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doctor strange powers and abilities

Top 5 Superpowers Doctor Strange Possessed

When you can manipulate time, bring back from dead, do the astral project, possess the eye of agamotto, then you are the strongest being...
spider man homecoming

5 Marvel characters who died because of Spider-man

In DC universe if you are a friend with Barry Allen, then it's time to run away from him. Because the reason we all...
characters who could defeat thanos

5 Marvel Characters Who Can Defeat THANOS

Recently there was a completion of phase 3 of the MCU movies and yet more villains going to appear on the big screen. At...
all green arrow trick arrows

Different Trick Arrows Created By Green Arrow

The CW’s Arrow makes its appearance through TV series which instantly gets popular because of his stunning character. Because of time constrained, the show had...
winter soldier who kills marvel characters

Top 6 Marvel Characters were killed by The Winter Soldier

In the Captain America: Civil War, we saw the dark side of Bucky who killed Tony's parents. But besides this, in the Marvel comics,...
fullmetal alchemist alphonse and edward

Top 6 Strongest Characters in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

The Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood series is one of the best anime ever. This anime is based on a concept of alchemy which is a...
batman gadgets list

5 Best Gadgets & Accessories Batman Had Ever Ever used

DC comics get popularity mainly because of Batman aka Bruce Wayne. His style of solving crime, his amazing detective skills and his best martial...
wonder woman strongest dc character

5 DC comics female superheroes all time

Marvel and DC comics given us the most of the legend superheroes through the comics and we have still enjoy it even if we...
Thanos marvel supervillain

Marvel’s 5 Greatest Supervillains

Over the decade since Marvel comics had started, a number of Marvel villains have shown up time to time. Some of them disappear for...
green lantern corps rings

9 Green Lantern All Rings And What They Mean

The very interesting facts about different Lanterns rings are described below Green Lantern Ring: Willpower One of the well known lanterns rings. This is the largest...