Strongest Ben 10 Ultimate Aliens Ranked

Strongest Ben 10 Ultimate Aliens

In this article, we have listed the Strongest Ben 10 Ultimate Aliens.

The protagonist of the franchise, Ben Tennyson got a hand to Omnitrix, a watch device, which allows the hero to transforms into most powerful DNA Aliens.

Ben: 10 Ultimatrix gifted Ben a brand new upgraded watch that further improves its DNA Aliens’ abilities and powers.

With that here are the Strongest Ben 10 Ultimate Aliens Ranked:


Ben 10 Ultimate Wildmutt

Hound shape animal, Wildmutt is an animalistic species from the planet Vulpin. His powers strongly rely on his nose which uses heightened smell ability to track the opponent. Besides that, the eyeless aline also use echolocation and thermographic neck gills to navigate.

Wildmutt is one of the famous Ben 10 aliens who first appeared in the episode, ‘And Then There Were 10‘. Later in the next season, In “Ben 10: Ultimate Alien” Ben Tennyson can be seen transforming into its upgraded version called as Ultimate Wildmutt.

If we talk about its powers, Ultimate Wildmutt has an incredible sense of smell, and it’s even more significant than its base form.

In this form, Wildmutt’s design has slightly changed regarding his larger body scale, gills & its fur red color. Also, the Ultimatrix symbol resides on his chest. Another change is that in his Ultimate form, Wildmutt can talk, unlike its base form.

Wildmutt may not look like is the strongest aliens as we expected, but when it comes down to tracking enemies or in a battle where eyes fail to capture situation, Wildmutt is a decent shot.


ultimate echo echo ben 10

Echo Echo is a Robotic Humanoid DNA Alien. He belongs to planet Sonorosia where all people are living sound waves.

Ben usually transform into Echo Echo when he needs to defeat the enemy using ultrasonic frequencies, which helps him to avoid any mid-flight projectiles. Additionally, he uses his speakers to enhance his echolocation as well as vibrations power.

However, when Ben taps into Ultimate Mode, the alien looks much more robotic. In this body, Echo Echo possess total 15 mobile speakers through which he can create a force field that is strong enough to deflect the mini-nuclear blast. Furthermore, Echo Echo can fly by using sound waves.

As a weapon, Ultimate Echo Echo uses his Sonic Disks to project powerful sonic blasts, which has the energy to crush a military tank. The exciting thing is that he can multiply it as many as needed.


Ultimate Big Chill Strongest Alien

Big Chill is Humanoid Insect who also known to be second intangible DNA Alien after Ghost Freak. The Alien race appears in hooded figures when they fold their wings.

Big Chill’s prime powers include freezing his opponent. Not only that, but alien also possess superhuman strength as well as immunity to extreme temperatures. However, in the Ultimate transformation, Big Chills looks completely different and more like a red flame design.

In this mode, Big Chill can create red ice flames, flames that turn into ice. These flames utilize the heat of whatever they touch and use that flame to burn things.

Furthermore, Ultimate Big Chill’s breathe ice turns the air around his enemies into a denser hail which helps to numb Ben’s opponent very effectively.

Overall, an upgraded Big Chill’s power list includes enhanced flight speed, greater freezing abilities that can manipulate ice, heat absorption ability, etc.


Ben 10 Ultimate Humungousaur Alien

Humungousaur is a first-ever DNA Alien who can score against Four Arms easily. His appearance looks much like a giant lizard but is a humanoid dinosaur-like type alien.

Humungousaur first appeared in the “BEN 10 ALIEN FORCE- BEN 10 RETURNS PART 2” to fight against Highbreed. Even in his base form, the DNA alien said to be most muscular Ultimate Alien when it comes to strength and Durability.

As an Ultimate Humungousaur, Alien takes a form of buff and muscular armor. In this mode, he gets enhanced strength, Spiked Shell, Mace Tail, Missile Hands, etc.

Ultimate Humungousaur’s genetic evolution provides Ben bio-Gatling guns that launch kinetically unstable bone parts as missiles bomb. Thus this extra sets of power proven to be advantageous when it comes to fighting multiple enemies at once.


Ben 10 DNA Alien Ultimate_Swampfire

Ultimate Swampfire made his first entrance into Ben 10: Alien Force‘s series finale “The Final Battle: Part 2 where the hero fought against his archenemy, Vilgax.

Swampfire was the first Alien transformation that fifteen years old Ben used for the first in Ben 10: Alien Force. A living plant may not look like, but he has the immense superhuman strength including powers to produce flame from the methane generated by his body.

In addition to his primary powers, Swampfire can possess an exceptional level of regenerative ability, which makes him invincible.

As Ultimate Swampfire, Ben gets an upgraded version of the tree-base along with highly flammable blue aura, which is more potent than the usual flame.

Unlike its previous form, Ultimate Swampfire is the strongest and most muscular Ultimate Alien transformation ever because of its overwhelming powers and abilities.

With keeping in mind that, Swampfire is a perfect replacement for Heatbast, as the DNA Alien hold nearly all attributes to that of fiery Alien.


Ben 10 Ultimate Heatblast

Heatblast was Ben’s first alien transformation when he found Omnitrix during his summer vacation. However, his next upgrade isn’t a part of the canon story.

Ultimate Heatblast first appeared at the beginning of “Ben 10: Ultimate Alien movie”. When two vampires attacked his school, Ben tries to go on Ultimate mode. But due to the interference of vampires, it causes him to reach into Incomplete Ultimate Heatblast.

The advantage of this form is that Ultimate Heatblast is immune to water.

In this form, despite having previous powers, Heatblast has the white flame as well as magma. In respect of powers, Ultimate Heatblast possesses ten times stronger skills than the ordinary one.


Ultimate Ghostfreak

In Ben 10: Omnitrix, Ghostfreak was the first DNA alien who wants to have freedom from the Omnitrix. The upgraded version of him first appeared in the Ben 10: Star Command Files.

As an Ultimate Ghostfreak, he still has control over the supernatural powers. Besides this, the Ghost can create wind current using his deadly tail, which can transmit the volts of electricity into its enemy.

In the canonize series of Ben 10, Ghostfreak doesn’t have an Ultimate name. However, it’s quite obvious that he has even more powers than before.


Ultimate Ben 10000 transformation

This is not any type alien form, this is Ben 10000’s Ultimate form. In this form, his appearance remains same; but Ultimatrix sets on his chest. Using this form, Ben can actually use his DNA alien powers without transforming into it.

In this form, Ben is truly becomes one of Strongest Ben 10 Ultimate Aliens.

He can use any form just by pronouncing the name that he wishes. Just by pressing the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest, he can access those powers. Whether the alien is Way Big or Humungousaur, Ben’s size remains same. Ben only possesses their superpowers and abilities, not forms.


Ultimate Way Big from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
Way Big is one of the biggest alien that Ben has ever used. By transforming, the appearance of the Way Big completely changes. His size gets increased three times bigger than its normal form.

Ultimate Way Big is much stronger than his normal form and in this version, he can actually fly. His cosmic energy blast also gets increases. Using this energy he can create energy disc, which can cut anything when it touches it.

This form first debuts in the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien-The Ultimate Enemy Part 2, when Diagon invades the earth, but apparently he was defeated by the acid rain that Diagon has created. But still, when it’s hero time, it would be the nice alien form for Ben to prove himself as the strongest superhero in the universe.


Ultimate Alien X

Ultimate Alien X is the Strongest Ben 10 Ultimate Alien.

In the Ben 10: Alien Force, when Ben used Alien X transformation, he realizes that it is the most powerful alien form in the universe who can actually alter the space and time continuity as he wishes.

But in this traditional form he only capable use this form for a short period of time because of Serene and Bellicus who takes control over his body. Alien X is made up of two personalities. The one is Serene who is enthusiastic about love and Bellicus who is an angry and aggressive dude.

But Ben can overcome this problem by transforming into Ultimate Alien X form. It first arrives in the Noah 10 series. He is the evolved Celestialsapien species who lived in the Forge of Creation.

The ordinary form has black color with a few stars on his body, but in Ultimate form, his body covered with white in color with a star like a pattern on his body.

In this version, Serene and Bellicus can’t hold him back, hence he can fully utilize his potential powers to the fullest extent. In this form, Ben could become nearly omnipotent. If I speak about his weakness, he receives nothing. Still, its power limits are unknown.

Strongest Sentient Ultimate Forms


Sentient Ultimate Big Chill strongest Ben alien






In conclusion, Ultimate Alien X and Ultimate Ben are the Most Powerful and Strongest Ben 10 Ultimate Aliens.

Created by Man of Action Studios and produced by Cartoon Network Studios, Ben 10 tells the story of how ten years old boy who wants to save the world with the help of universe’s most magnificent Alien creatures.

Following the famous franchise, its second season- “Ben 10 Ultimate Alien” centered on an upgraded version of Omnitrix’s DNA aliens, being called as Ultimate Aliens.

Ultimatrix is a successor of the former Omnitrix, which self-destructed during a battle with Vilgax. Created by Azmuth, Ultimatrix includes many previous as well as new aliens that enables Ben to develop further by transforming into its Ultimate form.

However, these brand-new Ultimate aliens lead a controversial subject among fans who are the strongest Ben 10 Ultimate Alien. Hence Hero’s Facts ranked all the DNA Aliens, which listed according to their powers and abilities.

Still if you aware of any other Ultimate forms that could beat this Omni-potent transformation, then share your views in the comment section below.

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  1. Okay… um..
    Utimate Heatblast, Ghostfreak, and Alien X were never canon. Fanfiction probably shouldn’t apply in the list…

  2. Bruh wtf, ultimate big chill, humongousaur, swampfire and pretty much every other ultimate besides way big COULDNT beat ultimate Kevin but echo echo was about to murder him with a single sonic doom. Wtf lmao, how is he ranked below fucking big chill and swamp fire. The others weren’t even fucking canon like heatblast ghost freak and alien X, the only one they got right was the abomination that is ultimate wild mutt, they didn’t even add fucking cannonbolt. It goes like this: (weakest to strongest)
    Big chill
    Echo echo (humoungaur did nothing to ultimate Kevin meanwhile echo echo was about to murder him)
    Way big

    • Thank You very much for the suggestions. People like you what made the article best. Please review our other articles and let us know what do you think

  3. So,i’m not sure about this, but in my opinion clockwork’s a pretty strong alien too.
    Clockwork can fire green time rays from his hands or chest, which have various effects like sending people back in time,aging an object/person to dust,restoring individuals who have been erased from time, sending them into a different timeline,and reverting them to a previous state while also immobilizing them.
    eventhough If something hits Clockwork’s head key, he can be badly stunned; this shows that Clockwork is not very agile, as he admits that he “is not good for dodging,with enough power and skill, Clockwork can perform a temporal consciousness conversion in which a person’s consciousness is swapped with that of a younger or older version of the target in question,much like what Eon did to Ben Prime’s 16 and 11-year-old selves.
    Hope this helps,i have used some references

  4. Remember there’s an alien named Atomix.. He’s also way to powerful (ranks almost second next to Alien X.
    His powers include:
    Chemical Generation
    Heat Generation
    Space Survivability
    Jet Feet
    Sharp Shoulder Blades
    (Source : Wikipedia)

    Now imagine how much powerful would its ultimate form would be ?

  5. I’m posting my comment again..Idk I posted it but it didn’t showed.. maybe an error had occurred.


    Bro you remember there was an Alien named Atomix.. He’s also way too powerful (ranks almost second in terms of powers and abilities next to Alien X . He’s literally a moving Nuclear Powerplant,which can literally create nuclear explosions.

    His powers include:
    Chemical Generation
    Heat Generation
    Space Survivability
    Jet Feet
    Sharp Shoulder Blades
    (Source : Wiki)

    Just imagine how much powerful it would be in its Ultimate Alien Form.

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