15 Fastest Live-Action Marvel & DC Speedsters, Ranked

Marvel DC fastest speedsters

Find out all the Live-Action Fastest Speedster from the Marvel and DC universes.

Marvel fans believe Quicksilver is the fastest speedster ever exist.

But he is not the only one.

DC fans wants to put Barry Allen as the Flash in No.1 position.

Here, you can find a list of live action Fastest Speedsters from both the Marvel and DC universe.

15 Live-Action Fastest Speedsters From Marvel and DC.


Azra Miller as The Flash DC's Fastest speedster

Besides Henry Cavil’s Superman, ‘Worlds of DC’ has its second-fastest speedster, Barry Allen as The Flash.

Youngstar Ezra Miller depicted as Barry Allen, and its standalone movie is under development.

Ezra’s character can run at tremendous hypersonic speeds.

Fans saw flashy but nostalgic surrounding when a speedster moves at light speed.

As of now, live-action Flash ran at a rate of 415 m/s or 1.2 times the speed of sound.

However, this version of Flash has a long way to reach Grant Gustin’s incredible feat.



One of the Most potent DC characters, Superman has all the attributes that ideal superheroes must-have.

And speed is one of them.

Man of Steel is immensely fastest speedster

Clark can run and fly at enormous hypersonic speeds.

He was so fast that he even surpassed young Flash’s lightning speed in battle.

Justice League shows Superman’s top-notch speed that exceeds that of fastest Wonder Woman.

Furthermore, Clark proved his ridiculous speed when he avoided Steppenwolf’s fastest blows.

Though sadly enough, there is no future for Henry Cavill’s Superman, still he was one of the fastest Speedster existed in live-action avatar.


Kid Flash from the Flash Season 3

When Grant Gustin’s Flash created Flashpoint, fans saw live action Kid-Flash for the first time.

In the CW’s series, Wally West is the son of Joe West and Francine West as well as brother to Iris.

In the series, Barry marked Wally’s top speed which is roughly around Mach 3.

Still, Kid Flash failed to reach a max speed of Jesse Quick as she outran Wally during his practice session.


Jesse Quick in CW's the Flash

Jesse is the daughter of Harrison Wells from Earth-2.

She gained super-speed due to the second explosion of the particle accelerator.

Jesse Quick surpassed Kid Flash’s top speed which was under Mark 3. So she must be incredibly faster than you imagine.

Jesse moved so fast that she can create a dimensional breach to travel across the parallel worlds.

And she grasped this ability only after getting her speed.

Next, look at next fastest speedster who died by running fastest.


Marvel's fastest speedster Quicksilver

Marvel’s fastest speedster, Quicksilver sacrificed his life to save Hawkeye in the Avengers: Age of Ultron.

When HYDRA experiment with the Scepter, Scarlet Witch and her brother Quicksilver received marvellous super ability.

Quicksilver received the power running at extremely high speeds.

He was so fast that even average human eyes could catch him. With this rate, Quicksilver dodged multiple bullets at once.

Quicksilver’s speed helps him to generate extreme force and momentum that allows him to punch at superhuman strength.

According to FANDOM, Quicksilver’s fastest recorded speed noted as Mach 4.


CW's Trajectory speedster

Eliza Harmon was a Mercury lab’s scientist went by the name Trajectory.

After discovering the velocity-9 serum that provides the user to run at a faster rate, she shot herself with it.

With the new ability, Eliza ultimately surpassed the top-notch speed of Barry Allen, which was over the Mach 3.3.

However, when the Flash beat Trajectory, she took another formula that helps her to achieved Zoom’s blue lightning speed.

Though it cost her life, Trajectory undoubtedly achieved the speed of Mach 4 speed.


CW's speedster Jay Garrick

Jay Garrick is a flash of Earth-3 and doppelganger of Barry’s father, Henry Allen.

Though he is not as fast as Barry Allen, his tremendous knowledge of speed force benefits many times throughout the series.

Jay has sharp reflexes that allow him to intercept interdimensional interruption, and the best example was Barry’s Flashpoint.

To do time travel, one must attain the speed of light, and Jay Garrick knows how to do Time Travel.

CW shows that when Jay captured by Zoom and escaped, the old Flash exhibits his top speed between Mach 4 and Mach 6.

Though Jay is middle age superhero from the Golden era, still he as valuable player as current heroes when it comes to saving the world.


August Heart as Godspeed

Godspeed made his epic entrance in the Season 5 of the Flash.

Unlike his comic version, Godspeed used tachyons to speedster level super-speed.

With the power of Velocity-9, he got even better.

Named as August Heart, Godspeed claimes that no one is faster than him.

August claimed himself as The God of Speed.

According to Fandom, in the series, Godspeed ran at the speed of 1,079,252,848.8 km/h

That made him one of the fastest man alive where future Flash vanished in Crisis on Infinite Earth.


Nora Allen fastest speedster

Nora is a future daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen.

Nora’s sole purpose of visiting the past was only to see Barry, who vanishes in ‘Crisis on Infinite Earth‘ event.

XS possess similar powers as that of Barry.

When she runs, even her lightning colors reassemble Barry and Iris’s one.

Like every speedster, she can travel at the speed of light.

According to Nora, in the future, she was “The Fastest Woman Alive.”

But when it comes to Barry’s top speed, she not fast enough.

However, Nora proves to be faster than Godspeed.


melissa benoist as supergirl

Another famous character from Arrowverse, Supergirl, holds high superhuman strength.

Kara Danvers is the daughter of scientist Jor-El and cousin of Kal-El aka Superman.

Supergirl possesses the same superhuman abilities as that of Superman and running at a faster rate is one of them.

Due to the difference of gravitational force between Earth & Krypton, Kara can manipulate her gravity to jump higher.

She can fly too.

Supergirl can fly way faster than she can by her foot.

However, Kara can run at a hypersonic speed too. In the crossover episode, Worlds Finest, Supergirl scored her top-notch speed around Mach 7.

Furthermore, she proved herself one of the fastest speedsters when moved Earth twice in a second.

According to Guardian, Kara is the fastest Kryptonian even than CW’s Superman.


DC's fastest speedster Zoom

Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom is CW’s new live-action speedster who sought to kill Barry Allen for the speed.

He was fastest speedster metahuman from Earth-2 who obsess becoming faster than the Flash.

To prevent the side effects of Velocity-6 serum, Zoom absorbed speedsters’ speed to cure his disease.

According to Harrison Wells, Zoom was about 3 or 4 times faster than Barry Allen in The Flash season 2.

On the same time, Barry Allen marked his most exceptional speed as 1590MPH.

It implies that Zoom was able to run at a rate of Mach 8.2 before becoming Black Flash.


Grant Gustin as Barry Allen as The Flash

DC’s iconic speedster and fan-favourite superhero, the Flash is vastly loved by audience all over the world.

Fans even went to the point where people were demanding choosing Grant Gustin over Ezra Miller.

According to the Reverse Flash, Barry Allen is the fastest speedster ever existed. Though Barry keeps learning day by day; his speed potential is unlimited.

As stated earlier, the Flash achieved his career’s maximum speed, which is over Mach 13.1 from tachyons.

Since Barry’s trip from speed force and his ability to conserve its energy, the Flash has grown remarkably faster than ever.

However, due to Reverse Flash’s negative speed force energy, only Eobard was able to follow him in a one-on-one battle.

Currently, Barry Allen upper limit is unknown.

But one thing is sure; the Flash will be the fastest speedster existed in the Arrowverse in the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earth.


Reverse Flash from the Crisis on Earth-X

If there is anyone in the Arrowverse deserves a salute for being as the smartest person, its Eobard Thawne aka the Reverse-Flash.

Eobard is an arch-nemesis of the Flash and always obsessed with proving his superiority to Barry Allen.

In CW’s TV series, Legends of Tomorrow, Sara Lance claims that Reverse-Flash is much faster than Barry Allen.

But in reality, what’s his upper limit of speed?

During an interview with actor Tom Cavanagh, who portrayed the Reverse-Flash, said: “The Reverse-Flash relies on a negative speed force”.

That means whenever Barry archives fastest pace, faster the Reverse-Flash gets.

According to Barry Allen, the Reverse Flash is “somebody that even I can’t keep up with”. Furthermore, the villain also claimes that he is even faster than Superman.

For now, his top speed is the same as that of Barry Allen, which is Mach 13.2.



DC’s CW’slive-action evil speedster and Barry’s one of remaining time remnant, Savitar, was the cruellest villain ever appeared.

As from the Future timeline and possessing immense knowledge of speed force, Savitar happened to be the fastest speedster among all.

He was so fast that he could not be perceived by the naked eye even he’s not running around.

Only speedsters can recognise him.

During an encounter with the Flash for the first time, Savitar beat him in a fraction of seconds.

According to Gubz, who calculated Savitar’s speed with the help of diameter-circumference formula, found out that Savitar ran 12.25m in 0.86 milliseconds.

That would mean that his top speed is around 41.5 times faster than the speed of sound.


X-Men Quicksilver

Besides MCU, X-Men had their own Quicksilver who is way faster than you could imagine.

In the movie, Peter Maximoff saved everyone from the exploding X-Mansion.

Quicksilver can run faster than the supersonic speeds.

Peter can outrun the bullets, and he even could change its direction.

Youtube Channel Gubz calculated his fastest speed.

During the explosion event, Quicksilver saved all the mutants from near death.

So assume that average detonation velocity is 7,150 m/s. Hence 1 second for an average human is equal to 23,333 seconds for Quicksilver.

It reveals that his uppermost speed would be nearly Mach 456 or 456. Meaning, in reality, it took him only 0.03 milliseconds to save everyone.

In conclusion, Quicksilver beat everyone and hold a No.1 position in this list.

So it would be nice to remember him as the Fastest Speedster Alive.

These are the Fastest Live-Action Marvel & DC Speedsters.

And Marvel has their best and fastest speedsters who might outrun DC speedsters.

So Marvel won the race.

These are the top Live-Action Fastest Speedsters in Dc and Marvel.

Please share this list of fastest speedster with your friends and let us know which one you like the most.


  1. This is a pile of shit. Everyone knows Flash(Barry Allen, the real Flash) is the fastest. This has been argued and QS loses everytime.

    • no he’s not read the comics. after Barry dies wally takes on his place and destroys his top speed a bunch of times

    • Number 1:barry allen flash isn’t on the list because they probably forgot him and number 2:no he isn’t faster because barry allen’s fastest speed confirmed is mach 13.2 and quicksilver’s max speed is at least mach 8,202. This is because the safe zone where he saved all the people in xaivers school is 84.4 meters away from the school. The average detonation velocity is 7,150 meters per second and if you assume that the x-mansion is in the shape of a square(which it is) it would be 277 feet by 277 feet and the explosion took place in the center of the house. So the distance between the starting point of the explosion of the walls would mean that it would take 6 milliseconds to have the building completely be engulfed in flames. But in quicksilvers point of view the whole 6 milliseconds dragged on for 2 minutes and 20 seconds, implying that one second for us is 23,333 seconds for quicksilver or 1 second for us is 6 1/2 hours for quicksilver. Using the multiplier in the speedster equation(Velocity=6.7 meters/second x t/1 second) reveals that he can run up to mach 456. However he uses superspeed while already in superspeed vision and this doesnt mean he goes twice as fast because simply just multiplying his speed by 2 means that under the superspeed vision he would’ve ran the speed of usain bolt and thats obviously not the case as he was appearing as a blur in his superspeed vision. So here since we are assuming that the explosion took place at the center of the x-mansion lets just say the whole area with the 2 main mutants in the mansion at the time was in the center as well. Doing this wont make it exact but it will show the slowest speed quicksilver had to run at. So he runs in to save mystique and zips outside and comes back to Moira all in just 0.73 seconds. Since this is under quicksilvers perception of time though in reality it only took him 0.03 milliseconds with the measurements of the walls we set up earlier, keeping in mind that we haven’t even taken account the distance he traveled from the safe zone where he placed mystique then quicksilver traveled well above 84.4 meters in 0.03 milliseconds. Over mach 8,202 and reminder thats the slowest he had to be running, if you take into account the distance he traveled from the safe area where he placed mystique to Moria than this would be a much higher number. So quicksilver’s speed is >mach 8,202.

  2. Yo, but what about Godspeed. I feel like his character would seem much stronger, especially because his lighting is a new color than what we’ve seen before. They just played him as a one off character but I feel like he could be more.

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  4. Hw can quick silver be faster dan someone dat created de speed force
    I disagree flash is always Ontop

  5. Savitar reffered to himself as god of speed because he knew he was the fastest speedster ever to exist. no other can keep up

  6. Comment: According to you flash speed is unlimited so as time goes on his speed will increase unlike quicksilver whose speed is fixed

  7. Seriously it’s just speed in live action don’t take it personal that was the speed portrayed in the movies and series not in comics

  8. Barry is the fastest and jay Garrick is faster than quick silver despite being the slowest speedster

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  10. Flash is the fastest man alive if u remember when Barry stop the time because he want to stop the explosion only Barry remain all speedster jesse, Jay they can’t withstand it after that Barry send that explosion to speedforce at that same second if u all remember it clearly.

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