Hartley Sawyer cast as Elongated Man in the Flash Season 4

Hartley Sawyer as Elongated Man

There has been news roaming around about Elongated Man who will be the recurring character in the New Season 4 of The Flash. But now CW has cast their actor, Hartley Sawyer will be seen as Elongated Man. Recently Comic-Con trailer shown us the new leader of team Flash while Barry is in a speed force. Officially there will a new supervillain named as Clifford DeVoe aka The Thinker. Hence, this is not enough, the Flash team will get an assist from a good guy, Ralph Dibny as Elongated Man. Recently CW has twitted through its official account about their new character

Also Hertley has posted this hot news in through his Instagram account


Well, this is going to be a hell of a lot of fun. @cwtheflash @andrewkreisberg @thecw #theflash #theflashcw #dccomics

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In the DC comics, Ralph is a private investigator who has excellent detective skills. Once Ralph discovered that he got powers that allow him to stretch, shape and control his body into just any form like Mr. Fantastic & Plastic Man. So like good superheroes, he decided to fight crime with team Flash. With the combination of his powers and his smart investigation skills, he will become the prominent member of the team flash who solves one of the greatest mystery of central city. Elongated Man will be seen in a recurring role throughout the Season 4.

The new hint given by the CW about this character is that Elongated Man will be the one who was affected by the disaster of the particle accelerator three years back. In the season 1, Ralph Dibny was named as one of the people who died during the particle accelerator explosion. So may be this death will prove false. In the upcoming season of the Flash, Elongated Man will discover his powers newly that he won’t be actively trying to acquire them. Also, there is a possibility that Cisco will be the one who gave Ralph his superhero name.

Before that Hartley Sawyer has played many roles. Most recently he appears in the Saving the Human Race web series from CW Seed, the networks streaming service. In this series, he played a cyborg character who helping the human survivor in the zombie apocalypse. Another one is ABC’s Don’t Trust the B- in Apt. 23, Also he debuted in the TBS’ comedy Glory Daze, after that he appears on The Young and the Restless in 2013.

Just a few weeks ago, CW announces the new comes for the upcoming major characters that include The Thinker and Elongated Man will make their debut in the upcoming season 4 of The Flash, Tom Felton leaving the show and also old characters may be appear in the upcoming season who was absent since Season 2.

So in order to control all the mess created by the infamous rogues or upcoming new threats, hope Elongated Man will prove himself as a responsible superhero.

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