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Hey there! Want to publish your name on our site? We are giving an opportunity to Marvel as well as DC fans to write for us. Its a nothing but a guest post where you can advertise your website as a backlink once your article gets approved.

Your article needs to be related to Marvel or DC topic. For example, you can choose a topic as mentioned below:

  • Facts about Superman
  • Strongest Marvel Characters

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    Terms & Conditions:

    • Your written article must be original. Please do not copy the contents from other websites.
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    • Posts should be 300-2000 words in length.
    • After reviewing your article, we will do slight modifications like grammar, spelling, plagiarism and other corrections. Once it is approved, we will email you.
    • Alternatively, you can email us your written article on this address ‘[email protected]’. We will give you a response within a day of receiving the submission