Strongest Attack On Titan Characters Ranked

levi ackerman Strongest Attack On Titan Characters Ranked

I have compiled a list of the most strongest characters in Attack On Titan, ranked according to your personal preference. However, this list pertains only to human soldiers, and not the Titans.

Levi Ackerman, undoubtedly the strongest soldier in the franchise, holds the top position. He is widely regarded as humanity’s strongest soldier.

Yet, there is a revelation in the final season of Attack On Titan. A new soldier has emerged who can outmatch even Levi in one-on-one combat, thereby taking the second spot as the strongest soldier in the series.

Here is a list of 30 Strongest Attack On Titan Characters Ranked


historia reiss attack on titan season 3

Historia Reiss, the final surviving member of the Reiss royal family, was selected to be the Queen of the Walls.

Despite her appearance, Historia possesses remarkable hand-to-hand combat abilities, honed during her time in the 104th Training Corps. Additionally, she has shown remarkable proficiency in handling vertical maneuvering equipment, enabling her to eliminate pure Titans with limited height quickly.



Hannes was a significant figure who played a pivotal role in rescuing Eren and Mikasa during the assault on Shiganshina.

Following that, he was appointed as the leader of the Garrison squad and pledged to safeguard the Yeager family.

Despite his valiant efforts, Hannes eventually met his demise while heroically protecting Eren from Daina’s pure Titan.


Marco Bott

Marco was one of the Attack on Titan characters who graduated from the 104th Training Corps.

Despite being a natural leadership, Marco died unexpectedly in the worst way because he heard the dark secrets of Titans shifter who came to capture Eren’s Founding Titan.

Marco possessed excellent teamwork, still killed off by Reiner and Bertolt when he heard about their Titan shifting powers.

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connie springer attack on titan season 4

Connie is one of the best trainees of the 104th Training Squads.

Currently, he is serving as the Survey Corps officer.

In terms of his fighting skills and abilities, Connie was the quickest soldier when maneuvering equipment.

Due to his short height, Connie is flexible enough to move so fast that he can avoid any Pure Titans’ sights.

Attack on Titan season 4 stated that Connie “slow on the uptake but makes very sharp turns.”



Closest friend to Historia Reiss, Ymir Fritz was one of the Titan shifters from the 104th graduating class.

Ymir Fritz received her Jaw Titan’s powers from Marcel Galliard, a soldier who came to capture Eren’s Founding Titan.

Even in human form, Ymir held exceptional physical strength. In a combat situation, Ymir showed outstanding fighting skills.

However, as a Jaw Titan, she was so quick that Ymir dealt with multiple pure Titans at once.


sasha blouse in attack on titan season 4

Sasha Blouse is a funny potato girl who also possesses the courage to save humanity from the corrupted world.

Sasha grew up as an animal hunter. That advantage her with her fights against Titan monsters.

Hunter’s skills benefit her significant level of mastery in archery, horseback riding, tracking, etc.

Only with bow and arrow can Sasha deal with any short heightened pure Titans.


eren kruger as attack titan

Eren Kruger was the best character who unfolds the critical event of Attack on Titan.

Kruger was Eldian’s sleeper spy who worked as a Marley officer.

Also, he had possession of Attack Titan that later passed on to Grisha and later to his son, Eren Yeager.

When Marley caught Grisha and his team, as a punishment, all sentenced to turn into Pure Titan, Kruger saved the day and destroyed all the Marleyans at the seawall port of Paradis.

As a titan, Kruger showed enormous Titan strength that allowed him to split a steamboat into two halves.

Notably, Kruger, at one point, was one of the Strongest Attack On Titan Characters.


Dot Pixis

Dot Pixis is one of the highly notable characters of the series.

He is the former chief commander of the Southern Territory.

Although Shingeki No Kyojin fans unaware of his fighting skills, Pixis is one of the smartest characters of Attack on Titan as a commander.


armin arlert attack on titan season 4

Armin Arlert may not be the strongest Attack on Titan character when it comes to strength.

But he is the Smartest hero of the series.

Instead of direct combats, Armin always relies on tactical planning to carry out missions.

His innate abilities of reasoning and strategy formulation make Armin a valuable asset for the 104th Training Corps.

Currently, Armin holds the power of Colossus Titan, one of the strongest Titans of the series.


moblit berner

Moblit Berner was the voice captain of the 4th Squad of Survey Corps.

He was the one who continually concerns about Hange Zoe’s safety and participated in her every scientific experiment.

Moblit was an intelligent soldier who survived many tragic events until the battle of Shiganshina.

Although Attack on Titan didn’t reveal his battle skills, he should be some or more professional at fighting as an executive officer.


gunther schultz

Gunther was one of the recruits by Captain Levi to join the Special Operations Squad.

So he must be an elite soldier.

Gunther’s skills include intelligence along with a perfect prediction of near-future events.

Though Erwin didn’t fill him with the secret behinds expedition, he was smart enough to guess all the real intent Erwin’s.

Although fans never saw him direct fighting, Gunther was undoubtedly one of the strongest attacks on titan characters.


petra ral

Petra Ral was the first female character of Attack On Titan who demonstrated the potential to surpassed all the strongest women.

In her career, Petra killed off a total of 58 pure Titans. Thus, it makes her record one of the highest counts in the series.

When it comes to teamwork, Petra was the best.

With the assistance of Oluo and Eld, Petra quickly defeated the Female Titan.

But painfully, Petra too became a victim of the Female Titan’s rampage.


bertolt hoover

Fans noticed Bertolt’s unforeseen improvement during “Battle at Shinganshina.”

Though a lack of motivation, Bertolt possessed the potential to master every ability developed during the training program.

Bertolt placed 3rd among 104th Training Corps trainees.

His top-notch abilities allowed killing any short heightened pure titans without maneuvering equipment.

In Shinganshina city, he nearly overwhelms Mikasa Ackerman in fighting skills.

But sadly enough, Eren caught him off guard, which cost him his life and Colossal Titan’s ability.

Armin ate him to recovered. He thus gained the powers of Colossal Titan.

Undoubtedly, if nothing for the enemy, Bertold was one of the Strongest Attack On Titan Characters.




oluo bozado

Though Oluo Bozado was an arrogant soldier picked by Levi Ackerman, he holds the record of 39 Titan kills and 9 with a team’s help.

Oluo was the finest soldier of Attack on Titan who can slay any Titans alone.

His specialist lies with the coordination work. With the help of the Survey Corps, Oluo was able to launch a deadly strike.

But sadly enough, suddenly, Oluo became a victim of the Female Titan, one of the strongest titans of Attack on Titan.

No one could anticipate such tragic death from Levi’s former team.


eld jinn

Same as Gunther, Eld Jinn too selected by humanity’s greatest soldier, Levi.

Eld was an elite soldier who holds a record of 46 Titan kills.

But sadly enough, while protecting Eren from Female Titan, Annie killed him very severely. However, it was the time where Eld shows off his proficient abilities with the vertical equipment.

With the combination of steel wires and maneuvering gear, Eld gets swift movements for the offense.

When it comes to maneuvering equipment, Eld seems very skillfully to avoid direct conflict with Titans.

To sum up, Eld was distinctly one of the strongest Attack On Titan characters.


theo magath


keith shadis

Keith Shadis was the one who trained the 104th Training Corps soldiers.

Before Erwin, Keith was the one positioned as Commander for the Survey Corps.

Although he is not the chosen one to protect humanity, Erwin took the lead, and the rest is history.

Due to Keith’s strict and frightening presence, all the 104th Squad always fears him from his confidence.


mike zacharias anime

In terms of strength, Mike Zacharias listed among Erwin Smith and Captain Levi’s most sufficient soldiers.

Mike Zacharias is considered one of humanity’s strongest Attack on Titan characters who died at Beast Titan’s hand.

Mike was a squad leader of his squad team.

Mike hold one unique ability that made him one of the best Soldier of Survey Corps. His ability to detect Titans from a more considerable distance.

His only strength allows him to annihilate multiple titans at once.


hange zoe

Hange Zoe is a Veteran leader and one of the best Soldiers of the 4th Squad.

She always fond of studying Titan’s biology and its history.

Despite being the fact that Levi is humanity’s greatest soldier, Hange serves as an essential asset for the team.

Hange’s research study on Titans helped the team to know more about their history.

Once Erwin told her that Hange would be the one who will inherit the position when the time comes.

Her impressive scientific knowledge made it possible to make thunder spears that can devour Titan’s body quickly.

When it comes to Vertical maneuvering gear, Hange shows superior skills. She possesses remarkable reflexes that help her to slip through the Titans’ crowd.

Notably, Hange’s years of experience with Titans’ battle makes her one of the strongest Attacks On Titan characters.


Adult reiner braun

Reiner Braun is one of the Strongest Attack On Titan Characters, a holder of Armored Titan.

Among Annie, Bertolt, and Zeke, Reiner placed in the third position in hand-to-hand combat.

Furthermore, Reiner possesses more shear will powers that lets him revive again and again.

Thus gained strong physics that helps his counterpart to battle efficiently.

Prominently, Reiner is one of the most potent Titan Shifter. However, as a soldier, he is among the most prominent character.


jean kirstein attack on titan season 4

After Armin, possessing natural leadership, Jean Kirstein is a few characters who act what he thinks.

Currently, as Survey Corps’s commanding officer, Jean leads a squad by himself.

Jean has mastery over maneuvering gear so much that he can even maneuver in open terrain easily.

Even without maneuver, Jean can slay pure Titans efficiently.

Though Jean may not include in the most potent Attack on Titans characters list, it’s his greatest strength in weapon and planning usage.

Besides maneuvering, Jean shows off his skill in Thunder Spears.

Unlike Armin, Jean can see a bigger picture of the situation and choose based on that.


Female Titan strongest titan

A host of the Female Titan body and one of the strongest Attack on Titan characters, Annie Leonhart is an Eldian trainee of the Marley Warriors.

At her early age, Annie was exceptional. Annie’s expertise mainly lies in hand to hand combat.

Further, she was aware of several military combat techniques. Thus, she ranked as one of the best fighters of the 104th Training Corps.

Annie possesses tremendous knowledge of controlling vertical maneuvering gears that she could use its blades to kill Titans.

Because of immense stamina due to being a titan host, Annie can transform multiple times into the Female Titan. Even in her exhaustion state, Annie killed one of Levi’s Survey Corps soldiers quickly.

During her spar training with Eren, Annie said that her unique fighting style maint to avoid attacks from the strongest person.

Annie prefers kicks, throws, and holds in a dual fight, which was enough to break down Eren’s Attack Titan body.


zeke yeager aot season 4

The anti-hero of the Attack on Titan, Zeke Yeager, is a holder of Beast Titan and War chief of Marley’s Warrior Unit.

Zeke is also Strongest Titan In Attack On Titanas.

Zeke is not only the Strongest Attack On Titan Charactersbut the smarter one.

He possessed high intelligence when it comes to strategic planning.

Due to his royal family bloodline, Zeke uses spinal fluid to turn the Eldians into pure Titans.

But sadly enough, Zeke always helpless against Levi Ackerman



When it comes to humans’ fight, Kenny was the best.

Captain Kenny Ackerman served directly for the Reiss family.

Due to his superior fighting skills, he chose to lead Anti-Personnel Control Squad.

Kenny was a vicious killer known as an urban legend.

Attack on Titan Season 3 showed Kenny was able to hold his own against the Military Police’s hundred members.

Due to being Ackerman, Kenny showed outstanding battle prowess.

He was so fast that he appeared behind Historia Reiss’ mother instantly.

According to Levi, Kenny was the smartest soldier and strategic thinker. After all, he was his maternal uncle, who taught him some fighting techniques.

However, if Kenny devoted his life for humanity’s sake, he would have been ranked as the No.1 strongest Attack on Titan character.


erwin smith

Erwin Smith was a 13th commander of the Survey Corps who recruited Levi and his team in the field.

Being widely respected within a wall, Erwin Smith lived his whole life for humankind’s prosperity, even if it meant sacrificing his men.

When Bertolt and Reiner kidnapped Eren, Erwin leads a rescue team that caused him to lost an arm.

Still, he fought bravely.

While Levi was working as a thief band, Erwin chased Levi down throughout the underground city and caught him successfully.

That only moment sufficient to know that Erwin had upper hand abilities over Levi.

Levi is the strongest in terms of raw strength; however, Erwin possessed epic abilities that inspired everyone.

Erwin takes significant risks. But it’s for humanity’s victory.


mikasa ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman is a powerful character in Attack on Titan, who is known for her exceptional physical strength and combat abilities.

As a member of the Ackerman family, Mikasa possesses extraordinary strength and endurance, which makes her a formidable opponent in battle. She has a unique combat style that involves a combination of speed, agility, and precision strikes.

She is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and a master of the vertical maneuvering equipment, which enables her to move swiftly and gracefully through the air.

Mikasa’s combat skills are further enhanced by her sharp mind and quick reflexes, which allow her to analyze situations quickly and make split-second decisions. She can respond effectively to any threat and take down Titans with ease.

In addition to her combat abilities, Mikasa is also known for her unwavering loyalty and protective instincts, especially towards her adoptive brother, Eren Yeager. Her intense dedication and love for Eren drive her to fight relentlessly to protect him and their friends.

Overall, Mikasa’s exceptional physical strength, combat skills, and unwavering loyalty make her one of the most powerful and respected characters in the Attack on Titan series.


levi ackerman

Levi Ackerman, renowned as humanity’s strongest soldier, possesses the ability to effortlessly cut through any Titan. His unparalleled speed makes him a formidable opponent, leaving even the Beast Titan intimidated as Levi sees no distinction between him and other Titans.

In addition to his physical strength, Levi’s unique abilities include his incredible speed and agility, which he uses to outmaneuver Titans and execute lightning-fast attacks. His vertical maneuvering equipment skills are unmatched, allowing him to move quickly and gracefully through the air.

Levi’s prowess as a soldier and leader is not solely based on his physical abilities. He also possesses a keen intelligence and sharp analytical skills, which he uses to assess complex situations quickly and devise effective strategies.

Despite his formidable abilities, Levi is not invincible and has been injured in battles. Nevertheless, his immense strength and skills make him one of the most powerful and respected soldiers in the Attack on Titan universe.


Adult eren yeager

Eren Yeager is a complex character in the Attack on Titan, with his strength as a soldier evolving throughout the story. Initially, Eren struggles with controlling his emotions and transforming into a Titan, but he gradually learns to harness his powers.

In addition to his physical strength, Eren possesses exceptional tactical skills, which he puts to use while fighting Titans. He is a natural leader who inspires and motivates his comrades.

Despite his extraordinary abilities, Eren has his share of weaknesses. He can be impulsive and reckless, which often leads to mistakes and dangerous situations. However, as the series progresses, Eren becomes more adept at controlling his emotions and using his strengths effectively, making him a formidable soldier in the fight against Titans.

So this is the list of the strongest Attack on Titan characters.

Let us know what do you think about this article.


    • this article is complete nonsense. The grammar is terrible, and most of the placements make no sense. I thought this was ranking the characters by strength and ability, not leadership skills. If we’re going by power, Eren should be number one. the thing that baffles me the most if how low you guys placed Armin. You guys placed Bertolt in 17th place, while Armin is placed 22nd. They have the same titan and Armin is arguably smarter and has more resolve then Bertolt ever did.

  1. This list is complete garbage, Erwin cant beat a couple of normal titans. He’s a great leader/strategist and that’s his strength. Also how the hell u gonna put the titan shifters so low on the list. Petra has jack on armins colossal titan. The Ackermans are the only well-placed people on the list.

  2. ahahah is it mangas ranking ? Zeke and Eren 17 and 19th ? that joke, Eren is being made as the greatest ennemy of humanity he is 1 or 2 atm.

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  5. Lady, you need to do a better job when it comes to research. Mikasa’s bloodline is NOT Eldian. Mikasa’s Father was an Ackerman NOT Eldian. Mikasa’s mother was Asian. Mikasa CAN NOT become a Titan because she DOES NOT possess Eldian blood. She shares the same bloodline as Kenny and Levi Ackerman. The Ackermans were the Royal Guard to the royal family. When King Fritz could not wipe the memories of the Ackermans away, he ostracize them. The Ackermans were giving a potion that gave them the power of theTitans in human form. When they have an “AWAKENING” they have full control over their power. And they possess the battle ability of every Ackerman who’s fought before them.

  6. why the hell is Erwin ahead of Kenny and Mikasa. He would stand no chance against them because they are ackermans.

  7. 1:Levi, 2: Mikasa, 3: Erwin, 4:Eren, 5: Annie, those are my top 5 that’s the correct list (prove me wrong)!

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    Levi may be fast, but against Eren he is unlikely to win. Eren has war hammer hardening so he could make a shield or entire skin cast of titan hardening, and render Levi’s swords useless,
    We also saw that Eren can use his titan 3 times in a row, and perhaps more. Even if levi beat him once, could he beat him 3 times? No. Also Armin should be higher he has colossal titan, how does he lose to Jean/

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  11. i can agree on the top 3 eren Levi and Mikasa are well placed but the titan shifters are so low placed and erwin isn’t even a solder he’s one of my favs his a great charecter and a great leader but that doesn’t make the 4th most powerful character in the show he’s not a solder and hes not a titan this doesn’t make any sense

  12. Is 2022. The list is ok. I understand is not ranked by 1v1 battles, just of what any character accomplished in the series. I can say Armin should be in higher place. But you should mention more Titan Shifters. Pieck, Falco… They are not so strong as others, or luck experience, but sure did more than Hannes 🤣🙄🙃

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