Luke Cage Season 2 Release date, official synopsis & trailer out

Luke Cage Marvel's Netflix TV series
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Luke Cage season 2 premiere on June 22, 2018, on Netflix. One of the defenders-Jessica Jones is on the way to make her appearance once again in the second season and now we have confirmation of another Marvel’s upcoming Netflix TV series.

As per the report was given by Variety, the official synopsis of Luke Cage season 2 is right below:

The second season will pick up after Luke Cage has cleared his name. He has become a celebrity on the streets of Harlem and gained a reputation. Cage will face a new enemy and be forced to battle the blurred lines between hero and villain.

The first official teaser trailer is as below:

If you are not aware, Marvel’s Luke Cage is a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe where TV series just finished off its phase 1 in last year’s the Defenders.

The second season of Jessica Jones, starring Krysten Ritter, will be released on Netflix on March 8.

What do you think about this unexpected news? Which villain do you want to see in the upcoming season? Do comments and share your opinion in the comment section


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