Top 5 Marvel superheroes teams which you didn’t know

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In the Marvel or DC comics, if there is a war happening between two sides, then whoever is the best one wins. The team shows a leader who leads the group of superheroes, who presupposition about the situation. If we look back at the history of wars in the comics like Civil War, Age of Ultron, Batman Vs Superman, etc., there was group of strong superheroes who contributes to the team making them stronger to win the war.

In this article, I am going list down top 5 Marvel superheroes teams which we are forgetting day by day


What is this New Avenger ??? People only know about the Avengers including our favorite superhero  guys. Like that but newly form team which first appears in the New Avengers #3. But what happened to the old Avengers team? The team disbanded because Scarlet Witch loses her control over powers and forget about the reality. This tends to destroy all the things around her including their base of operation. Because of severe damage, Tony Stark after unable to fund their operation. Hence this team disbanded since then.

The new avenger’s team first assembled during a breakout happen at the Raft Island where all the super-criminals kept as a prisoner. When Luck cage was escorting Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock (Daredevil) to meet the Sentry, Iron Man, Spider-man, and Captain America also came there to control the situation. But breakout happens because of Spider-woman aka Skrull Queen who works for the SHIELD. She arranges the breakout to help escape the criminals. Doing so, out of 45 prisoners, 42 others manage to escape. To handle this situation, Captain America convince Ironman to gather all the present superheroes as lead to forming the New Avengers team.

2. X-MEN

Most of the comic fans aware of the X-men super-mutant hero team.
X-men team was firstly assembled by Charles Xavier aka Professor X who believe that one-day human will accept this mutant and used their powers to protect the humanity. Charles turns his father’s estate into the School to train the gifted youngster to teach them how to control their powers. Opening a school for mutants had one reason. This all started when the Shadow King threats the humanity. Then he decided to protect the world from the evil beings and maintain the peace between the humans and the Mutants. Working with Moira Mactaggart, he opens a school to train them to become a responsible hero lead to becoming his first X-Men team.


The Guardians of the galaxy team includes the members Peter Quill as a team leader, Rocket Raccoon, Angela, Bug, Mantis, Venom, warlock, etc. this is a group of heroes who form when they oppose the Phalanx and many other who opposes the Annihilus incursion into their universe. With the permission of Nova Corp, they form their group of operation at the space station Knowhere which used as teleportation system with near-universal range. In the comics, once they help the Avengers when the Thanos try to conquer the whole universe using Infinity Gauntlet. Also during the second civil war, they helped Captain Marvel to fight against Iron man’s side.


One of the famous and most intelligent marvel Superhero Reed Richard who led the Fantastic Four team to battle the strong evil. The team got power during an impromptu trip to space. The rocket-bombarded with some of the waves of cosmic radiation which mutates their blood giving them extraordinary abilities. Reed gain the abilities to stretch his body to uncountable length, Johnny was able to create fire around his body and can fly, Sue was able to invisible her body and Ben transformed into rock like structure giving him super strength and muscular body. After that, all of them decided to protect the humanity which tends to form as a Team called a Fantastic Four.


Not a good superhero team, but an infamous super evil team initially formed by Baron Zemo. He wants revenge on Avengers team because at one point they are responsible for killing Baron’s family. After Avengers were killed by the villain Onslaught, he came forward to gain the public trust and form a superhuman team called Thunderbolts. He believes that he can cope the statues of avenger’s team. So he recruited the following members:
• Atlas
• Moonstone
• Songbird
• Fixer
• Jolt
• Charcoal
• Ogre
• Red Hulk
• Cobalt-man
• Green Goblin
• Venom
• Ant-man
• Black widow
• Trick shot
Winter Soldier

So according to me, these are the top 5 Marvel superheroes teams which have their major impact on the comic book.

What are the other teams which is not included on this list??? Please share your views on the comment section…

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