Spider-Man (2002) | Marvel Movie

Spider-Man (2002)

Spider-Man 1 movie

Genres: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | comic base

Release date: 3 May 2002

Rating: PG-13

Language: English


After beaten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker gain extraordinary spider-like abilities. After his beloved Uncle, Ben kill by a thief, he seeks to avenge his death by becoming our favourite superhero Spider-man to protect the city from evil beings.

Full Cast Members

Tobey Maguire
Willem Dafoe
Kirsten Dunst
James Franco
Cliff Robertson
Rosemary Harris
j. k. Simmons
joe Manganiello
Gerry Becker
Bill Nunn
Jack Betts
Stanley Anderson
Ron Perkins
Michael Papajohn
k. k. Dodds

Written By: Stan Lee, David Koepp, Steve Ditko

Director: Sam Raimi


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