Fastest Speedster, 15 Live-Action Marvel & DC Characters Included

Marvel DC fastest speedsters

Among Marvel & DC characters, fans want to know who is the Fastest Man Alive.

Marvel fans believe Quicksilver is the fastest speedster ever exist.

But he is not the only one.

DC fans wants to put Barry Allen as the Flash in No.1 position.

In this article, you can find a list of live action Fastest Speedsters from both the Marvel and DC universe.

Following the real-time speed of the speedsters, we ranked them accordingly.

Here are 13 Live-Action Fastest Speedsters From Marvel and DC.


Azra Miller as The Flash DC's Fastest speedster
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After Henry Cavil’s Superman, ‘Worlds of DC’ has its fastest second speedster Barry Allen as The Flash. Actor Ezra Miller portrayed the character, and its standalone movie is under development.

It was unknown, but DC fans theorize that at some point in future, this Barry Allen will do time travel. Do to such a risky thing; speedster must reach a sufficient speed to open a space-time portal.

Ezra’s Barry Allen capable of running at tremendous hypersonic speeds. We also saw nostalgic surrounding when a speedster moves at the light speed.

As of now, Ezra’s character capable of running approximately at 415 m/s or 1.2 times the speed of sound. Therefore, by considering all the things, DCU Flash has a long way to reach Grant Gustin’s Flash speed.




Kid Flash from the Flash Season 3
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From the season 3 of the TV version of The Flash when Barry created Flashpoint, we get to see our comic based superhero who also the sidekick to Barry, Wally West aka Kid Flash. In this series, he is the son of Joe West and Francine West and brother of Iris.

During episode 11 of season 3, Barry told him that he just under Mach 3 but seeing he got faster and faster and how he can face through objects is simply concludes that he is at or slightly faster than three times the speed of sound.

But still, he is not able to run faster than his girlfriend Jesse Quick as she and Barry both outrun him during his practice test. But according to the Barry, he is faster than him enough to take on Savitar. Now take a look at Jesse Quick…


Jesse Quick in CW's the Flash
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Jesse is the only daughter of an Earth-2 version of Harrison Wells who gains super speed ability by the particle accelerator explosion created in the season 2 by the team Flash. When she went toe-to-toe against Savitar in the season 3 she barely escaped from him.

This suggests she set to be well over Mach 2 even so she presumably faster than Mach 3 since she outran Wally in the race training session. But Sorry Jesse, there are lot other characters who are faster than you.

Next, take a look to next point which describes the speed of Trajectory who had been seen in the Season 2 of the Flash.


CW's Trajectory speedster
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Eliza Harmon was a scientist at mercury lab who later turn into the Villain known as Trajectory after discovering the velocity-9 serum and injecting herself with it and soon after we get to see first female speedster who fights with Barry Allen.

In this fight with the dosage of velocity-9, she ultimately reached to the new level over the Mach 3.3. Despite this, when she defeated by the Flash, she ran so fast that she later vaporize into absolute nothingness.

This was the end of her, but at that point, she nearly matches the Mach 4 speed which is four times the speed of sound.


Marvel's fastest speedster Quicksilver
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Marvel’s only speedster, Quicksilver who was the same character but vastly different from Fox’s version of the fan favorite character. Quicksilver makes his full appearance from the Avengers: Age of Ultron.

In the very first scene during battle, Quicksilver was able to catch Hawkeye’s arrows and dodge a bullet from Ulysses Klaue and unloaded his gun on a nearly by the table and even outran a loose speeding train to save hundreds of lives on nearby innocent civilians.

But still, gets killed when one the jet fire the bullets from the machine gun. But this marvel version of speedster has successfully match the Mach 4. He and Trajectory are pretty interchangeable on this list since they both run it practically the same speed.


CW's speedster Jay Garrick
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Jay Garrick is a doppelganger of Earth-1’s Henry Allen from Earth-3 and he was captured by Zoom for the purpose of having a speed stolen, but he eventually got out by the team Flash.

Cisco has never run a test on him to get to know his super speed. But seeing how is fast and having the knowledge of Speed Force, it implies that he is relatively faster than newcomers Kid Flash and Jesse Quick.

As I stated earlier, when he was captured by Zoom then his speed has to be in between Mach 4 and Mach 6.


August Heart as Godspeed

Godspeed made his epic entrance in the Season 5 of the Flash.

Unlike his comic version, Godspeed used tachyons to speedster level super-speed.

With the power of Velocity-9, he got even better.

Named as August Heart, Godspeed claimes that no one is faster than him.

August claimed himself as The God of Speed.

According to Fandom, in the series, Godspeed ran at the speed of 1,079,252,848.8 km/h

That makes him one of the fastest man alive where Barry Allen vanishes in Crisis on Infinite Earth.


DC's fastest speedster Zoom
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Hunter Zolomon is a metahuman from Earth-2 who obsess with becoming faster than Barry Allen. To eliminate his weakness because of the Dosage of Velocity-6, he wants others speedster super speed to cure his disease.

According to the Harrison Wells from Earth-2, Zoom was about 3 or 4 times faster than Barry Allen towards the season 2 of the show.

At that time Barry’s speed is 1590MPH, this would mean that Zoom’s top speed is would be around Mach 8.2 before the transformation of him into the Black Flash. So till Season 2, Zoom was the fastest man alive and soon captured by Time Wraith.

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Kara is the daughter of scientist Jor-El who was sent to the earth from a dying Krypton to protect her Cousin Superman aka Kal-El. But her ship was set off from the shockwave that came because of the explosion of planet Krypton.

Supergirl show doesn’t point out her exact limits but when Flash crossed a dimension and visited Supergirl’s earth throughout the episode, he stayed in her world till he found out about how to get back to his home.

Supergirl always been able to keep up with him and sometimes beating him in races but our speedster excuses that he always let her win the races. At the end, to get him back to his world, Supergirl runs at her top speed and throws Allen back into a wormhole.

So ultimately at this point in the timeline Flash’s speed was increased by four times than before, hence it would mean that Kara’s speed was around the 10 times the speed of sound.


Nora is a future daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen.

Nora’s sole purpose of visiting the past was only to see Barry, who vanishes in ‘Crisis on Infinite Earth‘ event.

XS possess similar powers as that of Barry.

When she runs, even her lightning colors reassemble Barry and Iris’s one.

Like every speedster, she can travel at the speed of light.

According to Nora, in the future, she was “The Fastest Woman Alive.”

But when it comes to Barry’s top speed, she not fast enough.

However, Nora proves to be faster than Godspeed.


Grant Gustin as Barry Allen as The Flash
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CW’s iconic superhero TV series The Flash is vastly loved by audience and fans even to the point where people crucify the DCEU for choosing Ezra Miller over Gustin. But that’s not a point because Grant is at his best in the TV version of the show.

As stated earlier Flash has crossed 3.3 Mach in the Trajectory episode. But later when he enhance by Tachyon equipment he was able to run four times faster than before (Thanks to Reverse Flash). It suggests that he now can run at 13.3 times the speed of sound.

But this isn’t over. In the Invincible episode, Barry jokingly said to Joe that he can reach 50 Mach. (Wait! What??? 50 Mach??? R u Serious???)

“Mach 50 isn’t a real thing”.

Next in the Runaway Dinosaur episode set this to much higher level. Barry used the Speed Force to help Jesse come out her coma. Then Cisco asked him,

“Are you like Magic now???”

So it is unrevealed Barry’s top speed but one thing is sure is more than father than Mach 13.2.


Reverse Flash from the Crisis on Earth-X
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Eobard Thawne, the arch enemy to Barry Allen who is overly obsessed with proving his superiority to the Red Speedster. In the another CW’s TV series, Legends of Tomorrow, Sara Lance claims that Reverse Flash is much faster than Barry Allen. but this is not the actual proof. So what’s his maximum speed then?

During an interview with Tom Cavanagh who said that The Reverse Flash relies on a negative speed force. This is the same speed force power but opposite to that of Barry uses regularly.

This means that the faster Barry goes, the faster Reverse-Flash gets. For now, his top speed is same as that of Barry Allen which is Mach 13.2.


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CW’s Flash TV series gave us the fastest man alive, Savitar to date. He is so fast then he appears to be a blur and even if he is not running, he cannot see by naked eye. The only speedster could able to see him.

In one point, during the battle with Barry Allen is a circle around him and punches him several times in a fraction of seconds.

When Barry run for one and half a second under his point of view when he was facing Savitar that would mean it was actually 0.86 milliseconds in real time.

Gubz has calculated Savitar’s speed by the diameter-circumference formula When Barry first faces Savitar.

According to them, Savitar, a god of speed ran 12.25m in 0.86 milliseconds. That would mean that his top speed is around 41.5 times faster than the speed of sound.


X-Men Quicksilver
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After X-Men Days of Past Future and X-Men Apocalypse, Evan becomes instant fan favorite character. He is the son of Magneto and later on becomes the official member of the X-men team in the 1980 and he saved almost everybody from an exploding x-mansion.

Gubz has found out his top speed (Thanks, Gubz you have done very nice work). During explosion event, Quicksilver has saved nearly everyone regardless of how big is mansion is and fast is the explosion rate.

So assume that average detonation velocity is 7,150 m/s. so without wasting time in calculations, it implies that 1 second for us 23,333 seconds for Quicksilver.

It reveals that his top speed would be nearly Mach 456 or 456 times the faster than the speed of sound. It means, in reality, it took him only 0.03 milliseconds to save everyone.

Hence, Quicksilver has beat everyone and hold number 1 position in our list. So it would be nice to calling him now the Fastest Speedster Alive in Marvel Universe.

So in conclusion, Marvel has their best Speedster yet who can beat every other present speedsters. So in this List marvel has won.

Anyways, these are the 13 Live Action Fastest Speedster in Dc and Marvel universe. I hope you really enjoy reading this.

If there is another superhero who can beat this list then tell us in the comment section.


  1. This is a pile of shit. Everyone knows Flash(Barry Allen, the real Flash) is the fastest. This has been argued and QS loses everytime.

  2. Yo, but what about Godspeed. I feel like his character would seem much stronger, especially because his lighting is a new color than what we’ve seen before. They just played him as a one off character but I feel like he could be more.


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