Disney-Pixar’s Incredibles 2 official trailer out | Breakdown/Review

Incredibles 2 trailer poster

Most anticipated movie of the year in 2018, Incredibles 2 finally released its official trailer. After watching the trailer, it looks like Disney-Pixar had done spectacular work which comes to fruition.

Let’s take a look at below trailer:

This time animated film will center Helen Parr aka Elasticgirl (voiced by Holly Hunter), but that does not mean that film Bob Par aka /Mr. Incredible (voiced by Craig T. Nelson) will only play side hero role.

This time Bob has to do a difficult job by taking care of his children and especially Jack-Jack who’s power recently exposed accidentally in 2004’s Incredibles.

So without any further delay, let’s go through the trailer breakdown and Hero’s facts review about it:

8. Terror of Underminer

Incredibles 2 Underminer
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If you are not aware of him, then I highly recommend the previous Incredibles again to watch it again.

As I said earlier, the movie starts right where the last one ends and the trailer also give short villainy glimpse of Underminer. Consequently, Incredibles 2’s first 5 minutes will starts with superhero family go against Underminer.

Nearly every Disney’s fans presume that the movie could begin after its real-time 14 years. But the key visual character is Jack-Jack who is still a baby beginning to utilize his amazing powers.

7. Dash’s new voice actor

Dash Parr Helen Parr in Incredibles 2

For us, it is 14 years and the children’s voice actors are kind of big now. Even though Violet has same voice actress but Dash has different now. Dash Parr’s character will be played by Huck Milner instead of Puberty Spencer.

6. Samuel L. Jackson’s comeback as Frozene

Samuel L. Jackson as Frozen in Incredibles 2

Marvel’s Nick Fury actor Samuel remain absent after Avengers: Age of Ultron and it is expected to see his more parts in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War.

This year Avengers is not the only film he will going to debut; in Incredibles 2, Samual will return as Bob’s close friend and fan-favorite superhero Frozone.

It’s obvious that Frozone would be a responsible person to start the movie’s actual plot who talks about some kind of hero stuff. Because in the Incredibles world, taking the law into own hands is forbidden, hence the whole family superhero becomes illegal.

If you had watched the trailer again and again, you will find that the above plot resembles the prequel’s storyline where Bob seeks to become the greatest hero.

5. Odenkirk’s new character as Winston Deavor

Winston Deavor in Incredibles 2

As per the Disney’s announcement, the film’s cast detail includes Bob Odenkirk’s Winston Deavor. In the movie, the character is a world-famous entrepreneur who leads telecommunications company along with his talented sister Evelyn Deavor.

From the trailer, it seems that he has a huge support for heroes and wants them to come into focus. But it is still unknown whether or not, he would be an antagonist.

4. Odenkirk need Elastigirl

Bob Parr talks to Winston Deavor over a phone

In this scene, we hear that Bob Odenkirk wants heroes back and he clearly mentioned he particulars needs Elastigirl as a superhero.

Like the previous film, the movie highlights Bob Parr’s heroic performance. In this sequel, same events happening with the Elastigirl.

Like him, it looks like wife wants to be a hero who saves the day. But it would be only matter of time when she realizes someone is playing with her being a superhero.

In the case of Bob, it took a while for him to figured out who is the mastermind (Syndrome) behind it. I don’t think they will do the same thing again because the movie has taken 14 years to build the incredible storyline.

3. Mr. Incredible’s new job

Bob Parr and Jack-Jack Parr

As Odenkirk need Elastigirl for his mission, someone has to stay at home to take care of the children and that’s how Bob Parr will find out about Jack-Jack’s hidden superpowers.

2. New Maths problems

Dash Parr's new math problem

Way back in the 1950 and 1960, there was a very new method of introduced math concept to United State school. But things never went right. They complete goes against this decision and threw it out.

After 1960, there was no mentioned of the new math concept which was very ridiculous. That’s why in the trailer, we can see how Mr. Incredible tries very hard to understand the new maths by saying Math is Math, why they change the math.

It looks like producer wants him speaking for the entire nation that had to sit through the whole ideal.

1. Jack-Jack’s Powers

Jack-Jack devil form

One of the funniest scene in the trailer where the baby wake up his dad when he was about to sleep while telling him a story. Not only this, the trailer also bring back Jack-Jack’s secrets powers into a light.

The baby character has every type of powers that you could only imagine. Hence, Bob must properly teach his children how to use their power because in the last film, when they battle against enemies, they barely survive the incident.

So that’s it! Till the Incredibles 2 hits the theatres, I am sure we would get one more full-length trailer which could reveal movie’s possible villain.

What do you think guys??? Who would be the new villain of this film? Do comments and make sure to subscribe us…


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