Iron Man: Facts About Tony Stark [2019 Updated]

robert downey jr. as tony stark / iron man

Everyone wants to find out Facts about Iron Man who is unarguably the best Marvel superhero ever.

His extraordinary suits, its powers, his human intelligence, etc. are all noted in his character that makes him superiors to others.

In this article, you will find Iron Man FACTS as well as unheard stories.

Here are exciting Iron Man Facts You Must Know:

1. Tom Cruise was not the only one interested in playing Iron Man. During pre-production, Clive Owen and Sam Rockwell also roughly selected as actors for playing Tony Stark.

tom cruise as Iron Man

2. Adi Granov designed live-action Iron Man suits who was one of comic book artist for Iron Man comic series.

However, Stan Winston Studios responsible for Iron Man’s armor construction.

3. The scene where Tony Stark held imprisoned in a cave, was 150-200 yard-long set.

It also had an air conditioning system installed because it’s a remote cave that is supposed to be very cold.

4. Due to a promotion deal between Marvel Studios and Audi Automobile Company, Robert Downey Jr. has seen driving Audi R8 in the MCU film.

In addition to R8, Audi S5, as well as Q7 SUV too, made a brief appearance in the movie.

tony stark's audi in iron man fact

5. During Stan Lee’s prime time, Howard Robard Hughes Jr. considered as one of the most financially successful individuals in the world.

He was also known as an inventor, an adventurer, a multimillionaire, a ladies man and finally a nutcase. Hence based on his real character, Stan Lee created Tony Stark as Iron Man.

Therefore Robert Downey Jr. thought of the role as prosperous, establishmentarian, weapons-manufacturing, hard-drinking, womanizing prick into a character who is likable and a hero.


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