9 Green Lantern All Rings And What They Mean

green lantern corps rings
The very interesting facts about different Lanterns rings are described below

9Green Lantern Ring: Willpower

One of the well known lanterns rings. This is the largest lantern corps around, as evidenced by the number of them milling around on our planet (you definitely don’t find as many, say, red or yellow lanterns on Earth). Like all lanterns, they use their rings to create giant constructs and weapons, but the real source of their power is their will. The stronger their will, the more effective their constructs will be.

8Blue Lantern Ring: Hope

If my memory serves me correctly, the Blue Corps is the smallest lantern corps. Their power is based on hope, and as an added extra, their presence increases the power of Green Lantern Rings, and wearing both rings at the same time (as Hal Jordan once did), will cause a huge surge in power, while simultaneously attaching both rings to the wearer’s body.

7Red Lantern Ring: Rage

Headed up by their founder Atrocitus, the Red Lanterns get their power from hatred.
Fun fact: They were once led by Guy Gardener, and almost became cozy with the Green Lanterns, but that all changed once Atrocitus regained power.

6Yellow Lantern Ring: Fear

This group was founded and led by ex-green lantern Sinestro. Also known as The Sinestro Corps, they gain their power from fear. However, a unique feature about their power is that, unlike other lanterns who harness their own emotions to create their power, the Sinestro Corps use the fear of others to augment their power. That’s why they’re all so scary. I mean, look at them. Ugggghhh, so many of them give me the heebie geebs.

5Indigo Lantern Ring: Compassion

This group isn’t organized the way the other corps are organized. In contrast to other lantern groups, the Indigo lanterns are a rather pacifist, structured community. They are more like a village than a military unit. Whereas other lantern groups are best classified as military units. And you would expect nothing more, because, having their powers based on compassion, they’d probably feel too sorry for any opponents they fight, and prematurely quit.

4Violet Lantern Ring: Love

An all-girl lantern corps, all of whom dress like strippers, and whose main power is love ? Enough said, I want to join.
But seriously though, they are an all-girl corps, and they all wear… scanty clothing, and their rings are powered from love. Fun fact: Hal Jordan’s ex-girlfriend, Carol Ferris, is a Star Sapphire and even though Star Sapphires are on friendly terms with the Green Lanterns, she was once portrayed as a villain after receiving her ring.

3Orange Lantern Ring: Greed

Or as I call them, Larfleeze and his army of constructs.
The orange lantern’s power comes from his greed, and as you can guess, he keeps the lantern all to himself to gain the maximum power from it. As such, the only real orange lantern, Larfleeze, creates living constructs of those whose souls have been “consumed” by the orange light to aid him in battles when he is outnumbered.
These are the main seven lantern corps, but there are two other lantern corps, whose powers are not based on emotions at all, they are:

2Black Lantern Ring

This group consists of various slain and deceased beings throughout the universe who fell into the domain of the dead.

1White Lantern Rings

The newest lanterns on the block. Their power is derived from life itself, and as such they are notoriously overpowered.


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