Facts about Ben 10 Omniverse series which you need to know

ben 10 facts

We all know when we hear It’s hero time

Yes, you are right. It’s Ben 10…

There are some uncommon facts about him that which you need to know…

  • Ally of Ben Tennyson known as Professor Paradox was actually created as a tribute to the always amazing Doctor from BBC’s Doctor Who.
  • Ben’s middle name ‘Kirby‘ was from famous comic book writer, artist, and editor Jack Kirby. Kirby worked on many Marvel comics with Stan Lee such as the iconic Captain America #1 with the Star-Spangled Man with a Plan sending a knuckle sandwich to Adolf Hitler himself.
  • Speaking of Marvel, the creators of Ben 10 known as Man of Action also created the comic book known as Big Hero 6 which was then turned into Marvel’s first CG-animated movie of the same name. Guess they have a thing for characters with a number in their name.
  • CW’s The Flash and CBS’ Supergirl were not the first shows to cross universes to have a crossover. In 2012, Ben Tennyson actually travelled to another universe during Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and teamed up with the titular character of his own great (and underrated) show: Generator Rex. It was a two-part crossover with Ben 10 receiving a complete overhaul in art style and featured many of Ben’s past aliens that were not seen as much over the years.
  • Returning to Marvel! In 1997 one of the members of Man of Action, Joe Kelly, wrote the first ongoing solo series for the Merc With a Mouth himself. That’s right, Deadpool. But the series wasn’t so popular at the time, and he left after 33 issues. On one hand, he must regret that due to the massive popularity of Deadpool today, but on the other hand he moved on to created Ben 10, so it all works out.
  • Originally, Ben was not going to transform into aliens but different versions of himself from alternate dimensions that evolved drastically different but later it was simplified to aliens.

That’s all…

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