My Hero Academia Season 3: Game Start | Quick Recap

My Hero Academia Season 3 anime cover

My Hero Academia made a grant entry once again same as its previous season.

Season 3 starts with Deku’s narration and his past two years’ journey of how he reached this point.

As the first semester of Class 1-A just ended with the beginning of summer vacation, Izuku Midoriya train individually before the School Camp.

First 5 minutes episode 1 shows off each young heroes from Class 1-A’s quirk powers description by Eraser Head who is planning to schedule their camp training in a few days.

Later on, as the anime goes on, Deku gets an invitation from Mineta, and Makinari to train at School’s swimming pool.

But that was Mineta’s idea to see all the girls in bikini dressed.
Izuku informed all of his friends to come for the endurance training.

All 20 young heroes gathered at School’s swimming pool and start playing. Lida suggests that competition would be a great idea since all are here for the training.

That’s where the real magic of My Hero Academia starts.

As the game proceeds, Todoroki, Lida and Izuku memories their all previous encounters with the villains and how they made it so far.

Todoroki still has a feeling of Izuku’s unknown connection to All-Might and that’s why he has more reason to surpass him.

Todoroki, Lida, and Izuku in Boku No Hero Academia Season 3 episode 1
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When three heroes preparing for their final swimming race, thanks to Eraser Head’s quirk powers, game stop suddenly because they only got to use swimming pool until 5.00 pm.

At the start of season 3, head of League of Villains, Tomura realized the real reason why he irritates Izuku and Hero Killer so much. The reason is connected to All Might.

The number one hero All Might saves all people with smiling thoughtlessly. Hence Tomura got a better idea to destroy him which will reveal as the anime continue.

After that, it is shown that Eraser Head changed the location of summer camp because it may have been leaked to villains. But pro hero doesn’t know villains have their upper hand already.

The episode ends right where Izuku Midoriya’s heroic journey started. Future events still unknown to us but according to All Might, this upcoming school summer camp would be Class 1-A’s toughest training ever.

The official synopsis for whole Season 3 of My Hero Academia:

“Summer is here, and the heroes of Class 1-A and 1-B are in for the toughest training camp of their lives! A group of seasoned pros pushes everyone’s Quirks to new heights as the students face one overwhelming challenge after another. Braving the elements in this secret location becomes the least of their worries when routine training turns into a critical struggle for survival.”

If you are not aware of this series, My Hero Academia shows the journey of a small kid named as Izuku Midoriya who want to become a hero like his favorite superhero All-Might.

In his world, every child born with special power is are called as Quirk. But only Izuku was the one without the quirk.

When All-Might finds the boy’s true potential and desired to become someone else, he chooses him as a successor to become next All-Might.

When Izuku’s inherits All-Might’s superpowers, his normal life completely changed and anime starts taking shape as the story proceed.

My Hero Academia Season 3 will airs in Japan at 5:30 pm


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