50 Most Powerful Female Marvel Characters Ever Known

best and Most Powerful Female Marvel Characters

Do you know all the Powerful Female Marvel Characters who could overpower most of the Superhero?

Next phases of Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to fill with more female superheroes. Hence fans want to know best female marvel characters out of them.

Marvel company had created many superheroes and supervillains. Although more than 50% of the universe saturated with male characters, Marvel also has their Powerful Female Marvel Characters ever created.

Some of them are powerful female mutants, speedster female superheroes, etc. who have the potential to go against powerful Male characters.

The following list has arranged according to their powers and abilities as well as Marvel fans’ best favorite choice. So without further ado, let take a brief look at below list of female superheroes and villains ranked from weakest to strongest.

Here is the list of 50 Most Powerful Female Marvel Characters.


Mantis female MCU superhero

Mantis is one of the cute MCU personas who courageously went against universe’s biggest villains i.e., Celestial Ego and Thanos.

MCU Mantis raised by Ego. She holds several powers which include Empathy and Empathy Manipulation. In simple words, she can read others’ minds.

Using these abilities, Mantis could be a better female superhero if she triumphantly forces her enemies to sleep. However, even possessing such unique skills, Mantis is a weakest MCU character shown yet. Therefore, no offense, she placed at the bottom of the list.


sharon carter

Portrayed by Emily VanCamp, MCU version of Sharon Carter is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and ultimately niece of founder Peggy Carter. During World War II, Peggy Carter fought side by side with Steve Rogers aka Captain America. Thus inspired by his aunt, Sharon decided to become the next proficeint agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

In the live action movies, Sharon may not be on par with Black Widow but holds considerable abilities. She is an expert Spy as well as Martial Artist as shown in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Sometimes she may not be as reliable as that of other most powerful female characters, but possesses excellent combat strength which helps handle multiple human opponent at once.


Black widow female strongest superhero

In the realm of Gods, aliens, and sorcerers, as a human being, Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow earned a spot place in the MCU.

As you know, she is the greatest spy as well as an assassin in the world. Besides that, Black Widow is known to be one of the most significant agents of SHIELD.

Every time Scarlett Johnson makes a debut in Marvel films, she amazed fans every time with her fighting skills. Undoubtedly, she is the proficient fighter in the entire MCU world.

Comics Book said that Natasha had mastered karate, judo, aikido, savate, boxing, wrestling and multiple styles of Kung fu. Therefore, she can defeat numerous enemies at once.

However, Black Widow may not be the strongest female superhero in respect of brutal strength, but her fighting expertise alone could exceed the likes of Captain America and Black Panther.


Mystique female x men character

Mystique is one of the critical members of the X-Men franchise. Also known by Raven Darkholme, Mystique manifested her powers at the age of 12 years when she struggled to fight for her survival.

Mystique has a unique ability to change her appearance at will. She psionically alters her biological cells to the extent that her figure displays an exact duplicate of any human.

Raven may not be a physically stronger female character, but when it comes to camouflage her opponents, she is the best. As a combatant, her skills rival those of Black Widow and Captain America. Furthermore, Mystique has healing powers that repair her injury in no time.

Therefore, if we are to sum-up all the above things, Ravel could be a severe threat if she becomes mad.













Gamora strongest marvel female superhero

Gamora is known for her super strength as well as for agility. She proved herself as a Deadliest and fiercest woman in the Galaxy. After all, she trained to be an assassin.

In the Guardians of the Galaxy, she attacked Peter Quill and took him down in no time. Similarly, in Avengers: Infinity War, thanks to her incredibly assassins skills, she took down Thanos and stabbed him in the neck with Godslayer. But later it was revealed that the villain used the Reality stone to fake his death.

In the comic book storyline, Thanos brought her from planet Zen-Whoberi. The citizen from this planet naturally possesses superhuman strength. Additionally, she trained under Thanos that makes her unbeatable assassin.

To sum up all these things, Gamora not recognized as a perfect Guardian but also one of the notably strongest female characters.



Nebula is from Luphomoids humanoid race who adopted by Thanos. Like Gamora, Nebula also becomes his victim and trained as ruthless warriors.

Her race naturally possesses superhuman strength, which is superior to Gamora. She also has a bionic body that allows her to heal quickly. She is a master assassin as well as expert combatant which is enough to take down multiple enemies at once.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Karen Gillan plays Nebula, and she truly made herself as one of the best characters ever. In Avengers: Infinity War, there were only a few superheroes who made Thanos bleed, and Nebula was one of them.

Despite being the fact that Nebula is badass female Marvel character, if Kevin Feige’s future planned to make female superhero team, she would be an excellent choice.
















she hulk strongest marvel female character

Bruce Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters is Marvel’s second green monster known as She-Hulk. Thus recognize as one of the Powerful Female Marvel Characters

The reason behind her blood being with gamma radiation has one short story. During an emergency, Bruce needed to perform the blood transfusion on her to save her. As Banner’s blood cells already mutate with Gamma radiation, the process enables Jennifer to wield Hulk’s brutal strength.

In her She-Hulk form, unlike her cousin, Jennifer retains her intelligence in Hulk form as well as her personality.

Besides that, she is the Smartest female marvel characters ever known. She is a skilled expert attorney and best defense lawyers in the Marvel Universe.



kitty pryde marvel female mutant

Kitty Pryde aka ‘Shadowcat‘ possesses the mutant ability to phase through solid objects. She can vary her powers to multiple extents such as make her body parts intangible and others intangible at will. Additionally, she holds Camouflage ability, which allows her to blend into the colors of her immediate surroundings.

It may look like Kitty is no match against powerful superheroines listed below. But she does have potential to outwit them.

In “School of Gifted Youngsters,” few mutants learned not only to have control over their raw powers but also learned to use their brain significantly. Thanks to her tremendous knowledge of computer science, she is Marvel’s one of a smartest female character.

Considering mutant powers with supergenius ability, Shadowcat would be formidable female mutant against those who rely on advanced technology.


Okoye female mcu superhero

Black Panther’s female bodyguard and head of Dora Milage, Okoye is one of the survivors of “the Decimation.”

In respect of her abilities, Okoye is a skilled martial artist having mastery in the spear. She is capable of handlining multiple foes at once. In Avengers: Infinity War, she played a vital role during the battle against the Outriders.

Certainly, MCU Okoye is one of the most magnificent female powerful characters after Black Widow.

As a future MCU is still under development where X-Men could share a part with Marvel Studio, the list of future female superheroines must include characters like Okoye.













Ororo Munroe aka Storm is one of the prominent X-Men members who also known as the descendant of an ancient line of African priestesses. After her parents’ tragic death, little Ororo adopted by Achmed El Gibár who taught her mastery of thievery.

Due to her mutants powers which were already recognized by Charles Xavier, Ororo worshipped as a tribal goddess before becoming part of X-Men.

Up in her sleeves, Storm possesses numerous abilities. Her iconic power is the manipulation of the weather. She holds the psionic ability to controls all sorts of climates. Thus all of Storm’s skills are mostly related to Weathers. Furthermore, she can even control environment & extraterrestrial ecosystems. On various occasion, she also demonstrated excellent control over atmospheric pressure, meteorological tempests, etc.

During her crossover with New Mutants, Storm technically lifted Thor’s hammer. Due to her powers’ similarity with Thor, Loki has created a new hammer called Storm Caster. He gave it to her that leads her to become the goddess of thunder. But later on, she chose Mjolnir and destroyed the Storm Caster.

There are remarkably few female superheroes from Marvel who not only own strongest powers but also noted as a worthy character. And Storm is one of them.




After Storm, Jane Foster was a second candidate as a worthy enough to lift Thor’s Mjolnir. On the comics, she once gained superhuman abilities and picked up Mjolnir.

In Original Sin #8, during a battle against Nick Fury, Thor lost his ability to call Mjolnir. As hammer telepathically trying to seek Jane Foster to weild it, she picked up Mjolnir that granted her Thor’s powers as well as transforming her physiques.

In this form, Jane possesses the same divines powers similar to Odinson. As female Thor, Jane was capable of lifting more than 100K tons of weights. Contrary, even though Jane was immune to all Earthly diseases, she doesn’t appear to be heal from her breast cancer. However, as long as Jane weild Thor’s powers, cancer seem to be suppressed.


Monica Rambeau as Spectrum

Granted a wide array of powers, Monica Rambeau also known by Captain Marvel during her Avengers time. However later she adopted a different superhero name as Spectrum.

Monica accidentally strikes by extra-dimensional energy which gave her the ability to transform herself into any form of energy found on the electromagnetic spectrum. To have control over her powers, Spider-Man request her to join the Avengers. Additionally, according to Blue Marvel, Monica possessed living energy and a form of cosmic awareness. It allows her to anticipate cataclysmic events of universal scope.

When it comes to fastest Marvel speedster, Spectrum is one of them. Monica in energy form can travel very fastly ranging from speed of sound to speed of light.


Scarlet Witch Avengers Infinity War

Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch is MCU’s hottest but strongest female superhero ever.

Her comic counterpart holds many powers which include psionics powers, telepathy abilities, telekinesis, reality Alteration. She can project cosmic energy blast. Furthermore, she can even control objects as well.

Avengers: Infinity War used Wanda’s character to its full extent. Scarlet Witch was the crucial Avenger to defeat the Outriders army. When Thanos was about to take mind stone from Vision, she unleashed her immense psionics powers and successfully destroyed the mind stone.

Hence it’s safe to assume that even though Captain Marvel ranked higher as strongest female Avengers, Scarlet Witch is absolutely a dominant player.



Captain Marvel in Avengers Assemble

Captain Marvel, better known as Carol Danvers granted with superhuman powers that can outclass the likes of Thor, Hulk, etc. With her ability, she can absorb and manipulate various energies to increase her physical strength.

Carol made her first debut in “Marvel Super-Heroes #13” as NASA’s Cape Canaveral security chief.

Throughout her superheroic journey, Carol joined various teams such as the Avengers, Starjammers, etc. At one point, She possessed mightiest powers as Binary, cosmically powered mutate being.

According to Kevin Feige, MCU Captain Marvel could move planets herself as she is the strongest Avenger yet to appear. On the other hand, her comic counterpart was also so incredibly powerful that she could fly at three times faster than the speed of sound.






So these are the strongest female characters that Marvel had ever created. Would you like to contribute to this list? Share your opinion down below in the comment box and tell us your favorite one.