Top 10 Saddest Superheroes Origin Stories which you need to know

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Every superhero has a past origin story whether you are a princess, billionaire or poor one. Everyone has to start somewhere. Most of the character starts their life as a superhero after someone they love gets killed. Some of the people voluntarily become a superhero to protect their city or nation. This backstory made them who they are right now.

So I am going to list down top 10 superheroes who have tragic origin stories which you need to know about


Princess of Themyscira, Wonder Woman who created by Clay statue and given life by Greek God growing up an Amazon. The Six members of the Greek Pantheon bless the clay born baby with a gift which includes Demeter, Great Strength, Athena, wisdom, courage, Artemis, Beauty, Speed and the power of flight.

Diana live a peaceful life until the intervention of Steve Trevor in her Island. Diana decided to leave to Island to enter Man’s world along with Trevor. After coming to the outside world she fought with Demios and Phobos and erase her memory of Themyscira. Instead, they placed false memory in her mind that she was born of her mother’s strong desire out of clay. But the truth is Hippolyta has an affair with Zeus and Diana’s real identity was hidden from her to protect the Queen and her daughter from Zeus’s wife Hera.

In the outside world, she chose the start a new life. She thought that Man’s world needs a piece of Justice. Hence he begins to protect these people with a new guise as Wonder Woman.


Frank Castle was a United States marine with an affinity for getting the job done. For spending some time with his family, Frank took his wife and two small children in Central Park in The New York. But next bad things waiting for them. Coincidently, the family happened upon the scene of mob killings and the gangster didn’t want no witnesses to see. That’s why the mobster murdered Castle’s family. Frank somehow survive but his family didn’t.

To avenge his family’s death, he wanted a justice. Now equipped with weapons and brought vigilante justice to a whole new level as the Punisher.


Steve Rogers as The Captain America
Image Credit: Deviant Art & Marvel

During World War II, Country need a plan to defeat the Nazis from the attacks. Steve Rogers tried to enlist in the Army but was reject due to his weakness. But General Chester Philips of the US army chose Steve Rogers to be the subject of a super performance enhancing experiment called Operation Rebirth.

After injecting Super Soldier Serum, Rogers became a muscled and agile fighting machine. But the Nazis spy not only killed the creator of the serum but also destroyed all the samples of serum itself. Now the only serum left in Steve’s body who becomes Captain America, the ideal symbol of American justice.


James Howlett as Wolverine
Image Credit: Deviant Art & Marvel

Although all X-Men mutants have interesting origin stories, Wolverine story is definitely the most fleshed out. When his adopted father John Howlett killed by his real birth father Thomas Logan in a drunken and armed with a shotgun and attempted to take his former lover James’ mother Elizabeth with him, James enters the room and witness the situation. Because of John’s anger, James brought up the bone claws extended from the back of his hand and the ability to heal from almost any injury. This healing power kept Howlett young throughout the decades and help him to survive his complicated life.

Then he eventually becomes the part of a secret government program which used an experiment on him to fused his bones with adamantium which makes his bone and claws indestructible. After cooling down, he joined up with the X-Men and become the official superhero of the Marvel Universe.


One of the iconic superhero having a secret public identity, Matt Murdock is a lawyer from his city Hell’s Kitchen. The backstory of Matt began with his father Jonathan Murdock who raised his son alone. He wanted his son to be successful. Matt’s father was a boxer who wanted Matt to get an education and makes something of himself like doctor or Lawyer. But an accident with some chemicals makes Matt blind but granted super power which heightens all his human senses.

After his father was killed by the mob for refusing to throw a fight, Matt Murdock decided to fight crime and clean up Hell’s Kitchen. During day time, he is blind lawyer Matt Murdock, but by night He is Daredevil, the man Without Fear.


The brilliant and one of the smarter people on the planet, Reed Richard decided to make a test flight into the space using rocket of his own with his fiancée Susan Storm, her brother Johnny and Ben Grimm. But after being bombarded with cosmic rays, they found out the radiation had mutated their bodies and had given remarkable new abilities.

Reed gains the ability to stretch his body like rubber band while his girlfriend was able to bend light around her and become invisible. Johnny could burst into Flames and fly and Ben gained the incredible strength but his body gets permanently converted into stone. The quartet banded together as the Fantastic Four.


The billionaire playboy Tony Stark who had all like money, fame, woman, and genius. Tony was a son of Amanda Armstrong and Jude who was work as SHIELD agents and Howard Stark was his adopted father. As he grew up, Howard sent Tony to boarding school at the age of seven. The following years Tony learned of the discipline of body and strength of characters as Howard intended. At the age of 13, the stories of Thomas Malory opened Tony the opportunities to a new world of dedication to a cause greater than oneself, honor and armored heroes. After school, he joined an undergraduate program at MIT at the age of 15.

After the deaths of his adopted father and mother, Tony inherited his father’s business. Within a few years, he turned it into a multi-national corporation.

While demonstration of his Stark Industries technology, Tony was held hostage by the prisoners and told him to make weapons for the communist to use against the United States. Although Stark doing their work and pretended to work for his captor, instead he created a suit of armor from the shrapnel and gave him the great powers. After escaping, Tony Stark started a new life as a superhero as Iron Man.


Who on the whole planet doesn’t know Superman’s origin story, but still he owes this position in this list. When Planet Krypton was on the destruction, Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van built a rocket in which their new-born child was placed and sent to earth. Upon landing, the elderly couple adopted him and raise him, naming him Clark Kent.

The Yellow sun light was the sole energy source for Superman which gifted him with incredible powers beyond imagination.

After becoming an adult, Clark took on the guise of a mid-manned as a reporter for The Daily Planet. But during crime fights, he sheds his disguise and saves the earth as the Superman.


One of the historical superhero who had the saddest back story. For me, Spider-Man could hold number 1 position in this list, but there is another superhero who has a rightful place in this list as No. 1.

Peter Benjamin Parker, Son of Richard and Mary Parker born in Queens. While attending a public exhibition experiments of the safe handling of nuclear laboratory waste materials, the 15-year-old Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider. After that Parker discovered his gifted powers and super strengths with spider abilities to climb the wall and spider-sense that let him know him when danger was near.

First, he uses his powers to earn money by fighting in wrestling tournaments. When a thief run past him, Parker didn’t want to get involved and regretted it when that same thief killed his beloved uncle Ben. From that moment on Peter Parker vowed to use his amazing and ultimate powers for good as becoming neighborhood Spider-Man.


Like Tony Stark billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne whose origin is one of the most tragic all time in the DC universe. Once as a young boy, Bruce Wayne witnesses his parent’s death brutally. To avenge his parent’s deaths, Bruce spent years training to achieve a peak level of strength and physics beyond normal human body condition in order to fight criminals like those who killed his parents as Batman.

Batman always armed with an arsenal weapons and his awesome gadgets & accessories which he uses in any situation he faced. Hence he is known by one man army who is ready anytime for any type of threats. Batman is the only fictional superhero who birth the concept of the antihero, a hero who does the right things but isn’t always a shining example that some of his colleagues are. Bruce Wayne as The Dark Knight is one of the iconic superheroes who suffered a lot in his past but his dedication to preventing crimes and the way of work he’s done makes him one of the best Superhero all time.

There are other superheroes also who also has very tragic past like Deadpool, Barry Allen, Hulk, Doctor Strange and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who could beat this list. But for now, the above list superheroes proves they have very different origin stories.

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