‘My Hero Academia’ Season 3 Reveal Key Visual For Upcoming Arc

My Hero Academia Season 3 Deku

2018’s one of the trending anime My Hero Academia better known as Boku No Hero Academia currently running its third season, and so intense ‘School Trip Arc’ has ended already.

But anime surface next arc-‘Pro Hero Provisional License Exam‘ key visual online which includes some of the new characters.

You can check out new poster for My Hero Academia‘s new arc:

This new arc will start from July 14, and probably this would be 10-14 episodes set.

Here is the official synopsis for the My Hero Academia Season 3 for its new arc:

After the events of School Trip Arc, U. A. academy has changed into a boarding school, and Class 1-A begin their new life living in there. The first assignment Class 1-A needs to finish at their new residence is completing their practice which they failed to do during the trip. So that young heroes can be ready to take on the Provisional Hero License Exam, a dogmatic exam that allows students to obtain Provisional Hero Licenses, provisional licenses for students which will enable them to rightfully fight villains in combat and protect civilians in times of danger. Meantime, the world begins feeling the consequences of All Might’s resignation as No. 1 Pro Hero.

Directed by Kenji Nagasaki, My Hero Academia‘s new arc will be based on Kōhei Horikoshi’s original manga.

My Hero Academia will air at 5.30 on Crunchyroll and Hulu every Saturday.



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