My Hero Academia Season 3 Official Trailer Breakdown

My Hero Academia season 3 anime poster
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After frequently releasing third season of My Hero Academia’s various key visuals, recently the anime unveiled its second official trailer.

You can check the trailer below:

Despite the last trailer which shows off younger heroes from Class 1-A fighting with unknown beings in a mysterious place.

But the new full-length trailer not only revealed all the hero students who are in some kind of magical jungle where they will have to start their actual training but also villains’ invasion plan to attack them while they are on School Trip.

Deku in Boku No Hero academia season 3
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The new trailer of My Hero Academia Season 3 starts with the narration of anime’s centered character-Midoriya Izuku telling how he gets his quirks from his greatest superhero. Hence it’s Deku’s responsibility to inherits and fully explore the true potential of All Mights powers with a smile before the biggest All for One makes his first appearance.

As the Deku’s narratives go on, the video also previews rock band’s UVERworld’s opening theme titled by ‘Odd Future’. After Deku complete his telling about his past experience, Eraser Head seems to be making an announcement about forest training camp once again after their end of semester exam.

Class 1-A students in School Trip Arc
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Another shot from the video highlights the group of Class 1-A students stuck around in an unknown jungle. So I think this is where the actual storyline of School Trip Arc begin where their fun period tends to change into actual combat training.

All for one son Tomura in Boku no Hero Academia season 3
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Meanwhile, all the pro heroes having fun with the students, on the other side, Tomura starts making his inevitable plan by recruiting members from Vanguards Action Squad. This is where we get a first official look at villains from the upcoming season of My Hero Academia.

Vanguards Action Squad
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As the Odd Future theme songs playing background along with Deku’s inspiring words while he against villains, it seems that all the villains choose a perfect spot to attack them like season 1 where all the students gathered around.

Deku using one for all power smash
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In the previous season, Deku learned how to tap 5% of one for all by allowing it throughout the whole body. And the footage shows off Deku’s fascinating power smash along with the amazing scene of his shirt torn apart.

This is something that fans have to witness young Midoriya’s shirtless power punch and it seems that he would go beyond the 5% which could cost his whole body to get injured.

The trailer further shows a new group of female characters calling themselves ‘Pussycats’ who actually responsible for to lead of the season.

The new anime character’s details are yet to be revealed but all the manga reader already knew the detailed storyline of the School Trip Arc and hence the anime would be incredible even more interesting than the before.

If you are not aware of this series, My Hero Academia shows the journey of a small kid named as Izuku Midoriya who want to become a hero like his favorite superhero All-Might.

In his world, every child born with special power is are called as Quirk. But only Izuku was the one without the quirk.

When All-Might finds the boy’s true potential and desired to become someone else, he chooses him as a successor to become next All-Might.

When Izuku’s inherits All-Might’s superpowers, his normal life completely changed and anime starts taking shape as the story proceed.

My Hero Academia Season 3 will air its premiere episode on April 7, 2018.

Source: Crunchyroll


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