Spider-Man Facts No One Knows

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Do you know all the Spider-Man facts?

Thanks to Stan Lee, Peter Parker aka Spider-Man has been our superhero since 1962.

Do you know Peter’s parent were agents of SHIELD?

Find out more in this Spider-Man’s facts article.

With that, here are 10 Facts about Spider-Man you should be aware.

1. “With great power comes great responsibility,” the most famous Spider-Man phrase first used by Peter in “Spider-Man Versus Wolverine #1” comic book back in 1987.

2. Although its a quote from Peter Uncle Ben, Peter learns it from his Uncle Ben’s death. First mentioned in Amazing Fantasy #15, it was concluding lines from Ben’s death that explains the moral of the story. However, Sam Raimi’s live-action Spider-Man changed the story and made it Uncle Ben’s advise to Peter.

3. Red Skull killed Spider-Man aka Peter Parker’s parent when he learned that they were double agents. CIA sent Richard and Mary Parker to invade the Algerian based spy ring controlled by Red Skull. Under his command, the Finisher crashed Parkers’ airplane and framed them for treason.

4. Peter Parker has a younger sister named Teresa Parker entirely unknown for him. Introduced early in the comic, Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business #1, Teresa later recruited into CIA by Nick Fury.

5. Due to lack of money, Peter Parker wants to join Fantastic Four, the superhero team as Spider-Man. But they rejected his entry explaining they work as a family and not being funded by the government.

6. Throughout his life, Spider-Man fought several villains. The list includes the Tinkerer, Doctor Octopus, the Scorpion, the Crime-Master, the Molten Man the Sandman, Doctor Doom, the Rhino, the Shocker, the Lizard, the Living Brain, Electro, the Big Man and his Enforcers, Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, Green Goblin, Venom, etc. Most of the group as Sinister Six under Doctor Octopus’s leadership.

7. In “…To Become an Avenger!“, after High School graduation, once Avengers offered Spider-Man to join the team. They also tested him whether he was suitable as a member of Avengers or not. But the friendly neighborhood hero declined the request.

8. You know Spider-Man is Stan Lee’s No.1 favorite superhero. When he saw a winged insect crawl up a wall at Marvel’s facilities, Stan Lee decided to make a character who can climb and stick to the wall. Before coming up with a name as Spider-Name, comics legend thought of several titles that include Insect-Man, Fly-Man, and Mosquito-Man, etc.

9. Peter Parker is not a playboy. But as a Spider-Man, Peter gained massive confidence from the powers that influence many of Marvel’s many women. His crushes include Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy, High School girlfriend Liz Allen, and Daily Bugle’s secretary Betty Brant. Besides all of these, Spider-Man most famous hook-up was Felicia Hardy aka the Black Cat.

10. One of Marvel’s exciting storyline, “Spider-Man: Reign” sets in the alternate timeline 30-years in the future. In this period, Peter Parker is now a retired superhero who works in a flower shop. Due to radioactivity in Peter’s seminal fluids, Mary Jane died of cancer due to exposure during intercourse over the years.

Bonus Spider-Man Facts:

  1. A real Spider-Man wouldn’t shoot webs from his wrist
  2. Web shooters exist in real life
  3. Spider-Man’s web shooters have three settings
  4. Sony argued over mechanical web shooters
  5. Spidey’s webs are voice activated
  6. Spider-Man’s previously used ice webbing and flame webbing
  7. Spider-Man once gained organic webs in the comics
  8. Spider-Man’s webbing can stop the hulk
  9. Spider-Man’s webs were designed to show his intellect
  10. James cameron gave first spider-man organic webs
  11. Spider-Man’s webs dissolve after an hour
  12. Spider-Man’s web killed Gwen Stacey


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