Goku Vs Superman: Who Would Win In A Fight! Detail Explanation

Goku vs Superman who would win fight

Superman Vs. Goku is a long-running and unstoppable debate as anime character’s fan follower rising day by day. In case of Superman, he is already known to be the most influential superhero from DC comic. Hence fans want to see the trust who would win if the fight together.

Since comics’ and anime’s strongest superheroes character likes of Goku and Superman won many people’ hearts, fans really want to know who would win if they go against each other.

Superman is from the DC universe, and Son Goku is from the anime world. Both are being praised all over the world because of their humanity, superpowers, and most importantly a perfect hero who always ready to save their world no matter how big villains will appear.

Both characters are from a very different world, and both are the strongest of their universes. Hence fans including me excited to find out who is the strongest character in the world. That’s why I explored every bit of information about Superman-Goku and had explained scientifically in the below article.

(Here we are talking about Superman who has all types of abilities from Pre-Crisis, New 52)

Superman Vs. Goku’s base form

goku superman fight

Ultimately there is no denying that Superman is DC’s God. He has every type of superpowers you could imagine.

Dragon Ball fans know that Goku has a weird habit of fighting slowly. He doesn’t like to go on full power mode at first because he always wants to test his enemies power level. Remember the first battle between Jiren and Goku in Dragon Ball Super’s 1-hour special?

As far as Goku tends to be in this form, he will probably fail to match Man of Steel’s level. Because Clark Kent can use his full potential anytime, he wants. But in the Saiyan’s case, he needs to power up to obtain more powers.

In conclusion, Superman would be one step ahead of Goku because he can run faster than light, he has the superhuman strength that could destroy a whole planet.

Hence Goku needs to transform into the next level, i.e., Super Saiyan 2. To survive Superman’s infinite mass punch, Goku needs to be a lot stronger and physically powerful.


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