Hawkeye : Fact about Clint Barton that you don’t know about

clint barton hawkeye

We have seen the Hawkeye in Avengers Marvel Cinematic Universe. But still movies wont able to covers all of his history due to time constrains and movie budget

Hence, I am going to cover some of this unknown facts Hawkeye:

  1. Clinton Barton was a x-circus worker & vigilante hero. and he received his archery skills during childhood through training with Swordsman and Trickshot.
  2. Hawkeye also in the team up with the Avengers for numerous adventures. He aids Avenger trainees Justice and Firestar to defeat the Taskmaster and Albino. Hawkeye later left the Avengers to assume leadership of the first generation of the Thunderbolts and team broke because of Baron Helmut Zemo.
  3. Again Hawkeye joins the Avengers once more and fall in love with one of the member the Wasp.
  4. During the Civil War II, Hawkeye shoots Bruce Banner in the head with an arrow over the corpses of the dead superheroes and killed him.
  5. After Civil War II, Clint feels guilty and starts traveling the country. Later he focuses on his efforts towards helping the underprivileged with community based problems in an effort to redeem his actions from the event. He gains the trust of Red Wolf to help him fight for those who cannot defend themselves.
  6. If we talk about his powers, Hawkeye has no superhuman powers. He is at the very peak of human conditioning. He is an exceptional fencer, acrobat and marksman. Also having been trained from childhood in the circus and by the criminals Trickshot and Swordsman.
  7. Hawkeye has also been tough trained by Captain America about martial arts, Hand to Hand combat.
  8. Once Hawkeye was ranked as the 45th Greatest Comic Book Character of All Time by Wizard magazine.
  9. in 2012, the mother of 4-year-old Anthony Smith contacted Marvel because her son would not wear his hearing aid, as superheroes do not have to. Marvel responded with a custom comic book of the superhero Blue Ear for Anthony, and also pointed out that for years Hawkeye was deaf and used hearing aids.
  10. Clint shown his talent many times as a smart and clever fighter. Steve once said Hawkeye had once defeated an elder of the universe with luck and quick thinking.


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