Joaquin Phoenix could play as Joker in the Untitled Joker movie

Joaquin Phoenix and DC villain Joker

Like Marvel Studio, DCEU also making superheroes and supervillain’s standalone films. Last year, we get to see first look at Deathstroke and now earlier Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to play the Joker role in the upcoming Todd Phillips’ untitled Joker movie.

Currently playing Joker’s actor Jared Lato is still the official DCEU’s character and it is expected to see him in both films i.e., in Suicide Squad 2 and in Harley Quinn spin-off movie.

DC's Joker

In last year, there was a rumor of Leonardo DiCaprio’s casting for the role but the actual deal failed to form.

According to director Phillips, Phoenix is the top choice, for now, and Variety just confirmed it.

Based on that over a social media, Boss Logic made an epic art of Joaquin Phoenix’s possible Joker look which could be helpful for DC to inspire from it.

Still, Warner Bros had no comments on it and Phillips’s negotiations with the studio are not done yet. However, the film will be centric to Joker’s origin story who is DC’s one of the best villain ever and the movie will explore the character’s journey how an ordinary man turns into psychic Clown Prince of Crime.

The movie will set in the 1990s and would choose the scenario from Joker’s past old-fashioned movies who had appeared in the Batmans’ various movies.

Source: Variety


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