Marvel’s 5 Greatest Supervillains

Thanos marvel supervillain

Over the decade since Marvel comics had started, a number of Marvel villains have shown up time to time. Some of them disappear for some time and again return with full powers, some of them changes their position from hero to supervillains which are a biggest untrusted thing among the heroes. These following Supervillains have proven their position and powers 2017 comics issue are follow.

Here are, Marvel’s Top 5 Greatest Supervillains in 2017


Ultron is a fictional one of the marvel villains created by Henry Pym unlike MCU’s The Avenger’ Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. In comics, he always threatened to the Marvel universe and the Avenger’s team.

He also often sees to wear the infinity gauntlet in animated series. In the movie, he seems to be defeated but he is smart enough to back up his consciousness somewhere. Every time he defeated by The Avengers team and every time he returned with full powers and techs.


Thanos, the mad Titan who seek to destroyed half of the universe using infinity stones to prove his love toward mistress death. Every time like Ultron he defeated and every time he returns with full of powers and new strategies. Once Spiderman had defeated Thanos in the comics. He was sick during the battle according to comics.

With the help of general the Black Order & The Asgardian Goddess of death Hela, he could be more dangerous than ever.


In current issues of marvel comics, Doctor Doom seems to be a good being, but how far he wants to the hero. After all his origin is to become a villain in any condition. He became a hero because of saving the whole multiverse.

After that Reed Richard fixed his face and heal it. On several occasion, he also seems to be fighting along with iron man. In the Civil war 2, when Tony Stark gets killed, he takes his mantle and joined the Avenger team. But still he has not shown his dual face right now, but God knows…


KANG is born in the 30th century on Earth-6311 where humanity never goes into dark ages. And he has many incarnations and each form has his own history. He is everywhere when in space-time domain. He also built a time machine to travel back in time.

When he traveled in the modern era on Earth 616, he wants to meet the leader of the US and US states Government called The Avengers to deal with him. He also often saw to fight with future himself in many comics issue.


In the current issue of Secret Empire, Steve has joined the Hydra team and he’s loyalty toward Hydra has proven that he does not remain our old first Avenger. But his strength, perseverance, and determination have shown one of the horrible villains all time as he was a hero.

But why turn into a villain? It’s because of the cosmic cube Kobik which brainwash the Steve Rogers into the rank of Hydra as a young boy without knowing to his fellow friends. Because of this, he is considered as the biggest threat to all of the heroes of Marvel Universe. What will be his next move? What will happen in his new world?

Currently, their others villains also which is also threat to the human beings.

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