15 Best Non-Marvel OR DC Superheroes

Helen Parr The Incredibles 2

Nowadays, Non-Marvel or DC Superheroes influences people from all over the world.

The existing SUPERHERO universes besides DC and Marvel have a list of such brave heroes as well as heroines.

Want to know all of them?

With that, find 15 Best Non-Marvel OR DC Superheroes You Never know that exist.


Created by Image Comics, Spawn is another one of the fictional Non-Marvel Or DC Superheroes.

Before getting powers, his alter ego Albert Francis Simmons murdered during a mission.

When his soul sent to Hell due to being as Assassin, Simmons dealt with Malebolgia. In exchange, Simmons becomes Hellspawn to see his wife on the Earth.

Superpowers & Abilities of Spawn:

  1. As a Hellspawn, Simmons received magical powers.
  2. He can teleport, can shapeshifts his body as his wish.
  3. Mostly he relies on the symbiotic costume that grants him dominant abilities.


Hellboy is one of the awesome Non-Marvel Or DC Superheroes who portrayed by Ron Perlman.

Created by Mike Mignola, Hellboy started his comic journey at Dark Horse. And sooner Mike’s efforts paid as Hellboy becomes one of the most successful Non-Marvel OR DC Superheroes.

If you do not know, Hellboy did a crossover with the DC comics, in which paired with the Batman.

Hellboy was sent to the earth from hell as a harbinger of the apocalypse. He was bound to signals futuristic dangers.

Superpowers & Abilities of Hellboy:

  1. Due to his Half-Demon Physiology,  Hellboy possessed immense physical strength that allows him to lift excess of 5 tons.
  2. Hellboy can transform into a scary Demonic form and becomes immensely powerful.
  3. He is Immortal. But according to comics, Hellboy can’t die unless he believes he should.
  4. His body is immune to physical age, thermal resistance.


Mr. Incredible is Disney’s one of the most popular animated Non-Marvel Or DC Superheroes.

He is brave, heroic, and courageous, always ready to help people who are in danger.

Known by Bob Parr, Mr. Incredible possession incredible strength that makes him physically invulnerable.

His only weakness is the Incredible family that he loved so much.

Superpowers & Abilities of Mr. Incredible:

  1. Like every typical superhero, Bob holds several physical attributes like long Leap, Speed, and Enhanced Sense.
  2. Other several physical abilities include Hand-To-Hand combats, fantastic Swimmer, and Strategists.


X superhero dark house

X is the dark anti-hero vigilante and the toughest Non-Marvel Or DC Superhero with a desire to kill.

As a child, X went through some experiment that involved with mutated DNA. This event grants him enhanced strength and intelligence but with a cruel personality who desires to kill criminals and corrupt politicians.

X often appointed as a Hit-man to take down gangs, even the corrupted police officers.



Invincible is one of the few Non-Marvel Or DC Superheroes inspired by Marvel & DC comics.

Mark Grayson inherited the super ability from his father, Omni Mark, that made him Invincible.

Mark is not a complete human but rather a hybrid between female human and Viltrumite, a race of warriors. 

To control his superpowers, Mark’s father trained him to be a better superhero.

His dad came to Earth to protect the people. So Mark must follow the same.

Superpowers & Abilities of Mr. Incredible:

  1. Human/Viltrumite hybrid body allows him superhuman speed, strength, flight.
  2. Invincible possess incredible Will powers that we mostly see on famous Marvel & DC heroes.
  3. Invincible called one of the smartest Non-Marvel Or DC Superheroes due to remarkable intelligence skills.







Raphael is not just any turtle but strongest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ever known.

He is a hot-headed brother who prefers to attack first rather than talking first.

Raphael is not just only a powerful turtle among the brothers but also holds indomitable will.

Among all Ninja Turtles, Raphael is the immensely strongest one. He even holds his own against Shredder.

Not only this, but Raphael also seems to have better agility.

His mutated thick turtle shell is so hard that it possesses Bullet Proof protection.

Once the toxic ooze falls onto his body, thus It enables him double body size along with twice the physical strength.

Even though this is not as popular as Marvel and DC comics, but their origin will always entertain us.

Undoubtedly, not only Raphael but whole Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are one of the best Non-Marvel Or DC Superheroes.



Wife of Bob Parr, Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, is another famous Non-Marvel Or DC Superhero.

Known by a civilian name Helen Parr is a smart superhero even better than Mr. Incredible.

She even recognized as the Ultimate Supermom.

As name states, Helen posses flexibility superpower that allows her to stretch her body up to 30 meters.

Recent Incredibles 2 shows feminism through Helen Parr, who protects people from the danger with minimal damage.


Another famous Dark Horse Comics, The Umbrella Academy, is created by created and written by Gerard Way.

In the Netflix series, remaining a few minutes of The Umbrella Academy shows that Vanya is the strongest character.

Known by No. 7, Vanya initially shows no superpowers as she did not know that she has one.

However, according to The Conductor, Vanya is the most powerful of The Umbrella Academy.

In childhood, Hargreeves suppressed her powers because, at that time, Vanya was not controlling it better.

But with her violin, Vanya can release destructive waves that destroy part of the Moon.

In conclusion, she may not be a popular character as of yet, still, recognize as one of the best Non-Marvel OR DC Superheroes.

So these are the Hero’s Fact list Non-Marvel Or DC Superheroes who not only best but also the strongest one.

If you know more Non-Marvel OR DC Superheroes, comment in the box..


  1. Dude, from what I can tell you used Red X fan art for X and that is jut plain wrong. You need to check what you post because I can’t find a single piece of art of X with a white skull mask- BECAUSE HE DOESN’T WEAR ONE!


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