Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #2 Review

Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #2 Cover image

The previous issue of Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man No. 1 introduces us with the new supporting character of Teresa Parker who calling herself Parker’s sister. Besides this, there are more mysteries in the issue no. 2. So without wasting time, let’s get back to work…

Spider-Man and Ironheart
© Adam Kubert

When Spider-Man visit Chicago to investigate about Stark Industries hacks a phone, he suddenly encountered with the person in Iron Suit. The unknown person is no other than Ironheart (Riri Williams) who thinks Spidey comes to arrest her.

There Peter’s humor comes by taking autograph of Riri for his best friend’s son Normis Osborn. But this feels irritated for her and then she attacked Spider-man by taking him up in the sky and then there are little fights between them.

Spider-Man talking with A.I. of Tony Stark
© Adam Kubert

After things settle down, Spidey gets to talk with Tony Stark using A.I. of Ironheart’s suit. Right after Peter returns to his New York City where he meets his lost sister Teresa Parker and Johnny Strom.

After meeting her, Peter finds out that she is CIA agent and also knows the secret of his alter ego identity. In past after leaving CIA, Teresa had joined the Gray Blade which is an independent SHIELD offshoot. There, she learned that they are after to take down all superhuman. That’s why she is on the run after deleting all of their important data.

Wilson Fish aka Kingpin of Crime
© Adam Kubert

After that Peter leaves the scene and goes with that lady who rescues by Spider-Man from the muggers for a date. After joining by Johnny Storm they had a conversation. But suddenly Peter gets a call from Ironheart and she informs him to visit the Kingpin of Crime aka Wilson Fisk and that’s where the issue ends.

Overall it’s a good issue but it doesn’t have the ending impact like the first issue. But we will find out soon how this comic goes and according to Comic Book Cast, it would lead the comic into Secret Empire because this all happened right before the Secret Empire.

I have given this issue 6 ratings out of 10 for being fun at various moments while at Ironheart scene and during Rebecca’s dating with a little exciting story which leads it to the issue no. 3.

The issue #2 is Available at Amazon.

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