One Punch Man Season 2 Replaces Madhouse by J.C. Staff & Shingo Natsume By Chikara Sakurai

Shingo Natsume and Saitama

One of the best animation studio in Japan, Madhouse who creates a successful animes like One Punch Man, Death Note, Monster and many more series that you can’t yet think. 2015’s One Punch Man was being led by one of the talented director, Shingo Natsume. But as per the report from Yonkou Production, he will no longer direct its 2nd season.

One Punch Man’s first season was just awesome. Not as an anime fan or Manga fan. Even if you are a newbie, you will be shocked by watching it. This show tells the story of how ordinary men turn into undefeatable Superhero and doing some heroic things for fun. He is a kind of superhero that we could only dream of.

Boros and Saitama's fighting
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The last epic battle scene of the first season was the biggest standout because of the subtle work of the animators at Madhouse especially those hired from Bones. Every fight scene was constructed with the unique quality and looks artistically in terms of animation style.

Season 2 of the One Punch Man is currently in production and according to the source, Madhouse is replaced by J.C. Staff and its director is replaced by Chikara Sakurai.

Many of the fans will be disappointed by reading this news, but there will be a possibility that its new season could be more serious than the beginning. Just because Madhouse is not going for it that doesn’t mean that it will get sucked.

In past, J.C. Staff is known for its best anime like Index and Railgun series, Bakuman, Shakugan no Shana, Toradora, Prison School and much more. So there is no doubt about it. And Chikara Sakurai had directed plenty of Naruto episodes. But the actual question is how they will manage to relate the first season with the fresh.

What makes the One Punch Man is so great that because of its type of direction. Within the Madhouse, Shingo has so many networks and animator freelancers to run on the display. The majority of the working people were not even from the Madhouse Studio. They were all linked up to Shingo. If J.C. Staff somehow manages to get all of these people back, then we might okay. Otherwise, 100% the quality of the animation could drop off.

Although the series only has 12 episodes, they have made it superb. I hope maybe Chikara has that type of major connection within the industry.

So by considering the vast pressure of first season’s massive popularity, I am sure J.C. Staff will do their task to fulfil our expectation toward the second season.




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