First Look at Villains from My Hero Academia Season 3

My Hero Academia all young heroes from Class 1-A
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Recently over a social media Yonko Production unveiled My Hero Academia‘s next villains’ list in the new upcoming season 3. The villains‘ names are Muscular, Moonfish, and Mustard.

My Hero Academia Season 3 villains
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As the anime’s premiere date is a couple of weeks away and will soon going to air from April 2018. However, the season 3 will follows the ‘School Trip Arc‘ from the manga series of the same name.

If you are a manga reader then you will know that after U.A.’s first-semester ending with the coming summer vacation, young heroes from Class 1-A go went on a school trip to complete their further training program.

The above-mentioned villains will be playing the main antagonist for this season 3 and will create huge trouble for Izuku who just awakens his One for All.

Muscular, Mustard and Moonfish are novel members of League of Villains. Not only this, they are not only the enemies of the School Trip Arc. Their team has another member also calling themselves ‘Vanguards Action Squad.

Vanguards Action Squad is a group of ten powerful and strongest warriors who newly join the League of Villains. Together with their coordination, they have a special trump card which they launched an attack on the students of U.A. High School in the manga pages.

This is not enough, All for One is sought to kill All Might using his son Tomura which would replace him in the future.

Therefore, now you start realizing the season 3 of My Hero Academia is about to get wild with the potential action sequence and further development in Izuku’s One for All powers.

Besides this news, according to Younko Production, the voice actors for this anime character are as below:

Kousuke Takaguchi will be voicing Muscular, Shuuhei Matsuda will play Moonfish’s character and lastly, Mustard will be voiced by Kyotaka Furushima.

If you are not aware of this series, My Hero Academia shows the journey of a small kid named as Izuku Midoriya who want to become a hero like his favorite superhero All-Might.

In his world, every child born with special power is are called as Quirk. But only Izuku was the one without the quirk.

When All-Might finds the boy’s true potential and desired to become someone else, he chooses him as a successor to become next All-Might.

When Izuku’s inherits All-Might’s superpowers, his normal life completely changed and anime starts taking shape as the story proceed.

My Hero Academia Season 3 will air its premiere episode on April 7, 2018.

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