique named as “Ninpo: Thousand Sheet Pierce.” In this mode, Pro Hero twisted himself into pointed strings and cut through his adversaries before losing their blood flow.


best_jeanist No 3 Pro Hero most powerful

Known by Tsunagu Hakamata, Best Jeanist currently holds the third position in Pro Heroes ranking system. Surprisingly he is the winner of the “Best Jeanist” award for eight back-to-back years.

This fan-favorite hero doesn’t reveal his face; instead, Tsunagu covered his whole body from head to toe with denim. His in-depth knowledge of textiles, as well as his passion for denim, made him the social icon of the fashion world.

Besides all his social activities, Tsunagu is very strong and fiercely tough fighter of My Hero Academia who holds his own against All For One.

His Quirk, Fiber Master, allows him to manipulates all types of cloth. He can even unravel a part of his clothes into threads to restrains multiple enemies at once.


Hawks No 2 Pro Hero


Second Pro Hero, Hawks is a courageous character with a large pair of wings. The character has yet to appear in anime, but manga reader already saw him in chapter 184.

Hawks has “Fierce Wings” Quirk. Besides flying ability, he can telekinetically control the feathers from his wings at his will and shoot them as projectile weapons. Though his Quirk allows him to fly up in the sky, the more he uses, his flying ability gets weaken. However, Hawks real strength lies in his remarkable speed.

Plus, Hawks occupy two extended features which act as a cutting sword. They have enough sharpness to slice through two white Nomu.

Being in a second position is no joke. When it comes to Pro Hero duties, he is a violent character. After All Might’s retirement, he understands his responsibilities as Pro Heroes.


Enji Todoroki as endeavor No 1 Pro Hero

After All Might’s retreat as a leading figure, Enji Todoroki aka Endeavor took over the No. 1 position of Pro Hero. Indeed, he retains all the attributes that are essential to maintaining All Might’s void.

Enji finally gets his obsession comes real as he always wanted to exceed All Might by becoming better. However, he gets in top class by default.

Enji acquires “Hellflame” Quirk which allows him to produce fires at will. He holds the highest record of resolved cases in history. He showed his keen intelligence and deductive skills to analyze Nomu’s multiple abilities. Thus, along with his pyrokinetic ability, he defeats several enemies in no time.

The Pro Hero also got muscular physique with immense superhuman strength. With his current state, Enji able to break Nomu’s arm who possess same powers as that of All Might.

On the other hand, Endeavor is a famous personality in Hero Society. Contrary, he is the furious husband and father. All he wanted from his son is to surpass All Might. Nevertheless, Shoto decided to follows his accords to becomes My Hero Academia’s strongest character.


All Might

Toshinori Yagi, better known as All Might is a former No.1 Pro-Hero of My Hero Academia and notably My Hero Academia’s strongest character. The hero who carried the title of “Symbol of Peace” however responsible for inspiring not only heroes but also villain society.

Toshinori is the eighth holder of the One For All Quirk. Recently in season 3, after going through a tragic battle against All For One, he got severely injured. Afterwards, All Might completely take down his role as hero and devoted his remaining life to raise his successor.

In respect of abilities, All Might possess immense superpowers. Even after One For All quirk get a short period, the strength and speed were still intact. In season 1, he defeated humanoid Nomu who created specifically to kill him, by surpassing his limits.

In these conditions also, old man hero still hold One For All quirk. But sadly enough he is unable to keep his form for a more extended period.

All Might has all the heroic attributes that every child could imagine. The character has a great sense of justice like Captain America, has overwhelming strength like Superman. On-top-of-that it also includes the attitude to inspire others, faith to protect the world, cheerful personality, courageous, etc.



  1. I appreciate the effort but this was not really the best list. For one, the last couple heroes you just copied from official hero rankings without having a full grasp of their powers. And secondly, where is All for One? He should be in at least the top three, the dude is ridiculously strong. There were some other issues I had with the article, but how in the world is Tailman that high?!?!?!?! With that thought hope you’re having a wonderful day.

  2. “According to SHOTA AIZAWA, the Big 3’s Mirio is the closest man to becoming No. 1 Hero which includes Pro Heroes as well.”

    that statement alone justifies that Mirio should be atleast on top 5 if not 3. Even the quirkless Mirio was able to hold Chisaki, alone.

    • Quirkless chisaki was near death and holding off the inevitable, he literally had Deku fly through a wall to save him

    • Thanks Anas for the suggestion. I will add them as soon as possible… Meanwhile please check out our other articles and let us know your good opinion…

  3. nice ranking but were is overhaul and all for one its seems ameturish to not be using them both based on theyre sheer power and what about tamki amajiki? he is also very powerful with his manifest quirk

    • Hello Aiden! As the character is from MHA, he must be in the list somewhere. And powers does not comes from the strength itself as you know.

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