5 Reason Why The Flash Season 4 could be Better than the Last

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Hey, Guys!!! Upcoming The Flash Season 4 would be different than the rest of the seasons. What would be the reason for this sudden change??? Could it be Because of Barry is in the Speed Force or new things going to happen in this new season?

So, it could be because of DeVoe or some old cast going to reprise their role in the Flash season 4. In my last article, I have discussed the Flash’s new suit which is inspired from future Flash’s suit in 2024.

This factor would play the important role because this could connect the storyline from the Infinite Crisis where Flash disappear from the 2024’s timeline.

To increase your excitation, Hero’s Facts has collected the necessary information and list them down accordingly. This list includes 5 reasons why The Flash Season 4 could be better than the last one.


Flash season 4 episode 1 set photo
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The Flash Season 4 will take place 6 months after Barry’s trip into the Speed Force. The storyline will be based on a comic based ‘Flash: Rebirth‘ according to Grant Gustin.

This is all we know. But you definitely bother about Barry’s condition in the Speed Force. How he’s doing in the heaven for 6 months??? What exactly changes we get to see in him???

CW’s also confirm this news that when Barry will return, this would not be the old Barry that went into the Speed Force.

As per the news from Pagey, during interview when Grant was asked about Barry’s time in the Speed Force and he replies them,

“We’re not necessarily going to see Barry’s experience in the Speed Force. We’ll see kind of effects that the Speed Force has had on Barry, and He’s been in there six months real time. I suspect the Speed Force is kind of nonlinear with time, so Barry has experienced his entire life from Start to end infinity times over since he’s been in there.”

Further, he added,

“He’s going to have kind of an awaking when he comes out. He’s going to have some knowledge that he probably doesn’t even quite understand yet. He’ll also be a little scrambled; He won’t really be himself the first time we see him”

So from this conversation, one thing is sure Barry will definitely learn some secret about the Speed Force and how to get most out of them and.

Because in the comics, he is the creator of the Speed Force. Hence, it will change him completely and we’ll get new and different kind of Flash.


Tom Cavanagh as Harry Wells flash season 4 set photo
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Since the starting of the Flash TV series to the last season, we get to see a number of different version of Herrison Wells. All of them played by Tom Cavanagh and now he will be directed one of the episodes for the Season 4.

Also, the Wells actor said that we would be meeting more version of Herrison Wells in season 4. Like in the Season 3, Cisco with Earth-2’s Harry Wells try to search Best version of him throughout the Multiverse. And they have done with H.R. from Earth-19.

But after the death of H.R., the jewel of the team flash has gone and Harry also has to work in his home earth also. This seems that Cisco will again try to search for Herrison Wells who will feel the void of H.R. or ultimately original Herrison Wells.

From the set photos, it seems that he could be the same version of Harry from Earth-2, but he looks very young and pretty interesting. Might be he could be another Wells from a different world.

I would like Harry Wells to join the Team Flash because until now he plays the best version of Herrison that we get to see. Before him in season 1, there was the evil version of Dr. Wells who was nothing but the Reverse Flash.


Caitlin Snow holding captain cold's gun
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From the comic-con trailer of the Flash show, Caitlin Snow has gone back to normal. Last time at the funeral of H.R., she went with her Killer Frost avatar. Since then fans have assumed that she will return with her another persona somewhere in the season.

But from the trailer, Caitlin has made her appearance not as a Killer Frost, but as a Dr. Caitlin Snow. Without her Team Flash is meaningless.

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Did Caitlin take the formula from the Julian to back to normal? Or did she finally learns to control her frost powers. Now she is also the metahuman like Cisco, her powers are also useful if she gets control of it. For that, we’ll have to wait for the episode 1 of the Flash Season 4.


Flash and DeVoe
© Comic Book

I have no problem with Reverse Flash who was the arch-enemy of the Flash in the season 1. But again in the second season, next speedster, Zoom had come to threaten his city and again next speedster, Savitar show up to kill Iris West.

But now, this tradition seems to end. Because of you well aware about The Thinker, the Fastest Mind alive, the season’s big villain DeVoe will now stand against Team flash.

Like in the all of the season so far, from season 2, Paradox of Reverse Flash has appeared in every season and there are rumors about Eobard Thawne that in this new season 4 also, he will reprise his role as Reverse Flash. (I love to see him again).


Future flash 2024 timeline season 3 episode 19
© CW

In the 19th episode of the Flash season 3, Barry Allen travels into the future 2024’s timeline. There we get to see that version of Flash who already disappeared from the crisis. But Barry manages to travel before that event.

The most interesting thing about this Flash is that he wears the same suit like in the newspaper that shown by Gideon in the season 1. And from the trailer, there was a mysterious scarlet speedster who wears the 2024’s Flash’s golden layer suit running across the tunnel.

From this, we can conclude that in this Barry will get new Flash suit inspired from 2024’s Flash. But in 2024, did Future Flash actually wears some kind of ring? The show didn’t announced the news regarding The Flash Ring. Now this would be the best time to introduce the Flash Ring.

The reverse flash ring in flash season 1
© CW

In the comics, Barry Allen made this ring to store his Flash suit to use it anytime he wants. We clearly witness the same ring that wears by Eobard Thawne in the second last episode of season 1.

When paradox of Reverse Flash visits in the second season, Cisco asked him how he has made it. So finally it seems that Cisco has figured out the technology to make it.

Thanks for reading. What do you think about this new season 4 of the Flash? Do share your views and comments in the below section.

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