‘My Hero Academia: Two Heroes’ Shares A Shiny Look at Young All Might

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Deku movie

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes‘ only one month away to release in Japan that features a storyline which is unseen in Kohei Horikoshi’s original manga.

Official website of My Hero Academia shares a fresh look at All Might’s younger form which has yet to see in the ongoing anime.

Check out Young All Might from the My Hero Academia: Two Heroes:

In this picture, Toshinori Yagi better known as All Might wears splendid hero suit which looks fantastic. Here you can see other characters’ look as they seem to be ready for some party.

Here is the official synopsis for My Hero Academia: Two Heroes:

U.A. academy’s finals are over, and Class 1-A is getting ready for summer training camp. Deku and All Might received an invitation from All-Might’s friend to a giant artificial moving city called I-Island. On there, villains attacked and held people as hostages. Only one man who owned the number one position as Pro Hero must save the people’s belief in ‘Hero Society.’

Directed by Kenji Nagasaki, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes supervise by original manga writer Kohei Horikoshi. The new cast includes Katsuhisa Namase as David Shield, Mirai Shida as Melissa Shield.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is set to release on August 03, 2018 and in the U.S. and Canada this fall.


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