5 Non Marvel & DC comics Superheroes

Following list contains top 5 fictional superheroes other than Marvel and DC comics but popular superhero who have achieve success toward fans popularity

In 21st century, well known comics superheroes comics which are Marvel comics and DC comics leading the youth and inspired them making our childhood awesome.

But despite this, by seeing current competition, there are also other Non-Marvel and DC superheroes whose comics are non-complex and simple classical stories making them different from them.

Here are Top 5 non Marvel & non DC comic Superheroes


Hellboy Non Marvel Non DC superhero

In two-part Hellboy movies, awesome acting was done by Ron Perlman, who has play the Hellboy role and had won our minds. This Hellboy character originally created by Mike Mignola. He started the comics at Dark Horse and his efforts paid later by becoming one of the most successful character.

Once in a while, Hellboy comics has crossover with the DC comics, in which he seems to be with Batman. In that version of comics, he has been remained in a Dark Horse property. Although his various stories are adventurous but his origin most of the people unaware of it.

Hellboy was sent to the earth from the hell as a harbinger of the apocalypse whose work is to only give information to other in inform the future.

He is a Satan, but despite his evil instinct, he decided to protect his friends and families which he had makes during his earth visit from paranormal villains.

He visited the earth first during the World War II. In this event he called to hell by Nazi occultists with his on of Russian boogeyman-Rasputin. Many times he joined various teams and he has a history with them in comics.

He once joined A super-intelligent amphibian humanoid, in that a there was pyrokinetic young woman who has the ability to make fires through her mind.

Obviously, because of his movies, character get popularity among comics fan. In future, there will be a third part of the movie by director Guillermo Del Toro and Ron Perlman.


The Incredibles family

One of the most popular cartoons superheroes and still waiting for his sequel which will be release in the 2019. One of the finest having different ability from the marvel and dc comics‘ character.

This whole family is superheroes team whose work as a symbiotic team. Pixar has successfully catches our eyes toward him about superheroes character like Incredibles for decades.


Teenage mutant ninja turtle

Whenever we encountered with turtle, the first thing came to our mind about Teenage mutant ninja turtles. And everyone is aware of them in their childhood because of the popular television show and movies that have released in past 20 years. But originally they started by through comics.

In all the movies, their origins remains same despite of Marvel and DC comics which changes their character origins time to time. This turtles gets their powers from the accident of Toxic acid same like Marvel’s Daredevils, which turn them into conscious, well martial artist.

Most of the people don’t know their Master Splinter’s origin who is a Rat. He was a pet of an x-foot clan member. He witness his owner murdered and his wife who had been killed by other Clan members.

After that event, he travels to the Japan, to learn the martial arts. After that he became the one of the best martial artist who become teachers of the Turtles.

Once the toxic ooze gets fall onto his body which enable him to access the double powers and gain him double body size.

Even though this is not as popular as Marvel and DC comics, but their origin will always entertain us.

4. X

X superhero dark house

One of the abrasive and toughest well-known superheroes on this list is none other than The X. This hero comics created by Dark Horse comics who creates Hellboy. He is an unknown man who seeks to fight for crimes.

After beating criminal, he left the X sign on them to a reminder of the justice. He often appointed as a Hit-man to take down gangs even the corrupted police officers.

That’s why he considered the one of the finest heroes after Batman and Green Arrow in term of eliminating crime from the city.

There are few heroes like him who love to keeps his identity secret. The Joker is a great example. He is not like Batman who uses various gadgets, he is typically mad guys to seek to only help innocent people.



The last but not the least-the Invincible. He is a combination of both Spider-man and Superman. His name is Mark Grayson. After gaining powers he started his life as a high school student. His father-Omni Mark trained him to control his powers.

But having his father always want to conquer the earth which makes their Marks life complicated. When marks got that news, he immediately try to stop him.

Despite having strong superpowers having alien hybrid, he is teenager who acting like a childish. Although he has powers closed to the Superman’s, but its stories are very interesting to read. This comic created by Robert Kirkman published by his own company Skybound.

There are other also like Power Rangers, The Guardians, Ultra-man who left us amazing comics which could have been very popular if there was no Marvel-DC comics.

If you know more Non-Marvel and DC superheroes, comment in the box…

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  1. Dude, from what I can tell you used Red X fan art for X and that is jut plain wrong. You need to check what you post because I can’t find a single piece of art of X with a white skull mask- BECAUSE HE DOESN’T WEAR ONE!


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