Top 6 Strongest Characters in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

fullmetal alchemist alphonse and edward

The Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood series is one of the best anime ever. This anime is based on a concept of alchemy which is a science of equivalent exchange. The one who wishes to obtain something must be sacrificed equal values thing. This concept is based on Newton’s third law of motion.

In this adventure journey, Edward Elric & Alphonse Elric search for a philosopher stone to revive their mother and gets their original bodies back. Doing so, they meet various people toward journey who help the brothers to find out the stone. But there were strong villains who keep an eye on them to stop them. The following list includes the top strongest and smarted guys the brother had ever encounter during their journey.

Here are Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood’s Strongest Characters


One of the prominent state alchemist who uses the flame alchemy science to use his powers. During Ishval’ war, he had done a remarkable job and hence he was called as the Hero of Ishval. He is the strongest and smartest alchemist in the country who uses his power only to protect the civilians. His sole mission is to become the next Fuhrer of the country. By doing so, he encountered many events of which he has to sacrifices something more important.

He is so much stronger that he can only fire a flame by twisting his fingers. In series, we have seen how he killed Envy and Lust. So it is possible to kill the Wrath instantly. But Wrath threatens the Roy for Ms. Rose’s life. From his master and lieutenant Ms. Hawkeye’s back body tattoos, he learned very deep secretes of flame alchemy which makes him the perfect and undefeated alchemist.


During Ishvalam war, Scar who was a civilian tries to defend his brother. By doing so, he lost his both brother and arm. By revenge from this, he claimed to kill all the state alchemist who started the war. But the events have occurred in such a way that he had to become a hero at the end. He is the one who successfully manages to kill off the king Bradly.-Wrath who was the human-based unbeatable Homunculus.

Barely known about alchemy, he accepts his brother’s research and used his arm having tattoos about alchemy secretes killed 10 alchemists who happen to be the special combat alchemist.


Father’s (the Dwarf in the flask) first deadly sin removed from his body known as Pride-the first. Father gave him the powers of manipulating of shadow and make it to the form deadly weapon whoever crosses his path. He had taken the small child form known as Selim Bradly who was more than 100 years old. He is the strongest and most clever homunculus among other that he actually ate his smaller brother Gluttony to gain his smelling powers to track his enemy down.


The second deadly sin and mostly strong human-based homunculus whose sole purpose to eliminate the weak people from the country and achieve his father’s mission. He is fastest swordsman capable of moving fast that normal human eyes enable to see him. He has the ultimate eye power which enable him to see the movement in fraction of seconds so that he can dodge any attack quickly.

During early life, he started his graduation as a candidate to become the next Fuhrer. Through his deadly Martials art training, he became one of the best skilled person of the country. But he doesn’t possess the other super power despite of having Philosopher stone mix in his blood.


Original name was Slave no. 23 who was free from his slavery because of Father. He is the first philosopher stone whose whole body is acting as a stone. Because of him, the Dwarf in the Flask mange to get off the glass prison and take the Hohenheim body form.

He possess tremendous human powers having extraordinary knowledge about alchemy history about medical. But he is not that skilled warrior.

Thanks to him, because of his knowledge of counter effect of transmutation circle, Ed manage to stop the Father.


Thousands of years ago, there was a small experiment through which first homunculus was created. The masters who created him consulted him with the matters of eternal life. He had the extraordinary knowledge of all the thing, anything in the world. He was the one who responsible to making the Philosopher stone by killing off millions of people and absorbing their souls to gain tremendous power and immorality.

He was the strongest homunculus whose sole dream was to overcome the God and became the one. Although at last, we had seen how he creates the sun using his bare hand. He has the immense energy field flowing around his body. He don’t need to move an inch of his body to perform the alchemy powers because he was the actual alchemy energy having great knowledge of it.

By doing so his mission was to open the gate of truth worldwide toward the God and swallow the God which gain him the powers of God. For that he must remove the all the human sins from his body. Hence Father removed the seven sins from his body and gave them power and super ability which were called as The Homunculus.