Iris exposed Barry’s secret identity as Flash in episode 10

Barry Allen on the Flash Season 4 episode 10
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After a long Christmas holiday, Barry will face the court first time in his life on the upcoming episode 10 of the flash season 4.

Thanks to season’ big bad Clifford DeVoe, Barry Allen/The Flash was arrested for his murder. In reality, DeVoe was the one who killed his own body after transferring his consciousness into Dominic Lanse’s body.

Recently CW has released Flash episode 10 extended trailer on YouTube which highlighted Barry Allen on the court for a prosecution. From the trailer, it seems that fans will witness one of the most shocking moments when Iris will reveal Barry Allen’s secret identity as the Scarlet Speedster.

Barry Allen in the Flash S04E10 the Trial of the Flash
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Title of the episode will be known as ‘The Trial of the Flash’. The title is a reference to the comic book storyline of the same name where Barry being on trial for the murder of Professor Zoom.

This comic issue later proceeds with the storyline of ‘Crisis on Infinite Earth‘ and according to 2024’s Newspaper from Time Vault, Flash has been disappeared from that timeline because of some kind of Crisis.

But here TV series making serious changes to the show in which Reverse Flash being replaced by The Thinker and there would be a possible connection between Barry Allen and Mysterious Girl who just appeared at Barry-Iris’ Crisis on Earth-X crossover episodes.

Now things making perfect sense if The Thinker’s ultimate future plan was to frame Barry and force him to reveal his true identity to the world.

To save series’ fan-favorite character Grant Gustin, all the members of the Flash team trying to prove his innocence. You can hear from the extended trailer how he has broken from the inside and seriously I have never seen him like that.

“My name is Barry Allen and I’m an innocent man. I am being framed for something that I didn’t do.”

From Joe West, Ralph Dibny to the Cecile, Iris, we can see how every member of Team Flash seeks to gather as much as evidence to prove his innocence.

Jow West in the Flash episode 10
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The trailer starts with Joe and Ralph who breaks the DeVoe house to plant possible evidence which could be helpful for Barry.

But it seems that thing would go wrong and Cecile will have no option remains except for him to reveal his Flash’s true secrets. In the trailer, we also saw how two wives fight with each other to save their own husbands.

Marlize aka The Mechanic said to Iris,

“I am doing what I have to do for my husband Mrs. West Allen! The question is what are you willing to do for yours”

This is what triggered Iris to do for his husband to prove his innocence and what’s next? Even if the world knows the real person behind the Flash’s costume, the world could see him as a villain.

But that’s not going to happen. Listen carefully what Iris said to Judge,

Iris West revealed Barry true identity as Flash
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Iris Said,

There is something you need to know that will alter the outcome of this case! What my husband won’t!

It seems that Iris would be the key for Barry to get out from the Thinker’s current trap. It’s clear that she will come up with something else that will help him. Because she is not fooled enough to cause more problems for him in future.

According to Harry, The Thinker has done his job perfectly and it seems that they are fully trapped in his bigger plan. Thanks to Dominic now DeVoe has his own thinking ability as well as mind-reading powers.

I am sure this will not be Barry’s first bad time in this season. Like every villain from the past seasons, in this season also, Barry could be seen defeated and injured severely.

However, we all know one thing about the season’ end story. Thanks to Flash 2024 timeline, Barry seems in OK condition except for his failure for not able to save Iris from killing Savitar.

Also according to Abra ka Dabra, Savitar was the worst villain for the Team Flash. Hence the question is remains unclear what the Thinker’s killer plan to destroyed Barry’s new life who just came out off the speed force.

As Barry’s trial for the murder of Clifford DeVoe begins, Iris and Joe must decide how far they are willing to go to keep Barry out of prison.

CW’s ‘The Trial of The Flash’ episode 10 will air on Tuesday, January 16, 2018, @8 PM

Source: The CW


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