My Hero Academia Revealed War Between All Might vs All For One

All Might vs All For One fight Mu Hero Academia

My Hero Academia‘s Episodes 48 and 49 will show intense fight yet in between No. 1 superhero and supervillain i.e., All Might vs All For One for the first time.

In the first season as All Might revealed that the reason behind his severe injury. But due to tragic events happened in the season 2 cause All Might to stay in his superhero form only for nearly 1 hour.

Take a look at below preview trailer of episode 48 and 49 from My Hero Academia:

All For One makes his grand entry in episode 47 with the same name.

When pro heroes are about to take over hideouts of villains, their master, and father of Tomura, All For One decided to face squad especially his arch enemy All Might.

June 16 is gonna be the biggest episode yet as from the trailer it seems that fight is gonna be so wild between All Might and All For One.

The latest episode of My Hero Academia named as Symbol of Peace which means our No. 1 hero All Might challenged the biggest villain yet.

The upcoming episode will be named as One For All and its official synopsis as below:

Izuku and his friends succeed in rescuing Bakugou. Meanwhile, All Might engages with All For One, and the former is reaching his limit. How will this fierce battle turn out?

The synopsis directs us to upcoming and expected fight anime’s iconic Deku vs All For One. But the question is How Izuku Midoriya will face his biggest enemy yet with his severe healed wound.


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