How Joe Manganiello’s Live Action Deathstroke will look like

Joe Manganiello as DC villain as Deathstroke

It has been known at this point to all DC comics fans that Joe Manganiello will be seen as DCEU’s new villain Deathstroke. Thanks to Justice League’s final post-credit scene, we witness how he agreed to work for Lex Luthor to the establishment of his own Injustice League.

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Despite the fact that Justice League fails to attract DC fans, the film did one good thing by introducing DC’s iconic villain. In the post credit scene, after a breakout of Lex from Arkham Asylum, Deathstroke was invited to Lex Luthor’s private yacht (Boat). He convinced Slade that Superman has a return which leads to formation of Justice League team.

Today Joe has revealed one of his photograph from the Justice League’s post-credit scene in his outfit of Slade Wilson as Deathstroke on his official Instagram account and thus gives us official entrance of Deathstroke in the DCEU family.

However, there are so many fan arts have been invented which resembles exact Joe’s avatar as Slade Wilson. But in the big ocean of such fan arts, one of the greatest artists of all time ‘Bosslogic’ have recreated the appearance of Joe’s awesome Deathstroke character in a way that Arrow’s Deathstroke (Manu Bennett) would fade away.

Here is how Manganiello’s character will look like in the Deathstroke outfit:

In the comics, Deathstroke as Slade Joseph Wilson is a mercenary and a major foe of Batman. It is expected that he will return in The Batman’s solo movie who has been facing some issue for its development. In DC universe, he has been called by Terminator who is one of the greatest assassins of all time.

Throughout his whole life, he has fought against many superheroes likes Green Arrow, Batman, Nightwing, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy. He is one of the few people that actually challenges Batman. Due to his military experience, he can use 90% of his brain at the time of combat. If this is not enough, he is an extremely skilled swordsman fighter.

At the end of the day, nothing has been confirmed yet with the future of the whole franchise is hanging in the balance of Justice League. But possible fan theory teasing that we could get DC’s future Injustice League. But one thing is settled that it would set up the Deathstroke’s standalone solo movie that will fit in the Batman Universe that DC’s boss Geoff Johns wants to do.

Source: Screen Rant & BossLogic


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