Most Powerful Marvel Characters Ranked!

Hulk one of Most Powerful Marvel Characters Ranked

Do you know all the most powerful Marvel characters Ranked?

Ability to do something extraordinary is something fans always wanted to imagine.

There are hundreds of most powerful Marvel characters out there ranking from weakest to strongest one.

Hence, in this article, we discussed the characters’ strength and power scales.

With that, here is a list of 65 Most Powerful Marvel Characters Ranked.


Luke Cage as Power Man most powerful marvel hero
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Marvel’s well known African American superhero, Power Man is also known by Luke Cage.

Thanks to Netflix‘s TV series, Luke Cage is now part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is a street-level superhero who fights criminals and bad guys.

After going through his voluntarily experiment in prison, Luke Cage’s strength increased to a superhuman level.

By doing intensive training and hard exercise, his super strength increases which capable of lifting approx. 25 tons.

After years of experience as a superhero, Luke’s strength now increased to 50 tons or more. Using his super ability, he can knock out Rhino with one punch only.

Power Man has got unbreakable bulletproof skin, and they are hard as steel. He can withstand a blast impact of approx. 150 pounds without getting any injury.

So if you are in danger, there is no need to call Superman or The Flash, he is worth a shot. You can check below chart of Power Man’s powers’ list.

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Invulnerability
  • Leadership
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Super Strength
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Accelerated healing factor


The Thing physically powerful character
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Benjamin J. Grimm aka the Thing was a former pilot. Earlier he went on a mission with his other three friends, Reed Richard, Johnny and Reed’s girlfriend Sue trip to hyperspace to another solar system for experimentation.

And after that, you know the whole story of how their blood gets mutated and how they become the world’s most magnificent Fantastic Four.

After returning to Earth, Grimm discoursed that he transformed into orange like stoned heavily-muscular character.

Later Richard convinced them to use their superpowers for good purpose of becoming The Fantastic Four.

Grimm aka better known as The Thing gets rock-like skin while his internal body organs get more robust and harder. A drug to increase strength can of course be bought at the online pharmacy, but it will have a different effect. His primary superhuman power is his great physical super strength. After years of experience as a superhero, and hard training, he classified as class 85.

Meaning that he is capable of lifting around 30,000 tons. Another fact about his strength is that he can hold bridges with main cables together which weigh around 10,000 tons for an extended period.

The thing can withstand the super Hulk’s punches which make the Thing a formidable opponent. Because Hulk a way stronger than him. He is not unlike other superheroes like getting more powers as more anger he gets, but as a Fantastic Four, he is a deserving character as a part of the Marvel Superhero.

Looking into this list, Power Man and the Thing are better street-level Marvel heroes, but regarding powers and strength level, they are still weakest marvel characters.

  • Rock-Like Skin
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Sensory Adaptation
  • Immortality


doctor strange


Red Hulk strongest marvel villain
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One of the infamous arch-nemesis of Incredible Hulk, General Ross decided to go on a dark path when he finds out his daughter fell in love with Bruce Banner who is no other than the giant green Hulk.

Feel up with hatred and grudge towards Bruce Banner, Ross made his sole objective to capture Hulk by any necessary means.

Hence with the help of A.I.M. and the Intelligencia, Ross created Red Hulk and became the actual one. Now he had the powers of Hulk along with military expertise which makes him a formidable enemy to Marvel superheroes.

Red Hulk possesses nearly same power scales like that of Bruce Banner’s green monster.

For Hulk, he gets more powerful as he becomes angry. In the case of Red Hulk, his angriness increase not only his body temperature but also residual radiation.

However, not to forget that, once he had increased his body temperature so high that he succeeded to turn his surrounding sand into glass.

Unlike Hulk, Ross’s Red Hulk has 100% control all over his mind. He is also capable of absorbing many types of energies such as comic powers or gamma radiation. The more he absorbs these energies, more powerful and stronger he becomes.

Even without absorbing any energy, Red Hulk is one of the strongest marvel villains.


Namor the Submariner
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DC’s version of Aquaman, Namor the Sub-Mariner is the king of the Atlantis.

He is one of the Marvel’s oldest superheroes and being referred as a first mutant character ever.

Like Aquaman, his body specially developed for underwater conditions. When he comes in contact with water, he gets intensely strong. Even he is in the land; he was able to knock out Luke Cage.

If I talked about his physical strength, he even has knocked out the Savage Hulk.

Namor can easily lift thousands of tons without any efforts. His courage is so high that in a various occasion he is referred to as one of the most powerful superheroes on the planet.

  • Agility
  • Animal Control
  • Berserker Strength
  • Electricity Control
  • Flight
  • Healing
  • Intellect
  • Invulnerability
  • Leadership
  • Longevity
  • Radar Sense
  • Stamina
  • Sub-Mariner
  • Super Sight
  • Super Speed
  • Super Strength
  • Telepathy
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Underwater Breathing


Physically strongest female marvel character She-Hulk
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Cousin of Bruce Banner (Hulk), Jennifer Walters is a female Hulk aka ‘She-Hulk’ gained her law degree from the University of California.

Unlike Bruce, she did not witness any kinds of gamma-rays accident because of her law career; she faced a gangster who shoots her. To save her, Mr. Banner gave his own (Gamma mutated) blood by transfusion which enables her nearly same powers as Hulk.

In the Marvel Comic book, She-Hulk currently listed as class 100 which almost equals to that of Thor as well as Hercules’s strength.

Like Bruce Banner, her powers depends on her emotions like the anger and rage.

After sufficient training from Captain America and Gamora, she is now a formidable hand-to-hand combatant.

In the comics, after hard training, she explicitly throws an arm-wrestling match against Hercules to spare his feeling. It makes her most powerful marvel character in the Marvel universe.

Now you have a two better option to choose between Matt Murdock and Jennifer. Both possess the super ability, and both are a lawyer. Now it’s your decision where to go.

  • Incredible Strength
  • Incredible Speed
  • Stamina
  • Durability
  • Healing Factor
  • Invulnerability
  • Longevity


black panther marvel comics


Hank Pym as Giant Man


Iron Man from Marvel comics


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The anti-hero of the Marvel universe, Magneto show off his upper strength in the last X-Men: Apocalypse film.

Real name is Max Eisenhardt; Magneto falls into alpha-level category mutant. In a different instant, he stated as one of the most powerful mutants ever seen as he owns a considerable amount of power level.

Physically, Erik (Max Eisenhardt) is not a superhuman, just a normal mutant but having mutant’s ability of manipulation of magnetic energy.

If we talk about his abilities and powers, he has so many such as Magnetic Force Field, Magnetic Flight, Gravity Manipulation, can manipulate Iron content in the blood, can create wormholes, Electromagnetic spectrum manipulation, Astral projection, etc.

The above factors could be a dangerous threat if he turns against humanity. However, in several comics issues, Magneto also served as a villain.

He has only one weapon, and it’s his Helmet that he always carries along with him. It is built specifically to prevent someone who has psychic abilities like Professor X.

In the Marvel comics, Magneto once turns his Helmet into a projectile. He sharpened the pieces into Nano-edges and threw them at his opponent. Proves that he never fight without a weapon.

But most of the time, Magneto depends on his natural mutants powers, and that’s the only things he is one of the most powerful Marvel characters ranked.


Gladiator Marvel character
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Kallark better known as Gladiator is one of the few members of the Strontian race and was born under Shi’ar empire rule.

All living beings from this race are born with the tremendous potential strength along with various superpowers.

Not to discuss out of the topic, Gladiator possesses such capabilities that he can shutter the whole planet with his only bare punch.

His super strength only depends on his confidence that’s makes him his weakness. However more confidence he gets, more powerful he becomes. So not a doubt, he is one of the most powerful Marvel characters Ranked.

If we compared his physical powers with another superhero, he could knock out the Thing in just one or two punches, beaten down the Colossus, blunting the blows of Hyperion by knocking him down by breaking his back.

Now you get a hint that he is not the one to take lightly in battle.

His large strength level makes him a formidable foe as his son Kubark remarked that he once saw him tearing the black holes apart.


Blue Marvel
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Adam Brashear (Blue Marvel) was a member of the US Marine Corps.

In his early life, he accepts to lead a project on a scientific attempt to harness Anti-Matter through the creation of Negative Reactor.

However, due to the explosion of the reactor, Brashear’s DNA gets mutated by mutagenic radiation which allows him to become stable Anti-matter Reactor.

Meaning this event gives him superhuman abilities.

Blue Marvel’s source power releases from the Anti-Matter which derives from inter-dimensional Universe known as Negative Zone.

His one gram of Anti-Matter contains the energy equal to bomb dropped on Hiroshima city.

His enormous superhuman strength allows him to lift more than 100 tons. If this is not enough, he also has seen as boosting American Warship Enterprise of 1960’s era which weighs approx. 93,000 tons.

According to The Watcher, Blue Marvel is capable of splitting the moons into two parts with his one punch blow.

With his single bare punch, he can sent Sentry into Earth’s orbit.

Throughout his career, he has defeated Powerful King Hyperion, Hulk, Thor and Iron Man, Ares, Wonder Man and Ms. Marvel in combat at the same time.

So without question, he is the most powerful Marvel character if compared him with others.


Hulk physically most powerful marvel characters
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Hulk is one of Marvel’s most iconic superhero character who created by Jack Kirby. During an interview in The Comics Journal 1990 when a question asked to Kirby about Hulk’s inspiration, he said,

The idea of Hulk’s came up in my mind when I saw a woman lift a car. Her baby caught under the running board of this car. She looked from the rear window of the car and raised the back end of the vehicle.

So inspired by real-life incidence, Jack Kirby created the such character who can do such an impossible thing.

Hulk possesses an unlimited amount of strength. Besides this, he has rapid tissue regeneration ability. When fighting against supervillains, he uses his endless stamina to stand till last.

In terms of physical limit, actually he has no such upper limit of powers according to the Beyonder. Amongst his incredible superpowers, Hulk has a couple of unique and strange ability too.

He can breathe under the water via his specialized glands and one of the unknown facts about his ability as he can see a ghost. Hence, this makes him one of the very few characters in the Marvel Universe who able to see Doctor Strange in his astral form.

In his usual human form, Bruce Banner considered as one of the greatest scientific minds on earth. Hence any intelligence test cannot measure it.

His powers singly depend on his madness anger. The more he gets, the stronger Hulk becomes. That’s why he gets unstable sometimes.

It is the only weakness of him, The anger!

In Incredible Hulk #4, Bruce gets angrier quickly and because of his increasing paranoia; it caused him to leave the Avengers team, believing he would never be trusted.

But never to forget, Bruce Banner is the official most potent marvel character.


Apocalypse X-Men villain
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As I said, this list also includes the villains’ characters. But Apocalypse is neither of them.

When he was born nearly 5000 years ago, his name was En Sabah Nur.

As he grew up, he increases his intelligence as well as his hidden strength.

Over the centuries, after the cycle of death and life, his continuous battle against various characters such as Dracula, Thor, Pheonix, Cyclops made his powers more evolving.

Not to forget that Apocalypse is immortal.

Second, he has an incredible superhuman strength which he can increase further by drawing upon outside energy sources.

He is strong enough to handle Hulk toe-to-toe physically.

His ability to draw outside power sources increase his strength and power level nearly incalculable.

If you had watched, X-Men: Apocalypse, then you will know how much he is dominant when he has his four killer horsemen.

Therefore, point to be noted Apocalypse is the strongest marvel villain ever known.


Hercules Marvel strongest superhero
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Inspired by another God from Roman Mythology, Hercules is a son of Zeus and king of Olympians gods.

Due to his Olympian lineage, he was born with the exceptional potential superhuman strength. When he took his rightful place as a God, he is referring as God of Strength.

As the Olympians God, he possesses limitless superhuman physical strength while the exact limit is unknown.

Hercules is capable of lifting giant sequoia tree and carrying the whole starship across his back. As compared to them, Godzilla is nothing for him.

As his skills enable him to hold his own against the likes of Thor, Hulk, and the Sentry.

In the comics, Hercules had pulled the entire ‘Island of Manhattans’ which weigh 99,000,000,000 tons. His strength overpowered the power level of Asgardians and helped up the incalculable weight of the heaven.

He is also capable of smashing rocks to dust, knocking yellow-crested Titans.

Once Hercules and Thor’s arm-wrestled with their raw strength that they could have sent the planet out of orbit.

Such a vast amount of godly powers keeps calling him most strong Marvel characters ever.


God of Thunder Thor
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Nothing to surprise. Thor is the God.

By strength level, he can do anything more than any mortal Earthlings superheroes.

Stan Lee created him because he was looking for something more powerful than the Hulk and bigger than a God. Then he thought about the Norse Gods might be a good idea.

So overall Stan Lee wanted to create such Marvel superhero who stronger than the Hulk. But Hulk is already such physically strongest Marvel character. Hence Stan Lee creates God of Thunder, the Almighty Thor.

Thor has a possession of Mjolnir, the Warhammer which is capable of opening a doorway through space and time.

Thor has a unique deity force which allows him to use all of his godly powers. Hence he can create the God-blast energies.

After his father, Odin, Thor is physically strongest marvel character and the Asgardians Gods.

In the various occasion, he proves himself by lifting Midgard Serpent who was large enough to coil around the earth. During his battle against Gorr, Thor has nearly shattered the entire worlds.

As we witness in The Avengers Assemble during the final battle against Thanos, Mad Titan used Time Stone against Thor for making him older. But Thor told him that as Asgardians grew older, they possess more powers and strength.

So in conclusion, Thor is all in one superhero having multiple super abilities. So you can now imagine how powerful he is actually.


dormammu powerful marvel character


mephisto comic character





First Appearance: X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1 (January 2006)

Creators: Written by Ed Brubaker

Origin: Vulcan marked his history as an unborn child of Christopher Summers and Katherine Summers.

The unborn child seemed to killed when the mad emperor stabbed Katherine and murdered her in revenge. When the fetus removed from Katherine’s lifeless body which placed in an incubation-accelerator, it results in the unborn child to aged to the prime of adolescence.

Vulcan sent to Earth to become a slave for the emperor’s hand on Earth (Erik the Red). However, when he escaped and found out Moira MacTaggert, she took him as her ward and discipline to control his manifested powers.

Powers and Abilities:

Vulcan is a mutant with the ability to psionically manipulate vast amounts of energy.

Alongside the energies of the electromagnetic spectrum, Vulcan demonstrated control over Cyclops’ optic blasts and magical power.

Vulcan can generate light, heat, force, electricity, etc.

Furthermore, Vulcan possesses a “hidden superpower” that allows him to fully generate and have control over seven elements (viz. fire, Earth, electricity, wind, water, darkness, and light).


Adam Warlock Soul Gem

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #66–67 & Thor #163–166 (April–July 1969)

Creators: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, later on, developed by significant contributions from Roy Thomas and Jim Starlin.

Origin: Band of four scientists calling themselves the Enclave once created an artificial and perfect human, Adam Warlock.

Earlier known by “Him,” Adam rebelled against the Enclave who planned to use him for evil deeds.

When it comes to powers, Adam Warlock is the best ever Marvel character.

He possesses a vast amount of superhuman strength, speed, durability; stamina, agility, and much more.

In terms of speed, Adam able to move at an exceptional rate. He can flight at a rate of 770 miles per hour. In space, Adam could attain speed faster than light.

Once during his fight with Galactus, Adam dodged Galactus’s attack and reappeared above him in no time.

Besides physical attributes, Adam Warlock holds the powers of cosmic energy likes Energy Manipulation, Telepathy, etc.

















doctor strange
#5 Doctor_Strange




Victor Doctor Doom smartest marvel villain












© Marvel. All rights reserved.

It was the time of 1957, meth addict Robert Reynolds broke into the lab of Professor Cornelius (who made Super Soldier Serum) and intentionally access Project: Sentry which was created to make Super Soldier Serum.

Robert took all of it and later after that he feels like something exploding inside his body like millions of sun at one time.

Professor tested his newly obtain powers and according to him, Robert was his greatest achievement of all time.

Among all of his abilities, he has superior control of his strength and speed. He is one of the most powerful Marvel characters in the entire universe.

He has demonstrated his powers several times for example when he takes down Terrax the Tamer’s cosmic axe as well as shattered it with his bared hand.

Note: Terrax is one of Galactus Herald and his weapon ‘Cosmic Axe can emit waves of destructive force enough to broke Galactus’s own ship. In the Marvel history, Sentry still has yet to show his upper limits of powers. But during his battle against Hulk, he easily rivals the incredible powers of Hulk.

He has a number of super abilities likes of Molecular Manipulation, Photokinesis, Psionic Abilities and most dangerously Immortality.

By taking all the above factors into consideration, Sentry might be the indestructible villain.



Thanos most powerful villain


Father of Thor Odin
© Marvel. All rights reserved.

All father Odin has a mysterious history and still unknown to everyone except him. He is a son of Bor and Frost Giantess Bestia.

Odin has other two brothers also named as Vili and Ve.

During their childhood adventure, they once fought with Surtur and by doing so, Vili and Ve sacrifice themselves to free Odin from Surtur’s realm.

After their deaths, later on, Odin attained Godly powers and it increased to no end because of his brothers’ powers also had with him.

As a God of Asgard, he owned nearly all the attributes of deities powers thus making him most powerful Marvel character.

As I said earlier about Thor, aging is more advantageous for Odin as he was so much stronger than the rest of the Asgardians.

We already saw him in live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe how much stronger he was. He was capable of handling the enormous amount of magical forces (Odin Force) which can be useful to form a large shield around the entire cities.

In his prime time, Odin was able to lift approximately 90 tons. However, over the periods of time, he could barely lift around 75 tons. (But still, a considered as ranking factor).

However using Odin Force, he could exceed his strength to an excess of 100 tons.

In his prime time, he has quickly knocked out Absorbing Man when he tries to absorb whole Asgard itself.

With the help of Odin Force, he could stop time itself. If this is not enough, once he has beaten Silver Surfer (Who is currently most powerful being in the universe) and Thanos simultaneous. This signifies that he was highly skilled in combat practices.

Prime Odin’s battle powers were so robust that his fight with Seth actually shivered entire galaxies and even cause to ignite some of the dying suns.

Therefore, by summing-up, as a father of God of Thunder, he was all in one in terms of every aspect of abilities and powers.


SIlver Surfer second fastest marvel character

Strongest Marvel Alien and Herald of Galactus, Silver Surfer is currently one of the powerful entity in the Marvel Universe. Thanks to Galactus, he had grant Silver Surface has so many abilities and power cosmic is one of them.

With the help of ‘Power Cosmic’, he can exceed the speed of light which makes him second fastest Marvel character.

He has so extensive superhuman durability that you can’t even imagine.

As blessed with Power Cosmic, he can multiply his strength to uncertain levels. Despite being the fact that he is so powerful, you are probably wondering why Silver-skin.

It was designed to withstand the heats of high-speed traveling. Thus, making it practically indestructible.

Silver Surfer is so strong that he can even resist the crushing pressure of Black Hole. What makes his abilities so special and unique that his never gets tiredness ability.

He has Godlike Stamina which helps him to regenerates tissues as well as limitless physical stamina. This allows him to fight with his foe for an extended period of time even if he gets exhausted.

By considering all above factors, Silver Surfer is no doubt one of the most powerful marvel character.


© Marvel. All rights reserved.

Marvel’s only survivor of Big Bang explosion and before that he was being called as Galan living on the planet Taa.

When it’s about a time when Earth-616 was in its final phase of renewal, his Cosmic Egg universe which was a primal sphere collapse and plunged into Big Bang explosion. Thus given a birth to new Cosmic Egg.

Passing limitless centuries, Galactus first went for a search for abandoned planets that could support life in near future. But later on, he began to devour populated worlds

Except fighting skill, Galactus has superior control over all of the known-unknown capabilities.

Mastered of Power Cosmic, Galactus has unlimited Godlike powers which makes him one of the most powerful marvel characters.

Although he has deities’ powers and stamina, its dependent on the total amount of energy he obtained while destroying the planet.

But over the course of time, his physical attributes had been changing.

He also has excellent superhuman speed which can indeed transcend the speed of light despite being his giant size.

As Earth’s greatest mind Reed Richard also admit that Galactus’s scientific knowledge and his most advanced technologies was beyond his imagination and also state he has a boundless scale of super strength.

Meaning his upper limit of power level is still unknown but you know his weakness. So whenever he would come to devour your planet, use it against him.

Later in the comic issue, with the help of Ultimates, Galactus had fused with his counterpart from Earth-1610 and transformed into Lifebringer who sole duty is to restore all the life of the planets that Galactus had destroyed.


Franklin Richards is recognized as Marvel’s strongest and most powerful being existed ever.

But why is that?

Franklin is the son of Marvel’s top 10 smartest superhero, Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic.

Even though Mister not born with superhuman strength, his ability to reality warping increases his to incalculable levels as he wants.

He has been stated to be an Omega Level Mutant due to his extremese power levels. When he manifested his powers, he was able to foresee events from alternate futures in his dreams.

After training under his grandfather Nathaniel, Franklin mastered his superpowers and calling himself Psi-Lord.

As an adult, Franklin possesses the enormous amount of telepathic powers, tremendous telekinetic powers as well as capability to shoot massive, powerful energy bursts. He could also order the molecular structure of matter and energy.

Franklin achieved his power so much that at one point his abilities roughly rivals to that of the Celestials.

With the help of his future selves, Franklin even destroyed two Celestials. He also can create pocket universes alone with his imagination and thoughts. He thus described as a Universal Shaper by the Celestials.

Upon his sleeves, Franklin has a much amount of psionic powers, Bio-Blasts, Molecular Manipulation, Energy Constructs, Superhuman Durability, etc.



Master Order Marvel's Cosmic entiry
© Marvel. All rights reserved.

While Galactus in the process of evolving after the Big Bang event, Master Order was reborn who was a cosmic being that represents order, discipline, law, and structure.

Being the cosmic entity, he can manipulate it as he wants. Along with his brother Master Chaos, they created even more entities with cosmic powers.

When Thanos on a hunt for infinity gems and successfully acquires Heart of the Infinite, Master Order along with other cosmic beings who opposed him failed to defeat him.

Master Order hardly steps into conflict hence its powers and abilities were are hardly known.

But according to Thanos while possessing the Infinity Gauntlet, he refers him as a well above the likes of Galactus, still, his upper limits of powers are unknown. But its most likely that he has unimaginable Cosmic powers.



Eternity Marvel's God time
© Marvel. All rights reserved.

Literally, the God of Everything and physical incarnation of Time, Eternity controls every living thing in the Earth-616 except Living Tribunal who is officially the third most powerful Marvel character.

Eternity has every possible omnipotent and unlimited ability to manipulate space (who is actually its sister Infinity), time, matter, energy, and reality.

So talking about its power level and strength level is pointless as he is everything or he is nothing.

So let’s move to the next character whose sole duty is to balance cosmic powers in the Universe. But who is this guy?


Captain Universe marvel's god
© Marvel. All rights reserved.

Captain Universe is not a single person or superhero. It’s a Uni-Power and manifestation of Universe itself.

So I don’t need to tell you about this one. Anyone can easily guess how powerful someone can become if individual transforms into Captain Universe.

In every Universe, Captain Universe’s main job is to protect Eternity who is the combination of all living existence in the whole universe.

In other words, Captain Universe is an Egnima Force which finds someone in great danger and bonds with them.

In the various occasion, Captain Universe had been granted to Spider-man, Doctor Strange to defeat the threats of the worlds.

In terms of powers, host’s abilities levels get increased multiple times.

In spite of having superhuman strength, the host will get the ability of flight, Uni-Vision, telekinesis, senses like awareness of imminent danger.

But what the purpose of having these marvelous powers?

The answer is to maintain the universal balance and protect the whole universe when it comes to the danger. For that, we have our experience best Avengers.

If you want to go deeper on Captain Universe’s powers and abilities, you can refer below table:

  • Adaptive
  • Agility
  • Animal Control
  • Astral Projection
  • Berserker Strength
  • Blast Power
  • Claws
  • Cosmic Awareness
  • Danger Sense
  • Density Control
  • Dimensional Manipulation
  • Divine Powers
  • Duplication
  • Earth Manipulation
  • Electricity Control
  • Energy Absorption
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Energy Shield
  • Energy-Enhanced Strike
  • Enhance Mutation
  • Fire Control
  • Flight
  • Force Field
  • Gravity control
  • Healing
  • Heat Generation
  • Heat Vision
  • Holographic Projection
  • Hypnosis
  • Ice Breath
  • Ice Control
  • Immortal
  • Intellect
  • Invisibility
  • Invulnerability
  • Levitation
  • Light Projection
  • Longevity
  • Magic
  • Necromancy
  • Phasing / Ghost
  • Possession
  • Precognition
  • Probability Manipulation
  • Psionic
  • Psychic
  • Radar Sense
  • Reality Manpulation
  • Shape Shifter
  • Siphon Abilities
  • Siphon Lifeforce
  • Size Manipulation
  • Stamina
  • Stealth
  • Sub-Mariner
  • Super Hearing
  • Super Sight
  • Super Speed
  • Super Strength
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Teleport
  • Time Manipulation
  • Time Travel
  • Tracking
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Vibration Wave
  • Voice-induced Manipulation
  • Wall Clinger
  • Water Control
  • Weapon Master
  • Weather Control
  • Webslinger
  • Willpower-Based Constructs
  • Wind Bursts


Marvel's strongest entity Beyonder
© Marvel. All rights reserved.

Beyonder is Marvel’s One of the most powerful entities in the multiverse whose power level may rival as that of the Living Tribunal and Eternity.

According to Marvel, he only exists in a dimension other than the Earth’s one. Oftenly kidnapped superheroes and supervillains and forcefully had them to do battle with each other on the planet name as Battleworld.

When he first appeared in the Secret War #1, he was known to be Marvel’s most powerful supervillain but later in the Secret Wars #2, he incarnated into a human form and just proved his villainous intentions.

Even in the human form, he threatens to wipe out entire marvel universe but failed to do it later in the issue #2.

If I talked about his power level, Beyonder is a sum of total living things in the multiverse. Also known by Beyond-realm. Meaning he has the infinite dimensional entity.

In simple words, if we sum up the entire multiverses’ powers, it would take millions of times greater to reach Beyonder’s level. In conclusion, one universe is just a drop of water in the ocean of him.

He has so much amount of tremendous energy that he can destroy and even re-create the entities like Death who is Thanos’s love.

In terms of cosmic entities, he is the strongest and most powerful marvel character one. Beyonder usually called Galactus as ‘like a bug’.


Marvel’s yet to be born and one of the oldest cosmic entities, Phoenix Force is the main element of the force of life. It is an immortal, indestructible, and mutable manifestation entity which also child of the universe. Thus Phoenix Force fears to be the most dangerous character in the entire Marvel universe.

Phoenix Force possesses unlimited powers to destroy and create any part of the universe. When bonded with Jean Grey, its limitless cosmic powers appear to be at their strongest and most powerful one.

Besides this, Phoenix Force holds Quantum Singularity, Life-Force Control, Concussive Force Blasts, Energy Absorption, Matter Transmutation, Cosmic Teleportation, Resurrection Force, Immortality and countless more.


Living Tribunal Marvel second god
© Marvel. All rights reserved.

Second most powerful Marvel character, Living Tribunal is a cosmic entity in a humanoid form.

His sole duty is to protect the universe and maintain the perfect balance of mystical forces within the universes.

In the whole multiverse, there is only one Living Tribunal meaning his power level is far greater than the sums of all the universes.

One of the strongest entities likes of Eternity, Infinity, Death, etc is just a part of his being. He has every type of known unknown powers as they are all part of him.

In another way, Living Tribunal is a force which dwarfs the infinity gauntlet.

Having omnipotent and limitless incalculable powers, Living Tribunal can survey the entire universe at once.

Despite having all of this amazing power scale, there is still one being who surpass him and no one actually can stand against him.

Let’s take a look at Hero’s Facts #1 most powerful Marvel character.


One Above All Marvel
© Marvel. All rights reserved.

He is the only entity exist who has been in the top position since marvel multiverse created.

One Above All is the only being who is responsible for all the living existence and guarded by the Living Tribunal.

His upper limit of power scale is still a mystery as no one has that level of understanding to imagine his potentials. He is far beyond anything.

He is literally a God for Marvel comics. He is ahead of everything. He is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, etc.

One Above All is all above everyone and above the cosmic overseer.

Some of Marvel fans think that Stan Lee is himself is One Above All as he is the creator of all the superhero and villains society.

Hence for entire Marvel multiverse, One Above All is the only being who is the most powerful Marvel character.

Ultimately from Marvel Comics, these are the only strongest and most powerful marvel characters Ranked. If you think other characters can beat them all, tell us in the comment section.


  1. where’s ghost rider he was able to beat world breaker hulk, the only reason he didn’t was because hulks reason for forcing the avengers to fight each other was justified. Magus too his power rivals Thanos he could shape shift, teleport, and can split stars other than those two I think the list is fine

    • Hello ShaDaGeneral,

      Thanks for reaching out & suggesting for adding Ghost Rider into strongest Marvel characters list.

      If you want to have a few names more, please do tell us.

    • he did not beat world breaker hulk he fought world war hulk and lost then the spirit of vengance blasted hulk and ran away even sentry never fought world breaker hulk he came after rick jones died and miek told hulk how sakarr got bombed

  2. Wrong blue marvel in the comics pushed sentry to the edge of power then gave him one punch and he was knocked to outer space, UNCONSCIOUS. He beat up Namor and Namor even said Blue marvel hits just as hard as hulk and thor and by the way hulk get stronger when hes angry and he is made out of immortal radiation stop playing with Hulk and Blue marvels name.

  3. This list is horrible. The Thing is NOT street level wtf? He’s planetary, he beat a bloodlusted amped Immortal Hulk. Why’s Red Hulk so low? Power man should be nowhere near this list. The Thing is superior to red Hulk, She Hulk, and Namor. Spiderman and Deadpoolare way too high. this needs to be re-done.


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