Hulk Facts You Didn’t Know About All The Time

Ultimate Spider-Man hulk

As a Marvel fan, do you know Bruce Banner and his alter-ego Hulk’s facts?

Hulk first appeared in “Incredible Hulk #1” back in 1962.

Since then, Bruce Banner saw so many stunning events.

He could even see Ghost. Don’t you know?

Then find out below.

With that, here are 10 Facts about Hulk you must know.

1. Stan Lee created Hulk character as a physically strongest Marvel character. To overpowered him and outsmart Reed Richards, Stan Lee created Thor back in 1963. Although, it was initially Stan’s idea, throughout the period, both heroes grown stronger as time passed.

Hulk and Thor marvel comics

2. Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 #5 records Banner’s mutated body strengthened his cellular structure. Furthermore, an extra 800 lbs of bone marrow and muscle tissues added to his body. Thus, more angry Hulk gets, more powerful he becomes.

3. Incredible Hulk #138 proves that the Hulk can survive the underwater environment. According to Fandom, his glands creates an oxygenated perfluorocarbon emulsion. It fills his lungs and equalizes the pressure. Thus it prevents decompression and nitrogen narcosis.

4. Hulk Vol 3 #1 affirmed that Bruce Banner’s transformation into Hulk is far more psychological than physical. Earlier it was shown that as he gets angrier, his body emits large amounts of adrenaline. It triggers the complex chemical process that transforms him into the Hulk.

5. Bruce Banner is the only human being whose alter-ego possesses tremendous brute strength. According to Beyonder, Stranger and Mad Thinker, Hulk’s power has no upper limits. However, according to modern Hulk, Amadeus Cho, Bruce restraints Hulk’s maximum potential so that green monster could not hurt anyone.

6. Gamma rays that enable Bruce to become Hulk grants endless healing factor. It allows him to age at a slower rate. Thus it is possible that Hulk’s body would last forever. In Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1, Banner was still at his physical prime despite being over 100 years old.

7. Even though Hulk holds an immeasurable healing capability, still he can be injured. In Incredible Hulk #446, Hulk head regrows back to its original shape after it was ripped off. Issue #340 shows that ferocious Hulk heals at a faster rate.

8. Hulk shows his durability at several times like withstanding high caliber shots, powerful energy blasts, pressures weights, falls from orbital heights, etc. However, Adamantium and Vibranium are the only Marvel’s materials that can injure and penetrate Hulk’s body skin. Marvel Comics Presents #52 showed Hulk’s remarkable ability when he was also able to endure a planet-devastating shock.

9. In Sentry: Hulk #1, Hulk befriends with Sentry for a while. Sentry found that his presence can ease Hulk’s raging powers. They even fought side by side against Sentry’s eternal enemy, the Void. Sadly enough Sentry had to erase his existence from Banner’s mind. But still, Bruce felt Sentry’s friendship vacant in his heart that causes him to go on rampages.

Sentry and Hulk

10. Throughout his life, Bruce wishes to get rid of Hulk for good. In Incredible Hulk #123, Mr. Fantastic made an antidote that could control Hulk persona at Bruce’s will while maintaining his intelligence. To avoid Hulk permanently, Bruce proposes Betty Ross. However, during their wedding, under the Leader’s instruction, Rhino fired a gamma ray that causes Banner to transforms back to Hulk.


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