Smartest Marvel Characters Ranked

doctor doom smartest marvel character

I have listed ALL the Smartest Marvel Characters Ranked

Do you know who are the Smartest Marvel Characters 

In the Marvel universe, what do you think why Tony, Richard, Hulk praised to be worlds greatest superheroes?

The answer is simple.

Because they are smartest marvel characters.

If strength combines with brilliant brain, then they could be most powerful Marvel characters when used precisely.

With that, here is a list of 33 Smartest Marvel Characters.


Moira MacTaggert X-men

X-Men fans recognized this character who not only shines her beauty but also known to be greatest geneticists.

Moira MacTaggert was the world’s highest authority on genetic mutation who specifically proficient in the study of superhumanly powerful mutants.

For her fabulous work, Moira even earns the Nobel Prize.

In her whole life, what made her journey worse was Xavier’s son Legion who suffered from an extreme version of multiple personality disorder.

After witnessing Moira unexceptional scientific expertise, even one of the greatest mind- Professor X admitted to her vast knowledge treating the most difficult mutations.

Moira’s depthless intelligence was beneficial for Xavier even after her death that inspired him to rebuild the mutant society of Genosha.


jennifer walters she hulk smartest female

Jennifer Walters is a cousin of Bruce Banner and not only that; she is the Smartest female marvel characters who also known by She-Hulk.

During an emergency, Bruce needed to perform the blood transfusion on her to save her. As Banner’s blood cells already mutate with Gamma radiation, the process enables Walters to wield the brutal power of Hulk.

In her She-Hulk form, unlike her cousin, Jennifer retains her intelligence in Hulk form as well as her personality.

Despite granting superhuman abilities, Jennifer is also a skilled expert attorney.

As time passes, She-Hulk recognized as one of the best defense lawyers in the Marvel Universe. During the events of Civil War, she was much more needed and helpful as heroes went to her for her advise though she is a supporter of Tony Stark.


kitty pryde

In “School of Gifted Youngsters,” there are also mutant who learned not only to have control over their powers but also learn to use their brain to no extent.

Kitty Pryde, also known by codename ‘Shadowcat’ possessed tremendous knowledge of computer science, in which she exhibited a genius-level quickness for programming work. Hence, she is without question called as one of the best hackers in the Marvel universe.

Kitty is also well identified for her ability to phase through organic objects and technology alike.

Considering mutant powers with supergenius ability, Shadowcat would be formidable X-Men mutant against the enemy who relies on advanced technology.

Besides this, Kitty also fluent in Japanese, Russian, the royal and standard languages of the Shi’ar Empire, Skrullos. She even has mastery in Gaelic and knows some profanities in Hebrew.


Adam Brashear as Blue Marvel
© Marvel. All rights reserved.

Adam Bernard Brashear aka Blue Marvel is a former member of the Marine Corps who known to be fastest Marvel Superhero.

When he attempted to harness anti-matter, the experiment went wrong, and the explosion gave Adam superhuman abilities, which he swore to used to fight crimes as Blue Marvel.

Even without superpowers, Adam is a genius expert in the field of theoretical physics. He holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics as well as education in Master of Science degree. Thus comes into the rank of smartest marvel characters

To protect the world from the outsiders like cosmic-level threats, he always tends to rely on his scientific knowledge instead of his superpowers.

As the Ultimates, he passionately worked to solve the Universe’s most significant problems. Adam also created specific but most advanced technology yet that helps him to produce portals.


Red Ghost

The fellow Red Ghost (Ivan Kragoff) roaming in a crowd of supervillains which involves his Super-Apes.

The exciting thing is that he had also done training of primates who are species of monkeys/apes. Besides this Ivan also has Ph.D. in radiology and in-depth knowledge of socialist and communist theory. His specialty lies in rocketry, engineering, communications, genetics, robotics, physics, hypnotism.

Even if he is a villain, who fought his first battle against Fantastic Four, and later with other Marvel heroes such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Ivan Kragoff’s abilities mostly lies his intellect.

Over his evil career, he had made several things like one force-field devices, that he used to communicate as well as control over simians mentally. Also, he created a cosmitronic gun, freeze ray pistols, rocket fuels, spacecraft which can withstand against cosmic ray storms.

Keeping aside the Red Ghost another superpowers, which includes Invisibility and ability to transform into red mist, the villain is considered to be one of the Marvel geniuses.


Magneto genius x men villain

The anti-hero of X-Men community, Max Eisenhardt first appeared in The X-Men #1 back in 1963 as a villain.

One of the strongest Mutant ever known, Max gained a codename as Magneto because of ability to have control over magnetic fields.

In addition to his mutant powers, Magneto occasionally shows off his genius skills in the various field. His excellence lies in genetic manipulation and particle physics.

Besides the education field, Magneto also engineered advanced weapons, space stations, dominant humanoid lifeforms, artificial earthquakes generators, block telepathy that can cancel the mutants super abilities.

Magneto has one exceptional gift that he acquired on his own. He can read or sense others’ faces using his reading ability of people’s microexpressions. According to him, it’s useful as “taking your enemy’s measure.”


nadia pym smarter marvel heroin

You can expect to have Nadia Pym’s name in the Marvel intelligence ranking which is none other than the daughter of Henry Pym, fifth smartest people on the planet.

In Russia, Nadia Pym raised by the Red Room, a black ops unit who also trained the Winter Soldier and Black Widow. Thus ultimately she ends us trained under Winter Soldier.

The Red Room believed that Nadia’s skills to be genetic because of her heritage. While accompanying Avengers, her intellect made a great asset to the team. Even she once saved Vision from going superthermal.


xiaoyi chen (iso)

Xiaoyi Chen got her pressure manipulation powers from Terrigen Mists. Hence military units wanted to use her as weapon power for the state.

The young girl also is known by ISO, a new inhuman genius who created by Charles Soule and Ryan Stegman and first arrived in Inhuman issue 4 back in 2014.

About intelligence, She has expertise in mechanics; thus her talent for science leads to be a help for mutant Hank McCoy aka Beast.

As stated by CBR, she was even acclaimed by both Inhuman Queen Medusa and the Beast because of Iso’s remarkable work on a cure for M-Pox, the fatal Terrigen Cloud-based virus attacking the broader area of the mutant population.


Norman Osborn

Norman Osborn is the original Green Goblin and infamous arch-nemesis of Spider-Man. The villain first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #14 back in 1964.

Osborn was head of Oscorp company who also possesses superior intelligence and smartness. It wasn’t Goblin Formula that gave him such an ability. He already was skilled in genetics, robotics, engineering, physics, applied chemistry, mathematics, etc. With the help of Formula, it enhanced Osborn’s further mental capacities.

Aside from education field, Norman occasionally shows off his hacking skills where his Goblin Protocol helps hide his presence from Spider-Man’s systems.

Wistfully when Green Goblin lost his superhuman powers, he had no other choice but to depend on his intellect and other natural abilities.


Arnim Zola genius character

Few child prodigies also fall into a smartest supervillains’ list, and the character is none other than Dr. Arnim Zola aka the Scientist Supreme.

When it comes to his scientific brain, MCU Dr. Arnim Zola has all the attributes as that of his comic counterparts. In the Captain America: The First Avengers, he was the responsible person who built the device that harnesses the Tesseract’s powers.

On the other hand, while in comics, Arnim Zola noted for his historical work in genetic engineers. Furthermore, he enhanced his knowledge of genetics with the help of Deviant science.

Since he has no superpowers like others in the list, his greatest asset is his scientific mind as well as expertise in genetics and cloning.

Additionally, his knowledge in neuroscience helps him to transfer his consciousnesses into a psychotronic device, which he uses to do mind controlling and mind transfer.

Hence, even if Arnim Zola does not hold any supernatural abilities, his sharp intelligence could lead to a significant threat to humanity.



Riri Williams (Ironheart) is one of the tech prodigies who attained genius intellect at the age of five years. Hence ultimately she was accepted into M.I.T. Riri first appeared on the pages of Invincible Iron Man Vol. 3 #7 by Brian Michael Bendis.

Riri was not older than 15 years old when she admitted into the college on scholarship. Thus using her intelligence, Riri design a suit herself from scratch of Tony’s Iron Man’s Mark 41 armor by reverse engineering method.

Being known as the Skilled Inventor and Engineer, Riri took her superheroine work as Ironheart.

Though she may not hold education expertise like Tony Stark, Riri is a skill mastered who could make Iron Man suit from old parts. She later made herself strongest Iron Man suit, which she used as Ironheart capable of defeating Rhino in a single punch.

As actor Robert Downey Jr. leaving after Avengers 4, hence it is best to have her in the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe.


M.O.D.O.K. smartest villain

Abraiviatin of M.O.D.O.K. is Mental/Mobile/Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing. George Tarleton is a supervillain who first appeared in Tales of Suspense #93. His 75% of the body covered by the head, hence it is safe to assume that he gifted with superhuman intelligence.

To create the Cosmic Cube, George subjected to a mutagenic process that altered George into the super-intelligent being.

Initially, the project was supposed to designed for Computers only hence named as MODOC, but he turned against his masters and ultimately pursue the title of M.O.D.O.K.

As M.O.D.O.K. George possessed computer-like memory that makes him Supercomputer, could solve most complex mathematical problems, and understand the functioning of the Cosmic Cube.

You may be thinking if the villain possesses that level of then why giving low ranks. Because his creativity that falls or matches that of an average level of a person. But still, when it comes to his intelligence mind, he is one of cruel smartest marvel villains.



Ever since fans saw Shuri as Wakanda’s brilliant scientist, they have been thinking is Shuri, the smartest person in marvel?

First appeared in Black Panther Vol 4 #2, Shuri is a sister of T’Challa, the Prince of Wakanda and one of 8 smartest marvel characters.

Debuted in 2018’s Black Panther, live-action Shuri portrayed by Letitia Wright. Unlike her comic counterpart, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she was quite intelligent, having a gifted rational mind with a broad study of advanced science and technology.

Despite her young age, she led Wakanda to the technologically developed nation. She was the one who found a way to remove Vision’s mind stone that even Eath’s most magnificent Bruce Banner failed to achieve.

Besides this, Shuri is an unexceptional prolific engineer, which helps to create weaponry, defenses, communications, transport, her energy blast gauntlets, T’Challa vibranium suit, Bucky Barnes’ new Vibranium arm.

Sure thing characters are opposite from the comic books as fans are quite disappointing for MCU’s T’Challa despite being its massive success.


Spider-Man genius character

No matter how many Spider-Mans have made, web-slinger is the only one who creates web-shooter for swinging around the city.

Peter Parker aka Spider-Man first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15; hero received massive popularity in less amount of time.

With an IQ level of 250, Reed Richard & Hank Pym, one of the eight smartest marvel characters acknowledged Peter as one of the most intelligent men on Earth.

If you don’t believe, Reed Richard’s IQ level was nearly the same when he at the same age Peter Parker. In the comic as well as in the animated series, Peter once hacked into Stark system that override Tony Stark’s control over the Iron Spider Armor, which enables Peter to use the suit to its full extent.

Peter has quite an expertise in mechanics, robotics, and engineering. In the Horizon Labs, he used his intellectual ability to create various strongest Spider-Man suits and gadgets.

On the other hand, in the MCU, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is also a gifted intelligent who has enthusiast towards science who construct his web-shooters, which impressed Tony Stark.


Smartest supervillain Thanos
© Marvel. All rights reserved.

Thanos, Marvel’s demi-god who just wiped out half of the population for his sake, is not fooled enough to do such brutal thing without a valid reason.

In the comics, his only motive to do such a thing to impress Mistress Death that leads him to become Avengers’ greatest villain ever.

Even as a child, Mad titan said to be genius among titan race. Titan race granted long life which allowed him to hone his intelligence to no extent, makes him smartest being in the Universe.

In the Avengers: Infinity War, Josh Brolin’s Thanos predicted his kind destruction because of overpopulation even before happening it.

He is an expert in all fields of advanced science that may exceed Earth’s science. Taking all into consideration, Man Titan holds an only dangerous weapon is his Mind.


charles xavier professor x

Having only a genius mind isn’t supposed to be heroic. It could be a dangerous weapon if not handled carefully.

Professor X was trained and teach several mutants to control their gifted abilities who could possess a threat to human beings.

Known by Charles Francis Xavier, Professor X was brilliant since childhood. In the history of X-Men, he was said to possess the most potent brain yet because of his greatest telepathic ability.

Though he does not possess that level of intellect as that of Professor X, still he has considerable knowledge of genetics, mutation, psionics, and other life sciences. However, even if Professor X hadn’t had stronger telepaths, he is still would be smartest X-Men mutant ever.


Lunella Louise as Moon Girl

Lunella Louise aka Moon Girl is a Modern female Super-Genius inhuman who possess remarkable intelligence, even as a child.

Moon Girl is a nine-year-old brilliant girl whose intellect said to threaten to a Kree by Mel-Varr when he analyzed her using Kree technology.

Even one of 8 smartest marvel characters, Amadeus Cho, said Lunella Louise “smartest person in the whole world.” after testing her intellect using Banner B.O.X, a device capable of checking someone’s intellectual aptitude.

In the comic, Moon Girl built a device allowing her to detect Kree technology. Hence it is expected that she would make a brief appearance in Captain Marvel.


doctor octopus

Who cares even if Doctor Octopus not falling into eight smartest marvels intelligent, he has his list and comes into one of the smartest marvel villains.

Named by Otto Octavius, Doctor specifically called as a Scientific genius.

When it comes to Spider-Man, he recognized as Peter’s all-time infamous rogue villain and recent Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 proves that.

Doc Ock has a brilliant mind in atomic physics as well as hold one Ph.D. in nuclear science. Sometimes, even brightest superheroes likes of Reed Richards needed help from him.

With the help of his four robotic arms and trying to find out always new to defeat his adversary, he creates new devices out of advanced technology. Thus proven to be the most excellent and unmatched genius in the world.


maximus smartest marvel villain

There aren’t many villains who also possess genius-level intellectual powers rather than just having superpowers. Enemy of Inhuman Royal Family and brother of Black Bolt, Maximus holds superhuman intelligence.

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Maximus initial arrived in Fantastic Four #47 comic book.

He naturally granted intelligence that was even amplified when he underwent Terregenesis as a child. So it’s been said that his powers and intellectual powers are gifts of Terregenesis.

In the education field, Maximus possess excellent knowledge of mechanics, physics, biology.

Maximus’s first powers include controlling the minds of others. But having a genius mind, he can make most complex gadgets and weapons.

One of them includes an absolute machine that was capable of harnessing Black Bolt’s voice into a hard armor. Other consists of the Null Bomb which was made using Bolt’s voice to stimulate and destroy the time/space continuum.


prodigy smartest young avengers

After Reed Richard who is known as the Smartest Prodigy ever, David Alleyne also received the same title.

Part of New Mutants, David aka Prodigy holds innate mutant powers to impersonate the skills of others around him. Thus, he possessed Super-Genius Intelligence, fighting skills, strategic mind, etc. Even he had the possession of it; it was hidden deep inside of his body until he manifested it eventually.

Why he’s been given codename as Prodigy its because he surprisingly completed all college-level courses in his high school times.

Even without his mutant powers, David built the Danger Cave, a holographic room to aid training.

In his heroic career, Prodigy absorbs abilities and skills from Beast, Professor Xavier, Iceman, Shadowcat. Thus he owns knowledge of science, biology, mastered several subjects, mathematical comprehension, computer prowess respectively from mentioned mutants.

For you, it may look like he took all the genius powers without doing nothing, but still, Prodigy is known to be one of the Smartest Marvel Characters ever.


Mister Sinister

One of infamous X-Men supervillains, Mister Sinister first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #221 who is genetically altered superhuman with enhanced physical & mental attributes.

The real name of Mister Sinister is Nathaniel Essex who always uses his mind-controlling ability on others.

He holds expertise in the scientific field along with biology, genetics, cloning, physics, and engineering. Even though Mister Sinister not listed as top 8 minds on Earth, his intelligence has been said to be equivalent to Reed Richards and Doctor Doom.

Hence, Nathaniel is being called smartest supervillains on Earth.

Because of his long span of life, the villain gathered vast knowledge over many known fields, thus becomes a formidable scientist as well as a skilled inventor.


the leader

Another smartest supervillain who first appeared as Hulk’s enemy through ‘Tales to Astonish #62.

The Leader (Samuel Sterns) also stuck with gamma radiation accident like Bruce Banner, but this event alters his ability in a different direction.

The accident affects his brain so that it grants him incredible memory. He can recall memories from every moment since the event that gave him his powers.

Samuel’s exceptional skilled lies in his great logical ability. He owns enhanced intuition, pattern solving, information storage and retrieval, and intelligent and philosophical structuring, etc. Consequently, his upper limit of intelligence is still unknown or could be nearly unlimited.

The Leader has the potential to acquire anything that exists or even out of the world subject.

Additionally, his tactical & prediction ability is so superior that his hunches or outcome of any event are almost always correct even before it happens.

Though the Leader possesses no muscular strength as that of Hulk, his smartest thinking mind is enough to counter anything most powerful being if uses flawlessly.



Do you know? In the main comic streamline, Hank Pym was the creator of Ultron unlike MCU version of him who created by Tony Stark.

Both Ultrons possess nearly the same attributes regarding powers & ability.

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, the robot shows off greatest expertise in roboticist and strategist, which helps him to design its body as well as explosive weapons with his vast artificial intelligence.

As a skilled inventor, Ultron can self-repair his armor, has analytical capabilities, superspeed calculation precisely. Also, possessing the entire world’s knowledge, he constructed a wide variety of high-tech tools such as Roboticks, insect-like drones that can swallow human flesh.



black panther mcu most powerful character

MCU T’Chall has so much scope for growth as compared to his comic counterpart. In the movies, a black hero created own Panther Habit suit and later Shuri upgraded it.

In the comics, T’Challa is the wealthiest superhero on the planet, he not only possesses Intelligent powers but also can draw out all the knowledge, ability, and every experience of every former Black Panther.

T’Challa’s outstanding engineering skills, as well as all levels of physics, rivals that of the top 8 smartest marvel characters including Reed Richards, Victor von Doom, Henry Pym, Hank McCoy, Bruce Banner, Anthony Stark, and Amadeus Cho, etc.

Before becoming Black Panther, Prince graduated from Oxford University and accomplished a Ph.D. in physics. In his superhero journey, he made a new scientific field called Shadow Physics that helps him to track Vibranium on a quantum level.


Amadeus Cho

Amadeus Cho was a follower of Bruce Banner’s Hulk who also first appeared in Amazing Fantasy Vol 2 #15.

Also known as Mastermind Excello, Amadeus gifted with an incredibly super-genius mind almost like a hypercomputer. In the comics, he can do most complex and simultaneous calculations very quickly in any situation. And according to it, it predicts the perfect countermeasure for the possible outcome.

In Incredible Hercules #135-137, Amadeus has proven to be best at recalling almost everything he learned so far meaning that he never forgets anything.

In the list of 8 smartest marvel characters on the planet, Amadeus Cho tends to fit in 8th position, and that is being described by his Mentor Bruce Banner.

Once he also praised to be smarter than some of the Greek Gods like of Athena and Hephaestus who are both super-geniuses.

However, every super ability takes a toll on the body. Same happens with Amadeus’s case too. Performing such vast mental calculations requires immense amounts of energy.

Being the next generation of Marvel’s superhero, Amadeus Cho would be the perfect candidate to replace Bruce Banner as he possesses nearly same aspect regarding intellectual powers as well as brute strength.


Hank McCoy

Henry McCoy famously identified as Beast known to be a very bright scientist in X-Men. In the movies, Hank (Henry) created a various comfortable device for youth mutants likes X-jet, X-Men costumes.

Beast also comes into top 8 brilliant minds on Earth. Like other fellow smartest members, he also holds total seven PhDs.

Despite being recognized as genius mind, McCoy’s greatest assets fall into a scientific field. He was the responsible character who made Cerebra, a time traveling machine.

What makes him an ingenious scientist is his Indomitable Will and dedication to science between human and mutants. In his life, Henry never gives up finding the cure for mutants’ Legacy Virus (X-Factor mutant genes), and indeed he once attained a treatment.

Apart from the technologically gifted mind, Hank also seems to be fluent in Multilingual.



Being called as one of eight smartest people on Earth, Bruce Banner notably referred as into fourth, fourth most intelligent person on the planet.

In the Incredible Hulk Vol 3 #5, Bruce proved that out of 8 genius minds, his mind works so fine. He processed thousands of data to decipher sophisticated computer system that was supposed to conquer the world.

In this event, even Tony Stark failed to inject a virus into the computer system that Banner accomplished did it without fail. Hence, Tony praise him as the most significant nuclear scientist yet on Earth.

In the MCU, Bruce’s intellectual scale matches with only Tony’s level of intellect and rivals by Erik Selvig, Hank Pym, Shrui and dead Helen Cho.

So in the cinematic universe too, Marvel Studio gave a quite an importance to this formidable character.


Tony Stark smartest person in mcu

It’s common to think that Tony Stark would be number 1 smartest hero in the list due to Robert Downey Jr.’s impressive performance in the MCU.

Even though Tony has not that level of intellectual powers as that of Reed Richards’s, he possesses surprisingly many skills. And this made him one of the greatest superheroes as Iron Man.

Aside from being called as Iron Man, Tony is a prodigy who passed out as a mechanical engineer from the MIT at the age of 17.

In his heroic career, Tony made many astonishing suits and fought with strongest villains ever.

Being praised as world best multitasker, Tony can move, fight, talk and process information in three different modes at the same time. The reason behind this is that he divides his consciousness with the help of Stark Datashades and operates them at his will.

Tony also demonstrates his remarkable mind in the field of advanced technologies. Once he hacked the technology from the Kree, most advanced race in the universe than human.

In the comics, he identified as a futurist person as he can predict the near future events very accurately. Like where superheroes will fight against each other (Civil War) years before it happens actually.

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that Tony Stark is not the best but smarter marvel superhero character ever.


High Herbert Edgar Wyndham as high evolutionary

Few Marvel characters are immortal, and High Evolutionary is among them.

Known by High Herbert Edgar Wyndham who born during 30’s era. He was so obsessed with evolution that he once tested genetic experiment with himself. Thus, it granted him extraordinary abilities by boosting his genetic growth.

This experiment evolves Wyndham’s mind beyond any average human being. And hence he becomes one of the smartest marvel characters.

After growing into transcended human being, High Evolutionary unfold even further by altering his genes to such a level that he almost captured deity powers.

He develops his brain to such extent that he eventually unlocked brain’s extrasensory uses and that includes telekinesis, telepathy, and a limited form of cosmic awareness.

If we compare his intellectual powers, it may rival Marvel’s cosmic beings such as Adam Warlock or Beyonder. According to Screen Rant that explored his abilities, he even achieved an absolute peak level of intellectual powers as well as extensive knowledge.

According to the Marvel database, High Evolutionary is remarkably expert in the fields of biology, chemistry, computer science, medicine, cybernetics physics, engineering, human psychology, spacecraft, and weaponry.


Hank Pym smartest marvel character

There are two versions of Hank Pym. One is from MCU and other is from Marvel’s comic book. Both are a genius scientists who invent Ant-Man suit.

The smartest comic book characters after Reed Richards is Hank Pym who possesses various skill in the field of subatomic physics, robotics, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, programming, emergency medicine, optics, and entomology.

He even praised by Eternity as the Earth’s “Scientist Supreme” as he proved to be Earth’s intelligent people including Reed.

If that’s not enough, Marvel’s well-known villain Ultron was also his creation.

On the other hand, in the MCU, Hank Pym mark his performance as brilliant scientific geniuses in history. He was indeed recognized the world’s leading nanotechnology expert. Due to his mindblowing job, he was once hired by Howard Stark & Peggy Carter as a consultant for S.H.I.E.L.D.

After successfully harnessing the Pym Particles that was responsible for beginning an Ant-Man journey, Hank opened up his new company named as Pym Technologies.

If I have to sum up all the things, Hank Pym even in MCU, acknowledged as the smartest person as well as superhero ever.


Smartest marvel character Reed Richard

Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic was a founder as well as the leader of Fantastic Four.

Reed is a prodigy who possesses incredible Super-Genius Intelligence on the whole planet.

In the educational field, he even holds the mastery in aerospace, electronics, mechanical and electrical engineering, chemistry, biology. If that’s not enough, Reed also had Ph.D. in all levels of physics.

In the comics as well as movies, Reed successfully discovered a method to travel in space and time and even travel into extra-dimensional.

Overall what makes him smartest characters in marvel is his understanding of every science native to Earth. However, Reed also shows off his intellectual abilities that surpassed even profoundly superior alien race in the Universe.

As Mr. Fantastic, Reed shows fantastic tactician skills during battles. In most of the situations, he fist prefers to go with possible negotiation rather than being on the fight.

So it is safe to say that Reed Richards, if not the top but one of the smartest superheroes in marvel.


Valeria Richards

From the name only it implies Valeria’s connection to Reed Richards.

She is no other than Reed and Susan Storm’s little kid who also possesses the immense intellectual ability. Thus Reed Richards’s number one position among eight smartest Marvel characters could be shattered because of her.

Valeria Richard aka Brainstorm is the younger sister of Franklin Richards who is one of strongest Marvel characters ever in history.

In Fantastic Four #573, as being said that she is even claimed to be smarter than her father. Reed himself stated she surpassed him in intelligence at the age of only three. At the age of two, she started playing chess effectively.

Though she inherited her father’s mind, she did not receive her mother’s invisible mode. Hence she had no choice but to create such a device that can do so.

Later Valeria built a very advanced AI-based toy, which Reed and her brother plan to sell to Disney.


Victor Doctor Doom smartest marvel villain

Who would be the most threatening villain on Earth? There are quite a few villains who serious threat to the world if they kick their evil mind.

Victor Von Doom aka Doctor Doom usually serves as main antagonist villain of Fantastic Fours. It said that it would take Tony Stark around ten years to rival Doom’s technology.

Victor Doom’s most dangerous weapon is no other than his intellect.

Despite being a supervillain, he not only falls into eight smartest Marvel characters on earth but also proven to be the most intelligent beings in the entire universe. He even a specialist in strategy making, leadership, politics as well as in manipulations.

In his evil journey, Victor had made many mind-blowing gadgets including running time-machine. His iconic device is his Doombots, similar replication of him regarding powers and abilities.

Like all the superheroes, Victor also did mastery in physics, robotics, cybernetics, genetics, weapons technology, biochemistry. So if villains combine their powers along with intelligence, then menacingly it would be impossible to defeat them.

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