Venom revealed Jenny Slate & Scott Haze’s role in the movie

Roland Treece as Scott Haze in the Venom

Last year Jenny Slate joined Tom Hardy’s Venom but the Sony didn’t reveal her likely role except she’s playing a scientist role in the film.

But very recent news hits the internet about her as well as Scott Haze’s possible character in the movie. Thanks to MCU Exchange who just expose both actors simultaneously.

In the upcoming Venom, Slate will play Dora Skirth’s role who works as a scientist for the Life Foundation.

According to the source, Scott is also a part of the Life Foundation. Haze will portray Roland Treece’s character.

If you don’t know, in the Marvel comics, he is a member of the Life Foundation’s Board of Director along with its leader Dr. Carlton Drake, played by Riz Ahmed.

If this is not enough, MCU Exchange also claims that we can expect to see another character from the Life Foundation also likes Dr. Collins and Dr. Emerson.

Five Alien Symbiote the Life Foundation
© 2018 Marvel comics. All rights reserved.

During Brazil Comic-Con Experience, movie’s director Ruben Fleisher confirm the film will be adapted from the ‘Venom: Lethal Protector‘.

Hence it is expected that like the comic book, live-action Life Foundation would also responsible for creating a new breed of Symbiote. If that’s the case, I am sure it will trigger Eddie Broke to change his supervillain path to anti-hero

However, there is no news about Venom’s arch-enemy’s Carnage. But fans are expecting that Sony will soon unveil that too.

The movie seems to be in well development condition and Sony doesn’t want to reveal anything about the film yet. But Fans desperately want to see inside events which are happening on the set of Venom.

Last month we get to see first look at Tom’s Eddie Brock character and now above two character’s details have been released online.

One user over a social media shared one video which gives a very first glimpse at Michelle Williams’s Anne Weying.

Take a look at below:

Anne Weying as She-Venom
© 2018 Marvel comics. All rights reserved.

In the comics, she was Eddie Broke’s (Tom Hardy) ex-wife as well as a successful lawyer. Anne was known as ‘She-Venom’ because of Alien Symbiote who temporary form bonding with her.

Venom is a fan-favorite comic supervillain who is an alien symbiote live on a human host body. In the movie, it will bond with Tom Hardy which will grant him incredible powers.

Venom is Spider-Man biggest enemy. After bonding with Peter Parker, alien Symbiote possess nearly same powers as that of Spider-Man.

Venom will be releasing on October 5, 2018

Source: MCU Exchange


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