Most powerful DC characters who could beat any Superheros

Jason Momoa as Aquaman most powerful dc character

When it comes to mind that who has the power to defeat all the fictional character, then there is name came into our mind like Dormammu, Darkseid, etc. but they are a god-like entity. Even more than that. I am not talking about these two characters. But there are two other also who possess the power to beat both of them i.e. Amazo and Black Alice. In DC universe, they are both known as most powerful rather overpower characters. That’s why they weren’t so popular in the comics. individually they can beat anyone like Justice League, Avengers in few minutes. How???? Let’s look at below

Two most powerful characters who can defeat all the known superheroes in Marvel & DC universes


Silver colour Amazo

The first most powerful character is Amazo. He is a fictional supervillain makes the first appearance through the Batman: The Brave and the Bold #30. He is an android robot created by Professor Ivo who wants the immortality. In the Justice League Ultimate animated series, he defeated all the justice league team obviously except Batman. Amazo possesses the powers of which he can duplicate others powers and abilities just by scanning or looking at them. Not only he copies their powers but also simultaneously takes their weaknesses also. So that’s the only way he can be defeated. Hence Batman shows him kryptonite to slow him down because he also copies the powers of Superman. He also has the abilities to copy other weapons also. In that fight, he copies Hawkgirl’s Mace and using this he slow down her.


He can also copy Green Lantern‘s rings, Thor’s Mjolnir, Flash’s speed, anyone who possess superpowers. But only Batman’s ability that he cannot copy because he just a human with no superpowers.

Golden Amazo

But this weakness duplication ability is overcome when he transforms into golden form. In this form, he is completely unbeatable and can only access their powers, not weakness. So Batman could also lose against him. He saw the entire justice league including whole green lantern corps just a single individual. They also cannot compete him.

In this form also he has a weakness (this is a secret). He can only defeat by Chaos magic by Scarlet Witch from Marvel Universe. She is the only big threat to him if she manages to attack him from the back. But that not possible. He would take her down easily with his anti-magic powers. Hence, if he wishes, he can possess everyone’s powers in the DC universe without having any limitation.


Black Alice

Lori Zechlin aka The Black Alice is a young student who lives with her father and mother. One day she discovers her magical powers at the same night when Lori’s mother committed suicide. He has the ability to borrows others superheroes or supervillains magical powers. she first uses her power by avenging her mother’s death. If I talk about Black Alice’s abilities, no other super magician can match her. Even Doctor Strange also could stand her. Black Alice is the most dangerous and strongest teenager on the planet. She has the powers like Amazo to steal anyone’s only magical powers no matter what how the powerful the enemy is. When she copied it, she also transforms her appearance like her opponents. She also has the abilities to control all of the powers simultaneously. So in that form, she could be unbeatable.

Black Alice

You know about the Specter and how he is so strong( I am not going to talk about it). If he wishes, she could steal the powers of Spectre and Dormammu, she definitely will be the worst nightmare for the whole Marvel and DC universes.
Like Amazo, she has only the one weakness. she is a teenager hence her body can’t take others powers much longer time. The more magical abilities she takes, the short amount of time she can possess it. Black Alice also doesn’t know the duration of powers. so even for one minute, she falls down, she could be defeated. But it doesn’t matter, even in that time period with tremendous powers, she doesn’t need additional time for defeat them.

So what do you think??? Who else other possesses the powers to beat them also. Share your views in the comment section.
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