First look at Dark Flash from CW’s Crisis on Earth X

Dark Flash

Recently Warner Bros and CW announced the upcoming 4 Superhero TV series crossovers named as Crisis on Earth X through Comic concept art by one of the finest DC comics artist Phil Jimenez. The logline of the poster states that,

With all of the heroes in town to celebrate Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris’s (Candice Patton) wedding, the villain from Earth-X crash the festivities with a deadly agenda”.

Earth X is a parallel world where Germany won the World War II that we know already. In the poster we can see there are three evil characters who are the doppelganger or we can say an evil version of Supergirl, the Flash, and Arrow.

Earth X's version of Dark Flash in Arrowverse crisis on earth x
© 2017 Blitzen Art. All rights reserved.

Entertainment Weekly has described these super villains as Dark Arrow, Dark Flash, and Overgirl. To get the close look at these villains, one of the users at Reddit posted the Dark Flash’s fanmade art which looks stunning.

Many of the flash fans were wondering about this anonymous Flash whose face is cover with some helmet and has one extra lightning symbol on his chest. So by looking at this picture, now we get a clear idea how he will look in his live-action appearance.

Prometheus Arrow's Villain
© 2017 the CW network. All rights reserved.

Besides Dark Flash, EW also confirmed the return of one of Arrow’s villain from Earth X as Prometheus-X in Crisis on Earth X. But it is unknown who will be in the mask as Adrian Chase’s character is dead in Arrow Season 5. Another possible theory hints that he could be Roy as Colton Haynes as he recently tweeted Roy would return soon.

Anyways, Now most of the CW’s fans are working to make such awesome artwork which features upcoming Earth-X’s version of a villain who resembles CW’s iconic Superheroes.

Upcoming Arrowverse will air across two nights beginning with Supergirl and Arrow on Monday, November 28 and will conclude on Tuesday with the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

Source: EW & Reddit


  1. it gets confusing after awhile. if the plot is to blow up the multiverse zoom tried that with a bad outcome. the time wraiths turned him into the black flash.


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