Spider-Man PS4: All 28 Suits’ Power You Need To Know, Ranked!

PlayStation 4 spider-man suits

Insomniac Games‘ newly released Spider-Man for PS4 sets fantastic record of the fastest selling game.

The main attraction of the game is Spider-Man‘s newly designed suits. The gameplay has a total 28 variants of costumes. Most of the outfits we are already familiar with and few of them directly taken from the MCU.

In the Spider-Man PS4, you can unlock these 28 spider suits along with their unique skills.

Here is the list of All 28 Spider-Man PS4 Suits You Must Know.


Undies Peter Parker suit

Did you imagine Web Slinger swinging around the city without Spider suit?

Yes! That’s happening my friend in the current Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 game.

You can see above picture where Peter only wore Spidey mask. Although it’s not an even costume for appreciation, it’s the hardest suit ever to achieve in the game.

In this suit will find general power called as Equalizer that will knock out every enemy in one hit including you.

To unlock Undies suit, you need to complete all the main story missions.


Spider-Man Noir costume

After you reach Level 3, Noir Suit will be playable Spider costume in the PS4.

In the Marvel comics, Spider-Man Noir appeared in Spider-Man Noir #1 in 2009 in alternate Marvel’s Noir base universe.

Power: Specialty of the suit is Sound Of Silence. It’s a perfectly made for stealth mission that allows Peter to prevent enemies calling for backup.

Hence you can attack bad guys as loud as you want. No one will interfere with own battle.

It’s usually beneficial during a tough mission when you seem to be spotted.

You can use below three mod while handling the Noir suit:

  1. Long Range Scanner
  2. Bio Scanner
  3. Silent Step

You have to use these mods effectively while sneaking around the enemy place.


Spider-Man ESU suit

The ESU costume is nothing but civilian clothes on Undies suit.

Nothing special feature you will find in this suit here. Players can get a hold of ESU suit after completing photographing of 50 different secret landmarks.


Vintage Spider-Man costume ps4

The only outfit out of all 28 mentioned costumes, this one has taken directly from the old times Spider-Man cartoons and Amazing Spider-Man comics.

In the 3D game also it swings in 2D mode. This Vintage suit does not have any special combat special, but it has one sarcastic feature.

In this suit, Peter can insult enemies while fighting as he does in the comics or TV shows with the help of Quips ability.


spiderman ps4 damage suit

When you start playing a video game, you will get this red/blue classical suit as a default.

When you encounter with Fisk and his men, you will get knocked down. Thus, the handmade clothing costume will get damage.

After damage, you can repair it by wearing an improved suit.

However, you can switch this suit at any time you want.


Red blue classical Spiderman suit

Very first Peter Parker’s own handmade made costume, Classic suit made its appearance in the start of the game story.

As I told you earlier, this suit was damage by Kingpins men.

PowersBefore it’s destruction, you can use its functions likes Web Blossom that allows you to attack spinning webs in all directions.

As you seen in Homecoming, you can even launch them onto a wall to capture enemies.


Spider-Man Last Stand PS4 suit

Last Stand suit is not only appeared in the alternate universe but also worn by possible future Peter Parker who works as a vigilante.

In the world, Peter killed Kraven the Hunter and thus becomes the darker personality of Spider-Man.

Due to his newly adapted path, he suspended from the Avengers.

In the game, Last Stand suit has Unrelenting Fury power that allows Peter Parker to attack enemies without any interruptions from them. You can even beat down enemies having protected shield. So in this suit, you will not have to create an opening for attacks.


Homecoming Homemade clothing suit

As the Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 game is full of easter eggs and movie references, Homecoming suit is one of them.

Even though its a very straightforward handmade clothing suit, still it feels more refreshing than ever.

To unlock Homemade suit, you need to complete “Something Old, Something New” mission first and after spending all the Backpacks earning from the game, you will get a hand on this costume.


Spider-Man Punk ps4 suit

Most of the fans didn’t recognize Spider-Punk suit because it introduced as a punk-rocker variant of Spider-Man from an alternate dimension.

In this universe known as Anarchy Universe, Hobie Brown wears the identity of Spider-Punk. Hobie’s spider costume directly takes inspiration from musician and his clothing style also match up with them.

In the ps4 game, Musical Rocker can use Rock Out ability that wrecks enemies with waves of righteous sound.

You can unlock this suit at level 16.

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Spider Wrestler Suit

From the name itself, anyone can guess the actual story behind Wrestler Suit.

In Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movie, we already witness Wrestler Suit when Tobey Maguire defeated nuisance muscular wrestler within 3 minutes.

Purely handmade Wrestling suit can only offer Peter to attack physically as web shooters are absent in this suit.

In the game, you can throw enemies into others and would feel the joy of winning King of the Ring once again. This suit has slight modification than the actual one when Peter wears on the night Uncle Ben was shot off.

You can unlock this suit at level 19.


Scarlet spider suit ps4

Scarlet Spider-Man was nothing but several characters’ name donned by Peter Parker, Ben Reilly, Joe Wade, Kaine, Red Team, etc.

Very first Scarlet Spider was Ben Reilly who was an exact clone of Spider-Man. But in the game, it will be Peter Parker who will don Scarlet Spider.

Power: Holo Decoy- This ability summon temporary clones Spider-man using advanced Augmented Reality technology. They only act as a decoy for enemies like Naruto’s Shadow Clone Jutsu.

You can unlock this suit at level 4.


Spider-Man Mark 2 costume

First seen on the pages of Marvel comics in Amazing Spider-Man #656. When Peter Parker lost his spider-sense, he made Spider-Armor suit as a compensate for unable to dodging enemies gunfire attacks.

The functionality of the suit is that its a bulletproof suit. Hence you can temporarily go toe-to-toe against incoming bullets firing even snipers.

You can unlock this suit at level 5.


Spider-Man Secret War suit

Secret War Suit made the first entrance in five-issue comic series released in 2004-2005.

Power: The suit has special power named as Arms Race that allows Peter to make enemies useless for a short amount of time.

Thus, Peter can do lots of damage while stunning and disabling their weapons.

You can unlock this suit at level 7.


PlayStation Spider-Man Negative suit

Marvel’s Spider-Man features one of the significant Spider-Man villains, Mr. Negative featured in the game too. Directly inspired from him, we can see Peter Parker in Negative suit also.

This suit includes Negative Shockwave that unleashes a devastating wave of negative energy.

With this power, you need to power up negative energy and smash the ground with a massive punch.

You can unlock this suit at Level 11.


Electrically Insulated Spider-Man Suit ps4

After Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Venom, etc. Electro comes into Spider-Man’s villains’ list.

Electrically Insulated Suit first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #425 back in 1997 when Spider-Man and the X-Men fought Electro.

Although this unique costume had an advantage against Electro, it will not suit the condition when multiple enemies with different abilities try to attack you.

In the ps4 game, you will get Electric Punch power that will stun down your enemies one by one.

You can unlock this suit at level 13.


Spider-Man Stealth ps4 suit

In the Marvel comics of Big Time story arc, Peter developed Stealth Suit to go against the Hobgoblin’s sonic screams.

This suit has a Blur Projector that can hide you from non-alerted enemies’ vision.


Spider-Man Armor mark III costume

To fight Sinister Six, Peter Parker created Spider-Armor Mark III in Horizon Labs.

This suit first appeared on the pages of Marvel back in 2012 in Amazing Spider-Man issue 682.

In the Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 game, this suit includes Titanium Alloy Plates that allows Peter to reflect all bullets back into enemies except Sniper.


Spider-Man 2099 black color suit

Unlike Peter Parker, in the comics, Miguel O’Hara got a hold of this suit that takes place in the year 2099.

In the game, the specialty of the suit is you can decrease your gravity while in the air. Thus you can still attack enemies while in the midair.


ps4 Velocity Suit

Newly improvise Velocity Suit specifically designed for the PS4 game by Adi Granov.

The suit has one special power known as Blitz.

As the name suggests Velocity suit assist Peter Parker to run faster and while doing so he could even knock down his enemies while running.


Spirit Spider-Man costume

Spirit Spider resembles the appearance of Ghost Rider.

Spirit Spider introduced in an alternate universe where Ben Uncle is alive. Ben was the one who trains Peter to become a responsible hero.

In this powers, Peter can blast Spirit Fire that channels unstable waves of burning that will stun enemies.


Spider-Man 2099 white costume ps4

Another variant of Spider-Man 2099 suit made by Peter Parker. But the wearer was Miguel O’Hara.

This suit created when Miguel joined the Parker Industries.

2099 suit includes Concussion Strike power. Unlike the black version, this ability can send his enemies flying off with every strike.


Spider-Man Anti-Ock suit

Anti-ock suit mainly designed for the game from the Insomniac’s artists that will appear at the end of the story mission.

Peter Parker was the creator of this suit that specially made for defeating Dr. Otto Octavius.

When Peter combats one of his biggest foes, Dr. Octopus, you will automatically get an Anti-ock suit to defeat him very severely. This suit seems to be very light in weight as Peter was swinging around surroundings without having any trouble.

In the night battle, the blackish suit looks very polished having a yellow color spider on his chest as well on eye patches.

Although the Anti-ock did not explore the full functionality of the suit, still it looks very exceptional when it comes to night battle.


Spide-Man end story dark suit ps4

Unlike name suggest, Dark Suit doesn’t have any special powers. In other words, the Dark suit is another version of Anti-ock suit with red colored spider and eyes patch.

To get this suit, players need to complete every Black Cat Stakeout throughout the city.


Spider-Man Fear Itself costume

Fear Itself suit comes from the Marvel’s another crossover comic of the same name. During The Serpent’s War, Marvel superheroes went against Asgardian God of fear, Serpent.

During this war, many Earth’s heroes received new armor made by Tony Stark and Dwarves of Nidavellir. And Spider-Man is one of them.

In the ps4 game, Peter Parker can use Quad Damage that temporarily boosts him for attacking. It helps to cause massive damage to a bunch of enemies.


PS4 Spider-Man advanced suit

This year, fans witnessed one of the most cooling Spider-Man suits in the Marvel’s Spider-Man. Named as an Advanced suit, it overcomes all of Peter’s previous classical red-blue ones.

You can unlock this fantastic suit within a few hours after you complete a story mission “Something Old, Something New.”

The surprising thing is that Otto Octavius designed this suit and created by Peter Parker.

In the opening sequence of the game, when Peter’s classical suit got damaged, he improvised it in his lab along with Otto.

The function of the suits;

  1. Specially made for the battle point of view.
  2. In the game, it helps your Focus Meter to get filled quickly.
  3. It will also heal yourself to attack at a fast rate.


Stark Spider-Man ps4 suit

Peter Parker official joined Marvel Cinematic Universe with this Stark Suit. Tony Stark made this suit for Peter in Captain America: Civil War.

As fans love this suit in live action Spider-Man: Homecoming, but in the game, it seems that it won’t be enough against Sinister Six.

Unlike other Spider-Man suits, Stark suits involve many HIGH-TECH surprises and most of them we still don’t aware. Although costumes resemble Peter’s classic red-blue suit, it looks like Stark suit directly inspired from a comic book.

In the PS4 game also, Stark Suit has same drone bot known as Spider Bro that assists him in tracking as he wants during combat.

You can unlock this suit at Level 9.


Spider Armor mark four ps4 suit

In the total collection from Spider-Armor, Mark four was known to be the technologically most advanced suit till date.

Same as MCU’s Tony Stark’s Nanotechnology-based suit, it is made up of liquid nanotechnology that responds to user’s mental and vocal commands.

Spide-Armor features Defense Shield that absorbs all damages with the help of magnetic energy.

Don’t use it more because it would be for a short period of use.


Iron Spider costume ps4

Over the years, Marvel fans witnessed many surprises. The biggest one was an introduction of Spider-Man in the MCU and if that not enough, showing of Iron Spider to early in the MCU.

In the game, you will see the same suit from the movie. You will utilize spider legs more active while fighting enemies.

These giant spider limbs will come out from you back that always assists to deal will multiple bad guys at once.

That’s it, guys. These are all 28 Spider-Man PS4 suits that you need to know.

I am sure you are already know all the above Spider-Man PS4 suit. Still, it’s helpful to know which outfit is best suited for every possible combat situation.


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