10 Best My Hero Academia Villains, Ranked

boku no hero academia most powerful villain

Throughout three seasons, fans saw many many My Hero Academia villains.

And most of them were crazy powerful enough to destroy superhero society with a single stroke.

Among them, there are strongest My Hero Academia villains who also worthy enough to praise due to their personality.

With that, here are 10 Best My Hero Academia Villains You Must Know:


nomu boku no hero academia

Nomu was the first character from the list of My Hero Academia villains who broke All Might’s physical limits.

Nomu is the army of League of Villains who created by modification hold many Quirks and possess 100% equal powers as that of retired All Might.

To sustain various quirks from All For One, Doctor Ujiko modified human bodies altered.

Thus become powerful creatures known as Nomu.



Muscular was one of insane My Hero Academia villains who killed off by Deku.

He served as the prominent villain of League of Villains, who forced Izuku to surpassed his limit.

As a formidable villain, Muscular known to possessed several brutal abilities such as Immense Strength, durability, and speed.

Muscular holds Muscle Augmentation Quirk that allows him to expand his muscle to an extreme point where he can achieve the finest power and speed.

If it wasn’t for Deku who smashed him with his One For All Quirks, He could pose as harsh My Hero Academia villain.


himiko toga boku no hero academia villain

Himiko Toga is one of the mysterious My Hero Academia villains who first appeared in the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc.

 Among all the villains who threat young heroes, Himiko is the scariest one who likes to test her targets’ blood.

She is not only mentally unstable but also seems to possess a twisted perception of love that makes her one of cumbersome My Hero Academia villains.

From outside, Himiko looks pretty, but in reality, she is incredible. She has mastery over disguise, infiltration, and stealth skills that allows her to roam among heroes without notice.

She is a perfect impersonator.

Himiko’s Quirk Transform grants her to change the physical appearance of her target by ingesting their blood.

Not only this, but Himiko’s can also copy Quirks of the person she transforms.





Kai Chisaki, aka Overhaul, acted as main My Hero Academia villain in the Shie Hassaikai Arc.

Kai possessed strange, quirky power known as Overhaul.

It allows him to deconstruct anything he touches.

Isn’t it scary?

It’s his wish whether to restore his target after piercing into several pieces.

Due to his quirk, Overhaul considered as one of the strongest My Hero Academia Villains that grabbed All For One’s attention.

During his battle against heroes, he was able to overwhelm All Might’s sidekick as well as Deku, one of strongest My Hero Academia characters.


gigantomachia bnha


My Hero academia villain Dabi


akaguro chizome aka stain


Tomura Shigaraki villain

The leader of League of Villains, as well as main antagonist of the series, Tomura Shigaraki is a successor of All For One.

Despite being his childish behavior and weird look, Tomura established himself to be one of the most dangerous villains in Japan. He does possess a sharp intellect as we saw during “Unforeseen Simulation Joint Arc.”

Tomura has Decay Quirk. Even without his primary powers, he has enhanced reflexes. He was able to move quickly to stop Deku who run at a faster speed that even eyes couldn’t catch.

In respect of his quirk, it allows him to destroy anything he touches. Besides his quirk, the villain didn’t show off any extraordinary abilities that might full filled his position as a dangerous villain. However, All For One believed that Tomura still has the potential to grow much stronger.


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