John Diggle’s Green Arrow will be temporary in the season 6

John Diggle as Green Arrow Season 6
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In the last episode of the Arrow Season 6, Oliver (Stephen Amell) had passed his responsibility towards protecting the city to John Diggle (David Ramsey). As FBI agent Agent Samanda Watson briefly pressured Star City’s Mayor being doing vigilante work at night, Oliver decided to pass the torch of his alter ego to someone else who already suffering from nerve damage because of shrapnel.

It is obvious that Oliver wants to keep his son William from the FBI and nowhere from sudden his unexcited decision little bit disappoint us. But as per the report from EW, Ramsey’s Green Arrow will be temporary. As you can see, leaked photos from the set of ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ shows Oliver’s Green Arrow fighting with Earth-X’ Prometheus-X.

David Ramsey as Green Arrow
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“No. No, it’s Green Arrow. Stephen Amell is Green Arrow. It’s not going to last. Of course not, but I think it’s very interesting and it’s an interesting twist on how it fits into the ultimate theme of the season, I think it’s very clever. I think it’s an interesting detour. It also gives us some time with Oliver. I think it’s great, and he has some great writing. Stuff is happening between him and Deathstroke, and he and his son and he and Felicity. It’s awesome. I think holding it for the few episodes I have the mantle, that’s the appropriate amount of time.”

So I think till the 6th or 7th episode, Diggle will take the mantle of Green Arrow and it’s nice to see him again in this costume after season 1. However, it is still unknown how series will turn Diggle’s character back to his original duty as Spartan. Let’s hope, Ramsey will do his job better in the absence of actual Arrow.

Source: EW

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