Strongest God of Destruction From Dragon Ball Super

All gods of destruction

Who is the strongest God of Destruction from Dragon Ball Super series?

Ever gave a thought?

Ever since Dragon Ball Super show off their powerful characters like Beerus, all gods of destruction started to appeared one by one.

Meanwhile, in the manga of Dragon Ball Super, the intense battle between all gods of destruction shown their incredible godly powers as well as abilities.

It was the first time in the manga that Beerus exhibited his half mastered Ultra Instinct.

Is Beerus the strongest god of destruction?

It’s just a speculation that there is one God who might exceed Beerus. However, franchise indirectly proved that Beerus holds the number one place among all Gods of Destruction.

Here is a list of 15 Strongest God of Destruction You Must Know:


Toppo Candidate of God of Destruction in DBS 125

As already mentioned in the Dragon Ball Super, after Belmod, Toppo is the selected candidate for the next God of Destruction of Universe 11. Even though he is mortal, Toppo possess small-scale of destruction powers.

Unlike his ally Jiren, Leader of Pride Trooper is a hot-blooded warrior. As we know, he has a weird conviction to fights for justice and thus, wanted to protect his world by firmly believing in the Justice.

On the other hand, during Zen-Exhibition match and Tournament of Power, Toppo exhibited his enormous powers against Goku and Vegeta that could outclass Saiyan’s Super Saiyan Blue form easily.

As an apprentice to become the next God of Destruction, Toppo aware of how to tap into God style, which covers users body in special Ki aura. In the Tournament of Power, powered-up Toppo rampaged on the arena and nearly destroyed the stage in two parts with his destruction energies.

Even though Pride Trooper selected as an amateur to become next deity, he still lacks in other skills that would help him to achieve full divinity powers.


God of Destruction of Universe 1 Iwne

Iwne is one of the efficient Gods of Destruction having the highest mortal ranking level. Unlike other Gods of Destruction, he looks so calm and enthusiastic. However, holding such a leading position in the top 12 Universes does not mean that Iwne is a stronger God of Destruction.

During the Zen-Exhibition match, which shown in the manga series, Iwne instantly defeated by Quitela, Universe 4’s God of Destruction. But it looks like he was holding nearly same potential same as that of Gods of Destruction Liquiir and Arack.

On the contrary, Dragon Ball Heroes revealed Iwne’s additional unique ability known as God of Destruction’s Mercy. Its a nothing but a devastating energy sphere that could do immense damage.


Universe 9 God of Destruction Sidra

Just like everyone, Sidra holds the same destructive powers nothing special.

In the Dragon Ball Super anime, his power level seems to be on par with villain Frieza in his Golden form. After marking Frieza’s powers, Universe 9’s Supreme Kai Roh noted that he already surpassed Sidra.

Still, he is no match against Universe 7’s Beerus. When Frieza threw Sidra’s Destruction Energy sphere towards Goku, Beerus easily blew off to save him.

In the manga series, while fighting with other gods, Sidra exhibit quite good reflexes. He acted quickly to Beerus’s attack by creating a counter barrier to protects other gods behind him. But sadly enough, he got knocked out by Belmod.


Liquiir God of Destruction of Universe 9

Liquiir is a God of Destruction of Universe 8 holding the highest moral ranking level like Iwne, Arack, and Geene.

Liquiir is a fox god of destruction with yellow fur. Thus retaining all the essential advantages of a wolf. Just like every other god, Liquiir has unique technique named as ‘Energy Cannon Barrage.’ While using it, his tail increases up to a total of nine, which shoots energy bullets at his opponents.

In the anime, Just before the start of Tournament, Liquiir was able to fight fairly with the Arack and Iwne. In the manga series, when all Gods of Destruction were fighting each other, Universe 2’s beautiful goddess, Heles nearly killed him with her arrow. Though he managed to counterattack it, it did injure his arms very severely.

Later on, he chokes up by the hands of Mosco, which seems to be impossible for him to break out from its robotic grip. Even as a God of Destruction, Liquiir still has a long way to become the strongest God of Destruction.


God of Destruction of Universe 12 Geene

Geene is one of four Gods of Destruction who didn’t participate into Tournament of Power because of Universe 12’s high mortality level.

Unlike anime, manga series made a justice on this character even if it lasted for a single moment. When Beerus threw off his Destruction Sphere towards other Gods of Destruction, Geene realized that it would have killed him if it not been for Sidra’s protective barrier.

But at the end of the day, he lost the match and got defeated poorly.

During a battle, Geen has shown one particular move “Continuous Energy Bullets,” which only revealed in the manga version.

Furthermore, Dragon Ball Heroes game explored Geene’s additional secret skill called as “God of Destruction’s Trump Card.” To use this power, he needs to slams his both hands together that creates a blue energy ball.


Rumsshi God of Destruction of Universe 10

Rumsshi is the God of Destruction of Universe 10. From many aspects, he does resemble the appearance of God Ganesha. But his eccentric behavior makes him shoddy among the other gods.

Rumsshi is one of the lazy Gods of Destruction who doesn’t care the balance within a universe. He thinks its a too much pain for him.

In respect of his power level, during Zen-Exhibition Match, his Warcry (Battle Roar) could have knocked out Universe 7’s Supreme Kai but eventually defeated by Beerus.

From the battle, it makes clear that his Battle Roar is leaving his opponent in trample state. To sum up, Rumsshi possesses the highest voice volume in all the present universes and that all because of his trunk.


Arack Universe 5 God of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super 122

Unlike other God of Destruction, Arack is a much disciplined God who seeks to expand his Universe 5’s potential without destroying the minimal amount of planets. Due to his exceptional work as a God of Destruction, he was opted out of the Tournament of Power due to having a highest mortal level.

Arack has a rare type of super ability called as Headshot in which he uses a finger flicking attack to send his opponent flying. This technique is known as God of Destruction’s Severe Punishment in Dragon Ball Heroes.

Before the start of Tournament of Power, he participates in a sparring match with the Iwne and Liquiir in which is able to match power levels with his fellow gods.


Heles God of Destruction of Universe 2

First female God of Destruction of the franchise, Jerez described as being remarkably beautiful by herself.

Unlike other Gods of Destruction, Jerez believed her Team Universe 2 even they were on the verge of elimination from the tournament of power.

Even her Universe 2 holds a leading position in highest mortal level among the eight universes participating in the Tournament of Power.

For Universe 2, Love is a valuable asset to fight against evils.

It gave them courage to fight universe 7’s Saiyans until the very last moment.

As a God of destruction, she is incredibly one of the powerful gods.

In manga series, during Zen-Exhibition match, Jerez is capable of materializing bow and arrow, which is way powerful enough to pierce through Liquiir’s arm.

In an arcade game of Dragon Ball Heroes, Jerez reveals her unique ability called as God of Destruction’s Feast. To use it, she needs to gather her surrounding energy and projects into arrow-shaped blasts. Doubtless, it causes massive amounts of damage.


Universe 4 God of Destruction Quitela

Quitela is a cheater God of Destruction of Universe 4. In the manga story, he successfully defeated Iwne and manage to hold his own against Beerus. Thus both Gods of Destruction were the only remaining participants standing in the Zen-Exhibition match.

In both manga and Anime of Dragon Ball Super, Whis said to Saiyans, there are mortals exist who stronger than their God of Destruction, and that deity appears to be stronger than Beerus. But Beerus added that he only lost once in an arm wrestling match.

In the manga, once Beerus lost to Quitela at arm wrestling, but according to Beerus, he would have won against him in actual hand-to-hand combat.

Dragon Ball Heroes gave Quitela quite a unique ability. His God of Destruction’s Wile power enables him to teleport without knowing the opponent and surprisingly blast them off with an electric attack from his fingertip.


Universe 3 God of Destruction Mule in the Dragon Ball Super

Anime Mosco revealed his real face when he was on the verge of extinction. The person behind the robot happens to be small inferior devil named as Mule who takes over as a Universe 3’s God of Destruction.

It is unexplained where Mule stands out of total 12 Gods of Destruction in respect of power levels. But as a Mosco, Mule did show off his quick reflexes while fighting with other Gods of Destruction.

In the manga Zen Exhibition Match, by piloting Mosco, Mule was able to grasp Beerus with his robotic hands. But it was temporary. Moreover, his intellectual ability help him to build a robot Mosco, which possess the powers of God of Destruction.

Even though Super series didn’t explore the character, Super Dragon Ball Heroes gave him unique ability known as God of Destruction’s Angry Roar. It’s a similar ability to that of Beerus’s Sphere of Destruction.



Fused Zamas in the Future Trunks Saga

Black Goku and Zamasu are known to be the most badass villains of the franchise. Both villains fused through Potara earnings and become the strongest Fusion character ever.

When Visited Universe 10, Goku defeated Zamasu. Thus his pride got severely hurt. Ever since then, the trauma leads him to believe that every mortal being must die especially Saiyans.

Controlling combined powers of Saiyan and Future Zamasu, Fused Zamasu possess a tremendous amount of energy which might surpass the God of Destruction.

Manga story stated that fusion enhanced his speed, reflexes, powers and various other abilities. The villain even crushed full powered Goku-Vegeta with his bare hands.

According to a danger level declared by Dragon Ball Super, Fused Zamasu holds out of marks as being described as the stronger villain of the franchise.



Despite Champa’s pudgy body structure, he is Dragon Ball Super’s strongest God of Destruction.. It said that he roughly has powers that could rival his twin brother, Beerus.

His attendant angel Vodas is even more powerful than his brother Whis. So its safe to assume that Champa has a considerably high-level power level. However, Vados implied that Beerus is way stronger than his brother.

As a favorite God of Destruction, Champa has a couple of divine powers such as God of Destruction’s Menace, God of Destruction’s Punishment, Sledgehammer, Explosive Wave, Full Power Energy Wave, etc.


God of Destruction of Universe 11 Belmod

Universe 11 not only exhibit strongest God of destruction but also known as Dragon Ball Super’s strongest universe.

Belmod is Universe 11’s Jokester God of Destruction who stands out as the most powerful entiry. Even though there is no proof of his absolute powers, once Whis implied that he might be stronger than Beerus.

On the contrary, based on combat skill alone, Belmod is still weaker than Jiren.


Beerus the god of destruction

Among all dragon ball super’s gods, Beerus holds mighty powers.

Who is the strongest angel in DBS?

Its the Grand Priest.

But among all of his children, Vados and Whis are the strongest.

Whis trained Beerus.

So definitely Whis is stronger than Beerus.

Beerus becomes quick famous character among fans when he first made his debut in “Dragon Ball Super: Battle of Gods.” He is Universe 7’s God of Destruction where currently Dragon Ball franchise is taking place.

Even though Z-Fighters fought toughest villains with all their might, Beerus is the strongest opponent in the history of Dragon Ball who cannot be trounced.

So how strong is Beerus? What are Beerus power level?

Manga series prove that Beerus is the only God of Destruction who attains the state of Ultra Instinct.

Other series and games reveal Beerus’s several abilities and powers such as God of Destruction’s Rampage, Sealing Spell, Paralyzing Gaze, Cloning, Mimicry, etc.

V-Jump noted that Beerus is notably the most robust God of Destruction.

According to Whis, there is a Universe where a mortal being possesses greater powers than the God of Destruction. But the series didn’t reveal the truth about it.

Consequently, it believes that Universe 11’s Belmod might be the one who is stronger than Beerus.

But it was until Goku mastered Ultra Instinct, which forced Beerus to thinks Saiyan could be stronger than him.

Is goku stronger than Beerus God?

Definitely not.

Goku still has a long way to go to reach Beerus’s level. But has potential to attain powers of deity of destruction.

However, to sum up all the theories and speculations, Beerus might be the one who truly holds the number of position of Strongest God of Destruction out of 8 known universes.


Blue Vegeta vs Toppo in DBS episode 126

After Universe 11’s Toppo, many capable mortals are perfectly suitable for the position of God of Destruction.

In the Tournament of Power, angry Vegeta surpassed Toppo and his destruction energy by breaking his limits, making him a worthy candidate.

It stated that Vegeta is physically stronger than Goku and even has the potential to outdo him.

However, in TOP, he did evolve further by transforming into Super Saiyan Blue Evolution and went toe-to-toe against Toppo.

The only power is not enough to hold the HAKAI energy. The candidate must know the importance of being God and its standpoint towards life.

Even though Vegeta still has a long way to go to attain divine powers, his passion, and desire to become powerful would make him an excellent candidate to become the next candidate of God of Destruction.

So who is your strongest and most powerful Gods of Destruction?

So according to Hero’s Facts, these are the strongest God of Destruction which also includes characters who might surpass them.

Do comments and share your reviews.


  1. i think Frieza would be good to put on the list as a candidate. i mean Frieza kills people for fun and he has no problem wiping out planets if he wants to. Also i was reading somewhere and a lot of people say that Geene is the strongest god of destruction. Not sure if this is right considering the fact we have never seen him in combat but thats what i heard.

  2. It would be vegeta remember that whis has kept an eye on these two since the begining and only agreed too train vegeta if he agreed too become a god of destruction one day so the moment he agreed it was eched his role into the destruction role at some point and goku cant because his lack for wanting too kill disqaulifies him and look into dragonball heroes he shows up in battle in grandmaster attire just like the father of all the angels.

  3. Uhm Vegeta at number 1 is complete nonsense. Beerus is the strongest and Vegeta may be like 3rd at most. Obviously he would be the God of Destruction over Goku and had to agree to it before Whis would train him. I see Goku being his angel or being a Grand Priest looking over the Omni King and everyone else. But, Jiren isn’t even on the list and that is crazy.

    • Hello Kodey,

      Thanks for reaching out and for your opinion.

      The reason behind Jiren’s absence in this list is Jiren himself. He declared that he doesn’t want to become a candidate for next God of destruction for Universe 11.

      And the same goes for Goku.

      We gave Vegeta No.1 position because we believe that he would be strongest among all with Saiyan’s blood.

  4. Um…. Fused Zamasu isn’t a God of Destruction. He’s a Supreme Kai. Vegeta already said he wouldn’t be a God of Destruction. Also, fix the grammar please.

  5. There is so much wrong with this list. Geene is the strongest of the Gods of Destruction -full stop-

    Beerus may be the strongest in universes 6 & 7 but Geene is the God of Destruction over one of the top four universes deemed too powerful to defeat by Zeno-Sama. If your universe is that powerful, you need to be at the top to be an effective God of Destruction if not, he would be dead; that’s just natural selection. Universes 6 & 7 aside,the other universes’ Gods of Destruction stop grand threats, like Buu for example, would have been obligated if he pulled that stunt anywhere else.


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