Marvel’s Spider-Man Series: Peter Parker is Back with his classic story and Fresh Look

Marvel's Spider-Man animated series 2017
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Marvel’s Spider-Man is an upcoming American animated TV series which feature our neighborhood Spider-Man based on Marvel Comics. This series is going to replace previous TV show Ultimate Spider-Man and set to premiere on this month.

Marvel had already announced Marvel’s Spider-Man premiere date during D23 Expo night. Earlier this year Spidey has officially joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe through his Spider-Man: Homecoming MCU solo movie. And now this month Marvel has brought us new entertainment series features animated Spider-Man.

The series’ Spidey based on classic comics and as you can see in the trailer, the costume is inspired by the Homecoming movie including his classic original spider suit that he wears in the movie.

Peter Parker with his classic homemade spider suit
Image Credit: Marvel

In the upcoming animated series, we will see again the Peter Parker’s original storyline, how he gets his powers and how his Uncle Ben gets killed. But the series captured all these moments quickly through their Origin short episode which was released on the Disney XD YouTube channel and its App.

During a Recent interview with Marvel’s executive Cort Lane and Joe Quesada who talks about upcoming brand new animated series. Joe discuss how this series will impact on Peter Parker’s new character,

“It starts with Peter Parker and every great Spider-Man story is really a Peter Parker Story. We set out with the idea of what is Peter Parker doing…It’s always about Peter Parker and then he puts on that costume I become and becomes somebody completely different as a Spider-Man “

After that Cort Lane join him by saying,

“So there have been tons of Spider-Man shows over 50 years. Their core elements attributes to that character that is consistent and in any format, any platform and so we really focus on one of the things that boys connect with most we’ve developed a show that has a lot of heart, a lot of humor and instead of back to basics where Peter Parker as a teenager as he just starts out right. I know that kids know his origin story so we wanted to tell it in a way that was both classic but fresh and so one of the things we did is we have this sort of series shorts that tells his origin story and Peter being so scientifically minded such a genius. He doesn’t know how to handle being bitten by the spider and these new powers so he applies the steps of scientific methods to try and figure out what to do next!”

Further, Quesada added that

“Peter Parker is incredibly relatable…his life isn’t perfect. He’s just a kid trying to make his way you know through the world. And he’s learning as he goes along so all of us can relate; But at the end of the day when the mask comes off, it doesn’t fix his problems. He still has to go to high school…he doesn’t do his homework. He still has to deal with Aunt May’s problems and the problems of them as a family. Anyway I don’t care who you are can see some aspect of themselves inside the Peter Parker”

So According to Cort Lane, the series will start in a similar place but can go off in its own direction. Some of the comic book characters which are familiar to us will join Peter and share the series with the young hero.

After watching it origin 6 part short videos, Sam Raimi’s first part Spider-Man movie pops up in our mind and the shows again fresh us that all initial phase of Peter’s journey toward hero. From all of this conversation, one thing is sure this new Spider-Man animated series will give a distinctive platform on which to tell its adventurous stories.

Marvel’s Spider-Man premieres on Saturday, August 19 at 7 AM ET/PT on Disney XD

So guys what you think about this new series. Share your views in the comment section.

Source: Marvel



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